Episode 6:

Pallavi: Ranbir come let’s go and and get prachi and pragya home along with Aryan. I need to apologise to prachi for my mistakes. And I wholeheartedly accept her as my daughter in law and your wife.

Abhi: yeah Ranbir pallavi is right let’s go and bring them back.

Ranbir: it is of no use of now maa. Prachi Aryan and Sahana along with Pragya aunty are leaving for Canada. And Sahana’s dad Mr. Siddharth Khurana will not allow to them. They are all in his guardians. Aryan is now became possessive for is his aunt sister and girlfriend.

Abhi: what?? Girlfriend?? Sahana??

Ranbir: yes chief. Sahana and Aryan love each other a lot. I came to know that a few days back. If prachi and pragya aunty wants to meet you also he won’t allow you. They are going to Canada tomorrow morning at 10 am flight. They won’t return back to India.

Khurana house:

Aryan: Sahana we have to say the truth to your family about us before they get to know from others.

Sahana: yes. Let’s go.
They we to Sid’s room.

Sahana: dad may I come in??

Siddharth: is this a question to ask?? Come inside both of you.

Sahana: dad we want to say something to you.

Siddharth: tell me what you want to say. I am all yours.

Sahana: papa like you all think me and Aryan are not friends but lovers. We love each other. Apart from us prachi knows this and also that Ranbir knows. When we heard about Ranbir’s betrayal we decided to not to disclose anything to anyone and we will be in our limits until prachi become strong and stable. But now I think we should not hide so I said you dad.

Siddharth: I like your choice princess and also the decision you both have made. We know that already. Because prachi told us. We are happy for you both. Don’t worry after your MBA Aryan, you and prachi with be handling the Canada businesses I and Karan will be free from Canada businesses. Is it ok for you??

Sahana/Aryan: thank you so much papa/uncle.

Siddharth: from now on you will call me as dad and roshni as mom. Is it clear Aryan??

Aryan: yes dad. Sahana let’s go and finish our packing and also let’s see how is prachi.

Sahana: come. Let’s go.
Suddenly Aryan phone rings.
Aryan: it’s from Dida. One second. (He attends the call) yes Dida tell me. Suddenly called any serious??

Dida: yes Aryan. Rhea has confessed all her crimes and abhi himself handed her to police. And there is a good news Pallavi has accepted Prachi as her daughter in law wholeheartedly. She wants to meet prachi and pragya immediately but Ranbir said everything to us. Do something Aryan.

Aryan: I am so sorry Dida. Ab kuch nahi ho sakta. Bye. Called ended and he said everything to sahana Siddharth and roshni. They were shocked.

Sahana: what are you saying?? Is this true?? I can’t believe it. Rhea confessed her crimes and pallavi aunty accepting prachi, it is like something fishy. I don’t want to accept Dida’s request. I don’t want prachi to have a heart break again.

Aryan: I denied her request sahana don’t worry. Like how prachi is your best friend she is my sister too. I won’t let any thing happen to her again. Let’s not disclose anything to taiji or prachi. They are already worried.

Siddharth/Roshni/Sahana: ok. We won’t disclose anything to them.
But unknown to them everything was heard by one person.

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