Episode 5:

At Lake park.

Ranbir: Aryan why did you call me here??

Aryan: why did you do like this Ranbir??

Ranbir: I didn’t get you Aryan. Tell me clearly.

Aryan: do you know what have you done?? I have seen prachi as strong and brave girl. But today because of you she she have broken completely and also she is shattered completely. Thank god that me and sahana went behind her and heard her crying sound and broke the door and went saw her going unconscious immediately we consoled her and asked sahana to be with prachi and I came here to confront you. How can you do like this to a nice girl like Prachi?? Do you know she has started to hate the word love.

Ranbir: I am so sorry Aryan. I have been made helpless. Mummy made me do all this along with that Rhea. She wants to make Rhea as her daughter in law. She is hating prachi even though her innocence is proved. I don’t know what is in that Rhea that she wants to make her bahu. What can I do when they are like this??

Aryan: I don’t want your explanation and all. So please don’t come in front of us. Especially my sister Prachi. Badi ma doesn’t know your truth. Not only badi ma but also Khuranas except Sahana no one knows your truth. Just get lost now.
With that he left that place.

Mehra Mansion.
Abhi: are you happy Rhea?? Already I lost Kiara and with that me and Pragya separated from each other. Having one of the twins with each of us. Do you know who Kiara is?? Your and Prachi’s elder sister. Kiara Abhishek Mehra. Elder Daughter of Abhishek Prem Mehra and Pragya Abhishek Mehra.

Rhea: what?? Do you have an elder daughter. But where is she??

Abhi: not in this world. She was the heart beat of this family. She left this world because of my carelessness. Tanu’s ex- husband Nikhil kidnapped Kiara when me and Kiara went to mall to toys for the upcoming twins that is you and prachi. When I got a important call from the office I left her there I was busy in the call that I didn’t notice that Kiara is missing. Then I got a call from Nikhil that he kidnapped Kiara and he asked me ransom and I agreed to give him to back Kiara but he got the money and cheated us and he threw her from the cliff and she left the house. In between that pragya went through the labour pain and also delivered you both. When I came back home without Kiara pragya found that Kiara is no longer in this world and she started to shout at me and lashed out at me for my carelessness. She took a decision of leaving the house and took you both but I fought with her and kept you with me. And she took prachi with her. Then she left this city. Came back when prachi came to college.

Rhea was shocked to learn the truth.

Rhea: I am so sorry dad. I have totally misunderstood your and mom’s separation that because maa loved prachi more than me. And I will confess all my crimes now. Prachi was the only girl whom I hated more than anyone and anything in this world. On my birthday party, I put the necklace in her pocket and let her get framed but dad freed her. then I tried to injure her but mom saved her. And then I spoiled the food in Vikram uncle and Pallavi aunty’s anniversary, so that dad will throw her out as I couldn’t tolerate dad loving her, my enemy. Not only dad, everyone loved her. and I succeded but dad found out about it and for the first time in my life he slapped me. And I tried to frame her in my fake murder case but I failed again. And then I asks Nishant to put drugs in her bag so that she would be framed but Ranbhir took the blame on him and later she was proven innocent and I failed again. But Rhea doesn’t know to lose. But I put all these for a halt when Ranbhir proposed me but I asked him to make her fall in love with him and then break her heart to which he in fact agreed. But he started to fall in love with her. so, I decided to defame her infront of him. So I joined hands with Sanju. I asked waiter to give her the drink mixed with drugs and I framed, her and sanju were doing something wrong. But again she was proven innocent by Ranbhir and dad. luckily that man escaped or else I would have got caught. And then I arranged her marriage with Sanju, the masked man. but again she was saved by Ranbhir. After the bank incident, Ranbhir understood he fell for her. I then realized my biggest mistake was to ask him to love her. he was supposed to make her fall for him, but he fell for her. then I made her MMS and made whole college against her, but he still didn’t believe her. then I understood whatever I try to defame her, he is not going to leave her, so I tried to defame him. I thought she will lose respect for him and will leave us but she stood for him. I thought I would save him and become great in front of him but Maya’s intentions changed later. So it became difficult for me to save him. I framed prachi in robbery case but she was proven innocent again. So I thought on the day of Maya and Ranbhir’s wedding I would sit in place of Maya and get married to him but I failed again. I learnt that dida and Vikram uncle selected prachi as Ranbhir’s bride. I got angry and I hired some goons to kill prachi with the truck. But she survived. I was so desperate to hear her death news but dad wanted me to give blood to her. I lied to my dad that I gave prachi my blood though I didn’t as someone has already donated. And then I got to know her mother is none other than my mother and mom also approved prachi’s and Ranbhir’s relationship. I was so depressed and I committed suicide. And then I used my own suicide to turn everyone against her. A fake video was shown to everyone that she were with Maya in her plan which led all the kohlis against her.” reveals Rhea.

Abhi is shocked to hear the truth about Rhea’s wrong doings. He went and gave a tight slap to Rhea.

Abhi: I didn’t expect this from you Rhea. Because of you today I have again lost my fuggi along with prachi.

Pallavi: I have chosen you as my bahu but Ranbir loved prachi without knowing that prachi is Abhi’s daughter because of her goodness. And I was also happy for them. But I didn’t know that you stoop so low that even after knowing that prachi was your sister you have done wrong with her.

Ranbir: Aaj tumhari vajah se main apni pyar khoya. Aaj sirf tumhari vajah se main Prachi ko khoya aur chief Pragya aunty ko Koya. Aaj main sirf pyar nahin balki Apne best friend like brother ko kho Diya.

Abhi: Ranbir maine kaha tha na ki tum mere Damad ho. Main tumne Prachi ko husband banana chahti ho par Rhea ne kaha tha ki Tum donon pyar kar rahi ho Prachi bich mein aagai isliye main gussa ho gaya but I really don’t know that you and prachi were loving each other and Rhea came between you both. I am really sorry Ranbir.

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