Junoon 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 12th April 2013 Written Update

The show begins with Meera and Prithvi in their room, and Akash leaves after stumbling once again when he arrives near Meera, giving her a lustful gaze.He says when Prithvi will light on the he’ll die.
The couple try to come near.while the wire installed for the extra lights and decorations of the room goes on burning slowly as a candle is placed under it.
(Guys watch the couple romance directly), After doing some magic a rose appears in Prithvi hand he gives it to Meera, she thinks of the light and goes to switch on but Prithvi holds her hand and says he’ll switch on.The wire is completely burnt(unfortunately they are so much involve in their romantic mood that they can’t sniff something burning).

As he switch on the light he gets an electric shock and falls on the bed, Meera keeps on calling Prithvi and everyone else for help.
Akash is burning the marriage picture of Prithvi and Meera and says today he’ll end Prithvi but he’ll never let the nuptial night of the couple happens.
A servant comes to call Akash who leaves the half burnt picture and it falls in a flower pot.Akash again puts on his innocence act and tells the servant to help him going to Meera and Prithvi. The latter is sitting in the hall and his dadi asks him how come he got an electric shock?
Akash comes and

Prithvi tells what really happened and JJB calls them both ominous and says their wedding itself is a bad omen for them that nothing is falling in place since they are married.Meera is hurts and leaves,Prithvi leaves after her, he goes once again with an another rose and tries to coax Meera who’s sad.They decide to sleep in the hall, and Prithvi suggests to sleep on the roof.
Prithvi goes to take the bedsheets and meet akash who proposes to give them his room but prithvi refuses him and says he must take rest and they will sleep in the hall.Akash thinks how will he avoid him… akash in his room and is cutting a snap of Prithvi and Meera marriage he replaces Prithvi face by his.He says this is indeed the perfect match.Meera can’t see it but matter not he’ll explain it to her.

Meera is sad lost in her own thought of what JJB said and she’s walking in the corridor where Akash made the half burnt picture fell.She sees it and has flashback of all the worst incidents happened with Prithvi and thinks who can be the person who does not want to see them happy?

Akash is in his room looking at the masterpiece collage he did with Prithvi and Meera picture by replacing Prithvi face by his. Meera enters calling prithvi. Akash hides the masterpiece under the pillow, Meera sees him she says hello and asks why all her wedding pictures are scattered on the bed.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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