Junoon 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 10th April 2013 Written Update

1) The episode started off with Prithvi telling Akash he’ll take care of him and make sure nobody harms him. Nurse comes to give Akash his medicines (definitely needs for his paagalpan) and as soon as a male attendant comes, Prithvi gets all suspicious (am sure Akash is having a good laugh that he got Prithvi running around suspecting others ) , but finds out the poor guy just came to pick up some stuff. Prithvi talks to doctor about taking Akash home and doctor agrees to send him that evening. While brothers are chatting, Meera is dozing off on the couch. Prithvi sees her and quietly goes and sits very close to her so that her head rests on his comfortable shoulders (I like the way he does things, no thaat bhaat, but just simple actions that show his care for Meera). Akash notices this and is unable

to rest peacefully and his phone rings just then. To make sure he separates the couple, he takes Prithvi’s name while talking to his pappa; Prithvi gets up from the couch and Akash’s plan works.

2) Akash is brought home and maiyya (Kiran) is very happy to see him. Akash is helped to his room and everybody is after him about koi zaroorat ho toh (if there’s any need, let us know). Prithvi and Meera are the last ones to leave and there’s a silent communication going on just via looks . Akash is more firm than ever to keep them separated (what a waste of his time and energy, why can’t he realize there are plenty of other girls?).

3) Ramdhari tells the family it’s time to take leave. Prithvi is sad on hearing this (he’s not an openly expressive person, but his looks were more than enough to show his feelings) and so is Meera; on pleading further Sudha ji stays back. Prithvi takes blessings of his daata thakur and Ramdhari leaves.

Comment: I’ve always loved the strong connection that Prithvi and his daata thakur share, despite having no relationship. Daata is always loving to this son whom he brought up since childhood and Prithvi is no less in love with this father who always opened his heart to the little orphan.

4) Miu takes food for Akash and he refuses to eat (sorry, no can do, he’s busy making his plans and now’s not the time ). Akash decides that his supposed wife Miu (since he took phere with her photo don’t ask questions) will serve only him and not Prithvi. Prithvi hires bodyguards to keep an eye around the place and help him protect Akash (poor guy, he’s doing so much for his brother who’s lying through this teeth ). He gives Akash a small instrument which has a button so Akash can use it to call for help (sorry, forgot what it’s called) (hai re, ab toh 24 hours ghanti bajti hi rahegi, toh SR kab hoga ). Akash throws it and decides to use his hurt leg as an excuse to cirpple his brother’s relationship.

5) Meera is in the bedroom adjusting pillows when Prithvi enters and they exchange looks once again, but she notices something is bothering him. He shares his concern for Akash’s welfare as someone is trying to attack him (yeah right). She tries to assure him things will be ok and they’ll all take care of Akash. Meanwhile, Akash gets up from the bed, stares at his crutch, flexes his muscles a bit, throws the glass of water down deliberately, pushes his crutch onto the floor, lies down on the floor and pretends that his leg is hurt (wah kya plan hai bhaiyya ). Prithvi comes running to help him and so does the family. Akash brushes aside their concerns and tells them he’s worried about a phone call he received that someone is stealing from the godown. When Pappa Raj asks for details, dadi stops him saying, later. Prithvi who’s always acting without thinking decides to take care of the issue all by himself and leaves for the godowns. Akash’s plan is once again successful

6) Miu is sad to see her husband leave (who wouldn’t be, she’s just married and no hubby second night in a row ). Akash is very happy; he asks her to get some sleep and she closes the door and leaves…. he’s smiling away to glory all satisfied and licking the imaginary cream . Miu’s in the dining room when she remembers that Akash may need some water (he just threw some away, right?) so, she takes it upstairs, but she notices a shadow of a person who’s walking in the room. Miu thinks about it; isn’t Akash the only one in his room and how come he’s able to walk? She gets suspicious. She opens the door to his room and ……………..of course we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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