Junoon 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 13th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Prithvi getting a call that IP will be at some dhaba near Ambala highway as Mishra listens. Determined to go there Prithvi takes out a gun to leave. Mishra wonders how he will tell prithvi the truth of IP. Prithvi puts the gun on Mishra’s head and says ” No Mishraji, don’t stop me from finding IP and if you do I will not hesitate shooting you”
Db plays snakes n ladders with Mishrain. Mishra tells her Prithvi is determined to find IP and will not stop till he finds IP. Db says she knows what to do.
Prithvi sits on his bed and recollects his conversation with Meera where she pleads with him to come back to her. Db comes in then, and Prithvi tells her he has definite news where IP is and is going to bring him, so prepare to welcome him.
DB tells him there is no need to go to the specified location to find IP. Today is her wedding anniv and there is no way IP would not visit her that day as he never left her alone. It’s a wives faith that her husband will come to meet her. She tells Prithvi that the whole house will be decorated and smell of love. Every moment without IP has been like eternity and today her wait will finish, so she is happy.
She adds that today will be Milan ki raat for both of them. Shocked he asks what she means. So she says as I’m meeting my husband finally, you will meet Meera, so it’s a night for you to meet your wife too, so go. Happy momentarily Prithvi says no, he promised that he would meet his Meera only after IP is back despite anxiously waiting for this day. He doesn’t go back on his promise. DB is happy to hear that, but she tells him it’s a promise and she breaks it for him with some finger break indication.
Surprised he says you are like a child who will get her way. He agrees to meet Meera based on a shart that he will be part of her happiness too. Once he sees, she is happy, he will go meet Meera then.
House is getting decorated and Mishrain asks Mishra for money to get something db wants. Curious he tells her to find out whats in db’s mind. Prithvi follows db around the house helping her decorate the house with flowers IP likes. Prithvi keeps smiling at Db for no reason and looks at the flowers.

DB draws a rangoli as Prithvi walks by, and seeing the flowers he remembers his second SR attempt in fb. Just then db calls him to admire her work and is conscious as he comes close, she calculatedly stands up, bumps into him and blushes. He just looks at the rangoli, nods and walks away.
She then strategically stands on a stool and calls prithvi to give some flowers to her. As he does she makes her self fall into his arms as he puts his arms around her to catch her and straighten her. < you all know the words in my mind at that point>
Mishrain sees this and calls her privately to talk for a moment. She then asks what is all this? So db pretends innocence and says what is anything, go prepare all food that IP likes like puri halwa etc and sends her away.

Prithvi helps that woman light candles around the house. She then walks right into him and he bumps into her as he turns. She then lights a diya and goes to keep it in the mandir ( who lights it somewhere else) She then holds her pallu over the diya and pretends to pray. Prithvi sees that and pulls her away. He tells her due to happiness she is not conscious of anything. She mentally thinks if her mind can save her from his gaze only can she be conscious.

Precap ‘ Db tells Prithvi that since he is going to meet Meera, he should stay there as IP is coming to keep her company. At Mishrain’s question on what she is planning, she tells her that “my Prithvi will come to pick me in his arms I promise”

Update Credit to: diwani

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