Junoon 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 11th June 2013 Written Update

Shalu gets flashbacks of that night with Prithvi and hits targets. Mishra jee comes with a man who wants to buy a plot of land belonging to Shalu. The man offers to pay 25 lakhs for the land but Mishra jee says that it costs over 1 crore. To his utter shock, Shalu agrees to the proposal and signs the papers thereby sealing the deal and the man pays her the money. The informer Kundan calls up Shalu and informs her about everything that happened during the day with Prithvi and Meera. Rajiv apologises to Prithvi’s photo as Meera is having to face problems because of him. Meera comes and hugs him and assures him that everything will be fine. She will take up all the responsibilities of the family and be their son from now onwards. Daadi comes and the three of them decide to eat soup together. Prithvi is agitated and has flashbacks of Meera pleading to that man. Inhis anger and frustration, he starts doing the five finger fillet with a knife. Chachi jee is scared to see this and calls Shalu. Shalu gets shocked and scared to see Prithvi but keeps quiet and looks on. Chachi jee asks her to stop Prithvi but she replies that at this moment it is not possible for her to stop him. Prithvi’s heart is tempest-tossed now and if she tries to interfere the storm will engulf him. She tears her saree, bandages Prithvi’s hand and asks him what has happened. Prithvi tells her that he feels ashamed of himself and bames himself for Meera’s sorry state. It is due to him that she has to plead before an ill-behaved and rude man. He says that he ought to be punished and that she cannot see Meera like this. Shalu thinks to heself that she has come to know Prithvi’s weakness. She tells Prithvi that he is right, when the husband is there the wife needs not to work. If he wants, he can look after his whole family and earn money. But Prithvi says that he does not know English and he is not qualified also. So no one will employ him. Shalu says that he has heart, brain and a good intention and only a jeweler can understand the worth of the jewel. She says that if he wants he can earn 10 lakhs in 10 secs and asks him whether he will work with her. Prithvi replies that until and unless he knows what her business is, how can he decide on the same. Shalu said that in Ishwar Pandey’s words she is today’s Robin Hood who steals from the thieves. She asks Prithvi to think and decide and let her know. Prithvi says that he needs sometime to decide and Shalu grants him time to think. She leaves and comes back with an ointment for Prithvi’s wound but he goes out. Chachi jee is massaging Mishra jee’s legs and the latter wonders if they did a mistake by bringing in Prithvi. He says that Shalu seems totally changed after returning from that kothi, that is why she agreed to that deal so easily. Chachi jee tells him that it is impossible to figure out what Shalu thinks but Mishra jee asks her to find out what happened that night. Prithvi is driving his jeep and thinks about Shalu’s proposal and gets flashbacks of Meera’s fond memories.

Precap: Prithvi agrees to Shalu’s proposal. He says that he wants to earn so much that he can buy even the sky for Meera. Shalu tells him that they have a land which some goons have occupied illegally. She asks Mishra jee not to worry and that very soon someone’s name will become very famous.

Update Credit to: sue

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