Junoon 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 15th March 2013 Written Update

Miu caught up in lies where she cannot admit her love for Prithvi since she’s supposed to marry Akash and now with bua raising questions about her character, for wanting one man and marrying another, she doesn’t know which way to turn. She keeps hoping Prithvi will accept her love, but he doesn’t want it. What can she do? She’s lying on her bed crying, when dadi walks in and asks her, now that the truth is out, everything is ok, isn’t it? So why is she crying? Everybody knows that her marriage to Prithvi was just to bring her parents together, in fact what she did is sacrificed for her parents, so she did nothing wrong; she need not feel ashamed. Miu tells Dadi that that’s not the whole truth, what’s bothering her is that she’s though Pritivh has broken all the ties with her, she’s still feels tied to him permanently and cannot live without him. Dadi knows the actual truth now….. she gives Miu an assuring pat and brings her down to meet the family. She announces to the whole family that nobody should raise questions about Miu’s character and that Miu will marry Akash………. Miu is really confused, bittu (miu’s mom) is ecstatic, RK is happy too. RK supports his mother’s decision and the engagement is fixed in two days’ time.

Miu questions dadi about her announcement. Dadi the clever one feels the same way as Akash, that once the engagement happens, Prithvi will realize his mistake. It’s easy for her to convince Prithvi to marry Miu right now, but it won’t be the same as Prithvi admitting to himself that he cannot live without her. Dadi says I’ll help you, why do you fear, I know how to make people like Prithvi realize their love’s worth. Not for nothing has my hair grown grey. I know how to make even hard hearted people admit their love. Miu once again has doubts if this plan will work (so do I), but Dadi convinces her otherwise (I guess Akash and Dadi are able to predict Prithvi’s behavior much better than the CVs).

For the first time, Prithvi walks into Akash’s room, but is hesitant which Akash comments upon, but he invites him open heartedly and makes him comfortable. Prithvi is still hesitant to say anything and Akash says isn’t it strange that as brothers, they should be close to each other and share everything. If they grew up together, they’d have shared everything and there’d be no secrets. However, since they met when they are grown up, they tend to hide things from each other. Prithvi tells him, if we were together since childhood, we’d not be doing each other favors ……… he just came to thank Akash. When questioned about it, Prithvi tells him for supporting Miu and telling Bua that he was already aware of the truth of Prithvi-Miu marriage. Akash, the smart one, doesn’t want to miss this opportunity to drive home his point…….. he says so you came to thank me for Miu? Prithvi feels uneasy at this line of questioning and says why would he do this for her, what difference does it make to him? Akash already had his answer….. Prithvi turns and walks away, leaving an Akash with a smile on his face shaking his head. (POINT PROVEN. Game, set, match – Akash. )

Prithvi’s by the pool side when Miu comes to see him (there’s no way this gal can live without him, she eats, breathes and lives him). She tells him this is the last opportunity to say what’s on his mind. He already knows how she feels. He just has 24 hours to make up his mind because after that she’ll be getting engaged to Akash. When Prithvi tells her this was decided by fate, Miu stops him by saying fate brought them together in their childhood even before she met Akash, that same fate brought him into her life later, that same fate brought him to this house and made them face each other once again, so, WHAT DOES HE THINK FATE HAS IN STORE FOR THEM?? Prithvi has no answer and walks away.

Miu unable to sleep and the happenings of the day are running through her mind like film reels. Restless Prithvi in same condition. Miu comes to him once more telling him how much she loves him and she knows he loves her too, so why doesn’t he admit and this is the last opportunity. He says NO he doesn’t LOVE HER by turning away from her. Miu says she has no other option except give up her life and when he turns in surprise at her words, she has a gun pointed to her head and it goes off. He wakes up from his dream shouting her name very loudly MEEERRRAAAAA with tears in his eyes and there’s Miu standing at the bedroom entrance. Yes, she heard him, YES, she knows he cannot deny his feelings anymore and YES, HE DOES LOVE HER AND CALLED HER BY HER NAME FOR THE FIRST TIME AND THIS WASN’T A DREAM, Yes, she’s smiling with tears of happiness running down her cheeks.

Precap: Driving his black SUV Prithvi is smiling and thinking to himself that he never thought he’ll admit loving anyone. Miu’s dressed beautifully and waiting for him by the pool side. He just stops to pick up a rose from a flower pot nearby the pool when someone hits him on the head.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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