Junoon 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 11th March 2013 Written Update

P gives left n ri8 to the delegates n says they won’t get the land n they can do what they want. All were shocked. But to our shock, A gets up n starts clapping for P and so does RK n M all happy. One among the delegates say they are shocked to see him supporting his son n they are disappointed. He asks if he doens’t wanna become a Business tycoon.

RK says he is proud of his sons who value peoples feelings n donot like to hurt them or snatch their lands. They def. wanna make the deal n export the clothes but not in this way. He asks them to leave n A assists them to leave.

P turns n to his shock sees M’s dress malfunction n drags her to room. M asks what’s wrong with him as he is acting strange all the evening. P says that her zip has opened n asks her to hurry up before someone sees again. M fails to do so thus P making more restless n drags her towards him. Both have rise in heart beats n a eyelock [:”)] while P finally sets her dress zip. B sees n have a smirk while they both leave. B thinks that’s something fishy ab them.

M feels shy while remembering all that happened then n watching herself in the mirror . D enters n asks is she looking herself in mirror n feeling shy . M says just like that n laughing is good for health. D says yes but her eyes says something while her voice says something else. D says she got halwa for her n M says its aroma is good. D leaves.

P doing pushup’s (i hope i’m correct ) n thinking of all that happening with him n M. Ay comes n puts his broken toys there n P asks what’s that. Ay says that which ever toy he don’t like he puts there. P asks him to leave n thinks what’s going on with him in the city n remembers all that happened with him n M.

M still in her dreamland n she gets call from DT. DT says if all is well there n asks abt P too. M too asks abt him n her mom. DT feels good after making sure that P n M are fine there n settling well. He hangs the call.

P sleeping n a masked man enters through window with a knife in his hand. He walks towards P n was abt to stab him but P holds his hand n punchesh him n he runs away.

All family members wakes up with his shout n P informs that someone has entered to kill him. A says how is it possible when there is lot of security. RK asks to call police but P stops n informs he ran away. They wonders who can it be . D asks why someone wanna kill him. S panics.
M asks if its the same person who warned him. While all this, B watching M & P with her zassoos giri eyes P says he has grown up in all that danger situations n again if the person comes, he needs security to save from him. B asks why is M worrying for P when he doesn’t. A steps in n says its for his sake as P don’t listen to him.

K too says they must tight the security. P asks S abt R n she panics but thrashes his words n everyone disperses. P in thoughts.

Precap : DT & SS reaches to KM n M asks abt their sudden visit. P says they are here for big occassion n it is M & A’s engagement. M n DT shocked.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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