A Journey of Love(Episode 54)

The episode starts with Shiva and Anjali in a hotel room…The room is filled with Anjalis classmates from secondary to postgraduation.Some are with families and some are single. They all know abt Anjali past that she has love affair with shyam and it break bcoz of some financial problems. Some body think that all these years Anjali was not good according to her physical and mental conditions. Nobody know that Shyam betrayed Anjali and he married another girl who has more money. After five years Anjali meet her frnds and look into their eyes straight.She feel happy for shiva’s surprise and she feel little bit tensed.Shiva observe tense in Anjali’s face and hold her hand tight.By that sense he convay i am here with you..U dont feel tense..She look into his eyes..
They both share a cute eye lock.

Shiva:Hello frnds…After our marriage also you people come to our house and msintain good relation with my princeses.Bcoz for me there is no family…I have 1.5 years old daughter and now Anjali…Even though she accept me and my daughter into her life.After her father’s death she is in depression.She recover from that and we both are planned to start a new life.These five years she missed her friends and enjoyment.So,I planned to give her those things back to her. Bcoz of that reason only i collect all your informations from your schools and collages and invite for this get togeather…Anjali,This is my first gift to you.I promise you that i bring all happiness to you back..You just stay with me and love me…It is enough for me..
Anjali:Thanks shiva,I am really happy for your gift.I am really happy to see my friends and classmates.

By looking all her frnds and classmates in hall she just stop her eyes in one corner place.Shiva observe the change in her face.She saw shyam in that corner and look at him and look at shiva..
Shiva hold Anjali hand and talk some people who are Anjali’s degree classmates.Anjali control herself and turn her face towards Shiva and smile by looking at him.Shiva expect this reaction only from Anjali.Now he got confidence that Anjali is stuborn and ready to move on in her life..

Shiva arrange this party that he want to prove Anjali is normal and good.. She has no mental and physical problems.She is ready to move on into her future.Anjali is not only mandatory to shiva..Her happiness and her stuborn,her identity,her charm all ate important to him..He feel that confiramation from Anjali now..Bcoz, Even though she saw shyam there she didnt react wired or tensed.She just looked at him and turn her face towards shiva..Internally shiva feel so happy for Anjali.They both spend some time with her friends and continue lunch with them and then they both leave from that place by collecting their numbers and addresses.They togeather invite them for their reception.Shyam saw all that drama and in his face there are multiple feelings.He is not happy with this..bcoz Anjali is happy with shiva and she has good financial status from her brothers and according to profession Dr.ShivaRajSekhar is popular in India. He is in good position..According to his area he is playing key roles in many institutes and According to internatinal level also he has good name..
But Shyam…He is not good in wealth.. no value in his in-laws house,No love and care from his wife.No children in his life..His wife has problem.He is not satisfied with his family.
Shyam sit in a bar and close his eyes by thinking about Anjali..

FB starts..
After a big loss to Anjalis father in business Shyam mother reject Anjalis allieance.
One day Arjun took his father to Shyams house.They didnt open the door and said that we are not intrested to this match.
Raman:Auntyji..Call shyam once..We want to talk with him..
Shyam come out with his mother..
Raman:What is your opnion Shyam? Think once what you do with my dhi..
Shyam:There is nothing to think. You people just leave me.Tomarrow there is engagement for me.you are trying to spoil it.
Arjun hold Shyam’s hand and request him to marry her dhi..Shyam didnt respond for Arjun..Mantu literally hold his legs…
Anjali:Mantu dont touch his legs…My brothers are not less than any others.
Come on lets go from here…
Arnav try to convence shyam..but Anjali stare angry look at him.All four hold Anjali and leave that place.But at that time they dont know Anjali was pregnant and after that her father was dead..All are in shock,after wards Anjali’s abortion…
Shyam married Renu one of the biggest business man in mumbai. Renu is not obidient and love towards Shyam.After that marriage Shyam father was expired by accident.Shyam was not that much efficient in hanndle business.So he lost so many things in his life…Reamaing things are handled by renus family.Now shyam stay in Renus house with her family.His mother was stayed in oldage home.He has no financial freedom.Renu didnt give any value to him.She has know children.Finally there is no happiness in Shyam life.
But Anjali is now happy with shiva. Shiva is financially good and well setteled.And her brothers are business tycoons in India.They are in top 10 place.

ANJALI AND SHIVA in their car return in from hotel:
Anjali:Thanks Shiva..Thanks a lot.You gave a confidence for me to face the world.
Shiva:It is very important for me.. that you stay happy in comming days. I dont want to see tears in your eyes.
It is Anandhis wish also.Sorry that i talk about Anandhi infront of you.
Anjali put her hand on his hand and said she is root for our love and she only give this happiness to me.So i didnt feel wrong.You love her more than me..But i want your love and care to me including Anandhi dhi..Shiva gave a side hug and ask her can we go for a ride..Anjali nod her head…
In Ramans house:
All are sit infront of dining table. Ishitha and Amaya serve food to elders.Kushi feed to pinky,Ruhi and Chotu.Ananya was fed y shatha and she slept on Arnavs shoulder.Anybody try to take her she start crying.So Arnav lift her and take a concvience pose for his luch.Arjun sit with Radhika and waiting for her consious.
She slightly move and murmed that, Arjun sir plz take me to Rishikesh..I want to see my family from distance.. and we return back..Arjun sense that how she missed her family. Arjun:Radhika..Open yoyr eyes..look at me…Radhika…
Radhika slowly open her eyes and look at him and ask him Arjun sir somebody told I Love You to you..Who is she? You said to me that i am(only) your lady love na…Arjun:You hear that I Love You from girls side.Can you hear my voice for that…Radhika:No,I didnt but i feel your positive smile towards her.. She is more beautiful than me. Arjun:Not only beautiful…She is clever,active,lovely,little and charming like you.
Radhika:Where is she?And..why i am in Raman bhai house?
Raman:Bcoz you are not well..So he lift her from his house to hear..
Radhika:What happened to me Arjun sir?
Arnav:You want to recollect all those things means you go with one more bhang…

Then Radhika recollects all the things happened…How she fell bhang as butter milk and moments with Arjun..and some one told I Love You to him…
Radhika:But some one told I Love You to Arjun sir.Who is it?
Mantu:Who is it Arjun?Radhu is with you and you accept some other proposal also.
Arjun control his smile and reply him yah..She is light weight than Radhia. So,I think less wight is more comfortable to carry na..
Radhika:I am heavy weight..No..I am not heavy weight.Who ask you to carry me.You fee that i am weight for you.
Arnav observe seriousness in Radhikas voice and want to divert the topic..
Arnav:Who told that my choti is weight…Weight means….
He look at Ishitha…Ishitha observe this and She shout Raman…..I am not over weight….How can you said like that.
Mantu:Bhabhi…you dont be serious… He didnt know weight proper def… some people look lime sticjs even though they are weight….
Arnav:Yah it is correct…Ishitha bhabhi you dont feel…
Kushi and Amaya put their hsnds on their waists and look at them very serious…
Arnav:Yeh..dont look like that.We casualy give that statement.Its not belong to you…
Thoshi listen their conversation..
Thoshiji:Shut up..My daughters are not weight.


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