JUDWAA LOVE STORY (Swasan & Ragsan FF) Characters Introduction

Hi dears…

This is a Fun and emotional love story about twin brothers who lost their love by accident..

how’ll they find their love once again..

family ..romantic …lite .. love drama..

main character will introduce here others will come in upcoming episodes …

I’m new here but big fan of swaragini and silent reader..

if you like my ff then please support me…

1..swara khanna(actress:- Helly Shah ) :- bold girl ..but very sweet in heart .. very sportive and cute girl.. take everything as all is well.. talkative .. fun nature ……

2.Ragini gadodia (actress:- cvqTejaswi Prakash ) An orphan .. but very strong in heart … swara’s best friend .. boxing fighter …. obsession with her loving one.. good in heart ..

3.sanskar maheswari:-(actor varun kapoor) very cute but very much innocent because of his health state …

(other details are suspense)

4:sanskit maheswari:-(actor varun kapoor) sanskar’s elder brother and twin brother..(his character also suspence)

others character …

Namish Taneja as Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari :- sanskar’s elder brother .. very much caring towards family and love sanskar most …

Parineeta Borthakur as Sharmishtha Shekhar khanna Swara’s mother

Sachin Tyagi as Shekhar Deendayal khanna ..

Swara father

Anuj Sachdeva as Sahil Sengupta (swara’s elder brother) angry bird but calm with family .. adarsh’s best friend

Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Annapurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari…

(sanskar and uttara’s mother but sanskars adopted mom.. she want one boy child but can’t so sujata give his one of child from her twins.. ram also want to pleasure durga prasad because he love his brother most but he also miss his son )

Nagesh Salwan as Durga Prasad Maheshwari,

(annapurna husband love his family most .. do anything for his family and love his brother and sanskar most)

Sonica Handa as Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari, Sanskaar ,sanskit, Lakshya and Adarsh’s mother ( she feels hurts when see sanskar.. because she miss him as her son)

Amar Sharma as Ram Prasad Maheshwari, (sujata husband love his family and respect his brother )

Tarun Singh as Adarsh Maheshwari, Lakshya and sanskit..sanskar elder brother..(love his family more than durga’s.. )

Jennifer winjet as Uttara Ram Prasad Maheshwari, Sanskaar’s and laksh’s elder sister..

(lovable and caring sister for all…confidence girl)

Akansha Chamola as Parineeta Adarsh Maheshwari, Adarsh’s wife … innocent village girl.. respect elder most..

Alka Kaushal as Parvati Deendayal khanna, Swara and shahil’s grandmother .. love swara most and love her family do anything for them..

other points…

(maheswari family in maheswari mansion .. there joint family and everyone are good heart but protective towards their family …

ram and durga are loving brothers ..

sujata also love durga’s family but annoying towards Annapurna because sujata feels Annapurna maintain sanskar in distance with sujata..

laksh blames sujata for gave sanskar away from them ..

but everyone are emotional and loving …)

(khanna family also in khanna mansion sahil is their prince and swara is their princess .. their quite loving small family …)

(ragini grown in hostel .. her mother death before 10 year when she in 10year and her mom tells her that her father cheated them so she never want to meet her father .. her mother was very rich because of that ragini also grown in rich states but never get family love .. her only love is her friendship with swara..)

(swara and ragini are best friend .. crime partners .. their loving eachother like their soul..)

…….this is the sample of character .. other will come in episode …

{I’ll update every Sunday From next week …}


A car get accident one lady and boy in the car… everyone take them to hospital …

That Man(varun ) and That lady (helly ) look eachother at hospital …

A lady(helly):- who are you????

A boy(Varun) :- who are you madam????


(please forgive my spelling and grammer errors)

  1. Nice starting dr quite excited to rd further, all d best for ur new story

  2. Please don’t mind, but please don’t show SwaSan and also rag_________san in same story…it’s a request…

  3. -Scarlett-

    Please don’t mind, but please don’t show SwaSan and also rag_________san in same story…it’s a request…

  4. nicee…… but i too agree.. dont show our RagSan with swa___________________________________san please.. but good luck for your story

  5. Awesome dear

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