Episode 4

Prachi: pack your backs Aryan. From now on you will stay with your sister and badi ma. Go and get your thinks.

Aryan: sure prachi. Just wait for 5 mins.
With that he ran to his room. And after 5 mins he came back with his things.

Aryan: prachi, taiji sahana and Karan bhaiya let’s go.
With that everyone left mehra Mansion leaving them devastated.

Khurana house.
Karan: dadu dadi mumma papa see has come.

Roshni: sahana, prachi Pragya di..

Siddharth: arrey my princesses came back home. Hi pragya di.

Karan: dad not just them we have one more person.

Roshni: whom??

Karan: Prachi’s cousin brother Aryan. Aryan.. come here. This is my family. He introduced everyone to Aryan. From now till they go to Canada he will stay here only.

Siddharth: no objection. He can stay always too. Aryan till you all are here you take roshni’s car and also take sahana and prachi with you while going to college. I know everything happened so just go to college write your exams and come back home if you want just talk with your professor alone. Don’t talk with anyone else. Do you get me?? This is for all the three of you.

Sahana: yes dad and others nod in agreement.

Prachi: Massi me and sahana are sharing one room like wise let Karan bhaiya and Aryan also share same room. But he will come to study room for studies.

Roshni: as you wish prachi. Aryan are you ok with it?

Aryan: yes aunty.

Roshni: you will call by what prachi calls us. Do you get it??

Aryan: ji maasi. Mausaji I have a doubt?? How are you managing this monkey 🐒🐒 (pointing towards sahana). She is really irritating a lot. But at the same time I must agree that she is having a lot of simplicity.

Sahana: me and monkey 🐒🐒 to the hell with you Aryan. I am sparing you since you are my sister cum bestie’s brother or else

Aryan: or else what?? You can’t do anything??
Prachi gets sad remembering Ranbir and her happy moments. Aryan sees and indicates sahana.

Aryan: prachi I know what makes you sad please don’t be sad like this.
But to everyone’s dismay she ran away to her room and locked.

Aryan and ran behind her. And banged the door.

Arhana: prachi!! Prachi!! Please open the door. Don’t do anything nonsense prachi. Please please prachi. We are requesting you.
They hear her crying sound.
Immediately Aryan breaks the door and they get inside only to see Prachi to be shattered.
Arhana immediately hug prachi from both the sides.

Aryan: prachi don’t cry prachi. You are shedding your tears for that useless man who is nothing to you now. You can’t break down like this. You have to be strong enough to give back what you got from them. And also for taiji. So stay strong. I will be there with you always even in college also. So that no-one can say anything to you and sahana.

Sahana: prachi don’t lose hope. Everything will fall into place. Now come. You need rest now or your health will get worst only now come and sleep.
Without saying anything prachi slept on bed. Arhana came down silently after closing the door.

Pragya: kya hua prachi ko?? Why was she behaving like that??

Sid: say something sahana. Aryan are also silent. Will someone going to speak or not.

Roshni: say something both of you.

Sahana and Aryan came hugged roshni and pragya and cried.

Aryan: what will we say maasi?? That the person whom prachi loved the most betrayed her along with her own twin sister. She is shattered completely. We don’t know what to do to bring her back to normal old prachi. I have some important work I will go complete and come back till then sahana be with prachi don’t leave her alone for a second also.

With that he left. He took his mobile and called Ranbir to Lake park immediately.

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