Judaai (RagSan FF) Part 3 by Aliya

Let’s begin..

Why destiny has these painful plan?

He went….
He went to the place where he could feel her!!
But why this feeling when he can’t hold her?
When he can’t cover her in his embrace!!
When he can’t place his head on her lap!!
When he can’t carry her in his arms!!

Sanskar couldn’t hold himself
He was in the edge of the river!

he shouted!! He cried!! He winced!!
Only and only for her!

He sobbed like a kid, for whom?
For her, his wife, his Ragini, his love, his life, his everything

Sanskar:Ragini please come back, i promise you i won’t tease you, i am ready for your punishments, please come back.
He cries

Only his sobs were heard in nature, in between the trees and in between the flowing river!!
Isn’t anyone there to take off his pain?
Isn’t anyone there to console him?

“daddaa” a cute thin voice is heard

But he was so lost in his misery that he couldn’t listen to that call!

“daddaaa” again the sweet voice was heard and this time it hit him

His memories travelled back and he remembered her call
“Sanskaar.. Sanskaaar..Sanskaaaar “her sweet calm voice
She loved to drag his name steps after steps

Removing his tears from the corner of his eyes
He faced the little angel, chahath!

Chahath giggled covering her mouth by her little little palms
She is the exact copy of his Ragini, though she is not his blood!

Chahath moved to him and and signs him to kneel
Her each and every gestures, she is Ragini

She takes the red saree from him:mummaaa’s saree

He kneels to her:daddaaa, no crying, mummaa hates you if you cry
He smiled through tears
And she wipes his tears through her little palms

He immediately took her into a warm hug!!

And faraway Aryan was watching through tears!!
How much he loves his sister!!
Should he be happy about this? Or to be sad!!

Aryan smiles he wipes his tears and went away from there leaving this dad-daughter duo!

The next sun raises making a chance of new hope to every people’s

Sanskar wakes from his bed and sees his chahath sleeping hugging him
He slowly frees her from him and kisses her forehead

Sanskar:abhay if you were there…
He painfully closes his eyes

Sanskar:no, i won’t shed my tears

Here Aryan went to Sanskar’s home and was shocked to find Swara standing there

Aryan angrily:hey, you girl what are you doing here?
Swara:please, try to understand me i want to help sanskar
Aryan:the help you did to him is enough, now leave! Go!

Swara:i want to know what happened to Ragini!
He closes his listening his sister’s name

Swara:where is Ragini?

Aryan:don’t you understand in normal words!
Swara:please, trust me, i just want to know…

Aryan interrupts:better leave because you won’t get to know about the single thing!

Swara:remember brother

He remembered his sister addressing him “brother”

Swara:i am going now, but i will come again and again until you won’t tell me about Ragini!

She goes…

Few days passed swara used to come daily and aryan avoided her daily and also didn’t let her meet sanskar!!

And one fine day

Little chahath was laughing whole heartedly while sanskar was tickling her!
Chahath laughing:time.. time please
Sanskar:what you got bored with poems
Chahath:daddaaa, it’s boring sanchi ma always makes me say the poem, when jack and jill have already fell then why i should remember them again and again!
Sanskar:ohhh so what type of poem my Chahath wants!
Chahath:yahi umar hai kar le galti se mistake, Ranbeer kapoor ke poem’s
He tapered his eyes to her
Chahath:daddaa i am hungry
Sanskar:is it? Or is a drama to escape!
Chahath giggles covering her mouth through her palms
He remembered Ragini
Chahath:i don’t want to go leaving you..
Sanskar’s face fell

But covered it taking other topic
Sanskar:come, let’s have…
Both smiles widely and giggles then:chapatti’s chapatti’s chapatti’s!!

Swara who was waiting outside Sanskar’s home sees aryan coming along with a pregnant lady, Sanchi aryan’s wife!

Aryan:you again! No matter how….

Swara interrupts:please brother it’s not for any news, you can trust me i want to know about Ragini..

Sanchi looks at her:what you want to know about Ragini?
She asked painfully!

Swara:where is she?

Aryan:sanchi let’s go!

He drags her with him!

While sanchi turns and looks at her!

While they enters, they listen chahath’s song..

Chahath sitting in the kitchen slab:hot hot chapatti’s frying in the kitchen, oh my goodness, oh my goodness, give me one, give me two, give me 3,give me 10(she shouts at last)
She scares sanskar by forwarding her both hands
And sanskar acts scared!

Chahath jumps standing in the slab:daddaaa got scared. Yay!

While aryan and sanchi were admiring this duo!

Sanskar feeds her food!

When chahath sees aryan and sanchi:i don’t want to go daddaa, please, pretty please
She makes a puppy face

Sanskar sees them and understands!

Aryan:why you got bored with me?

Chahath:no, but i want to stay with daddaa atleast for some more days

Sanskar:next time, daddaa will stay with you.. But daddaaa have some work so what would dadda’s chahath do staying alone?
Chahath:still you have work!
Sanskar nods

Chahath nods sadly:ok! You would come soon, promise?
He remembered Ragini in her!
Sanskar smiles a bit he cups her face and kisses her forehead and nods!

Sanskar makes her wear bag

He makes her wear her favourite crown
Chahath kisses his cheeks!
He too kisses her cheeks

And sends her with aryan and sanchi

He bid off them when chahath turns and looks at him pouting sadly

He signs her to smile

She smiles sadly..

Once after they left

Sanskar moves to his room

And pulls out the board which placed in wardrobe

His expression turned to anger where it has 4 photos with many paper cuttings!

He takes a marker and puts a cross marks on one photo!

Next day
In a park

Swara:thankyou so much sanchi ji
Sanchi:why you want to know about Ragini?
Swara:i don’t know why but i feel there’s some connections with Ragini, i cant say you exactly why but only…
Sanchi:it’s ok..

Within few minutes…

Sance:before 2 years…………

To be continued……

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