A Journey of Love(Episode 43)

The episode start with Thoshiji called Raman and ask him to buy new sarees to four girls according to their choice. Thoshiji:Buy clothes to Shiva and Anjali.
Raman:What abt my little princeses?
By saying this he took Ananya from Anjalis hand.
Arjun hug Shiva with happy.Shiva look at Arjun and said him dont worry Arjun.I will take care of your dhi.It is my promise.Arjun:I know it.And he look at Anjali and ask her are you happy with this decission dhi.
Anajali nod her head and feel shy infront of Shiva.
Raman:Ok we go for shopping and buy clothes to all….Ok ma we will leave.
Mantu:You people carry on.I have an important work in office.You people reach there and put msg of shopping mall.I catch you there.
Arnav:Yah…You carry on.It is too imp work.Without you how can yaar(With naughty voice).
All smile looking at Mantu.
Thoshiji called Ishitha,Kushi and Radhika to her room.The three look at each other and follow Thoshiji. Already dadhi is waiting in that room.
They enter into room and stand at side corner.Thoshiji sit beside dadhiji and ask them to come and sit on bed.
They go and sit on bed.
Thoshiji:Ishitha dont think bad abt me.It is not my wish to show your kundali to panditji.When Raman told me abt your past and your fear i ask him to console her by showing his love on you.Def that is not problem for me.
But i think that i want to clear all your fear in your brains and hearts also.Every one has past..You four worried abt your past and dont think abt youŕ futures.So i try to clear your doubts.I am sorry if you people hurt when i discuss about your kundalis…
Ishitha hug Thoshiji and aas her dont tell sorry and thanks mamiji.We are always with you.We know that whatever you do it is for our hapiness only.
Dadhi:Ok then go for shopping and buy new clothes for Anjali and Shivas engagement.
All three nod their heads and leave the room.Thoshiji:Maa(dadhi),I feel happy with my four kids. I am the richest person in the world.Bcoz for me only four daughter-in-laws are obedient,Intelligents,Beautiful,pretty looking and do hardwork. Dadhi:Ha Thoshiji….Def we are lucky by this girls.
All left for shopping by their cars.

In Ramans car:
Raman:Ishu…Are you happy now.
Ishu:Yes Raman,But you can do one thing for me na…..
Raman:Tell me….Anything for you…..
Ishitha:Give your right hand for me.
Raman drive with left hand and try to put his right hand before her.He feel uncomfortable…..So he stop the car and put her right hand infront of her.
Ishitha tie a red color thread to Ramans hand and ask him dont free it for one month.After one month you remove it.Raman look at her and ask her still you are scared after panditji told that everuthing is good in our kundalis.Ishitha plz Raman….He observe tears in her eyes and cup her face into his hands and look into her eyes.Ishitha:If anything happened to you…that thought only i am not able to digest.Atleast 1sec before i die if anything happen to you.Raman:Dont talk like that Ishitha.We together live happy in our lives.He wipe her tears and hug her.Ishitha also hug him and told him that i am very happy and relaxed now.Raman:Then we stay like this only in this position in car.Is it ok for you.
Ishitha:Chiii..I mean to say that my heart feel relaxed.
By saying this Ishitha sit properly ask him to drive.Raman drive by using his right hand and put his hand around her shoulders and pull her near him.She put her head on his shoulder and feel happy for this moment.

In Mantus cabin:
Mantu call to Amaya by intercum and ask her to come inside his cabin. Amaya:yes sir…I will be in 10mins.
Mantu:With in fraction of secs i want to see you infront of me.
Amaya enter into his cabin and look for Mantu.Mantu hide behind the corner table.She look here and there and turn back side.Suddenly two hands hold her around her waist and tight the grip of his hands.Uma didnt fear for that action bcoz she know it is Mantu.Mantu hug her from backside.
Mantu:Are you angry on me?
Amaya nod her head in negative direction.
Mantu:Then why you didnt came to home when auntyji call you four…
Amaya:I have an important work sir.
Mantu:Sir…….Why you called me sir?
By asking this he turn Ammu towards him.He is in shock…..Bcoz she is so week and her eyes are dull.
Mantu:What happened to you Ammu?
Why you are so week?
Ammu didnt give any answer and bend her head and look at floor.Mantu lift her head and ask her what happened Ammu…look at me….Still you are in mood off bcoz of yesterdays incident.
Mantu pulled her in sofa to sit and he also sit beside her.
Mantu:Really i am not angry on you.I just act like that.But when you hurt your hand i really got angry on you. Later i stood my mistake how i show my attitude and hurt you.I just try to kidding you.I didnt expect that you react like this.Plz forgive…..
Ammu turn towards him and her eyes are full of tears.Amaya:I am only sorry for you…I know i behave weired. But i didnt bear your annoyance.She hug him and cried like little girl.He also hug her and promise her next time i didnt play any jokes on you and you also you didnt react like this. Ammu if you hurt youself means it pains to me only.He took her hand and look at bandage and kiss her on the place where she hurt her fingers.Then he moves his lips towards her neck and kiss her on neck.Amaya try to move from there..Mantu hold her and pull her back.By that force she sit on his lap.Mantu hold her around her waist a adjust her hair and put his lips on her bear neck.Ammu close her eyes and turn towards him and put her head on his chest and her hands around his neck.Mantu laugh and said her today is mine….At same time Mantu phone us ringing.He took the phone from his pocket and it is from Raman.Mantu lift the call.Raman:Hey Mantu…come to mumbai shopping mall.Mumiji ask to purchase new sarees to her pretty bhahus.Mantu:Oh…i start in 10mins…i am in imp work.Raman:I know your imp work with whom na…Just stop your games with Ammu and rech that place as early as possible.Mantu bite his tounge and answer him …ok i will be there in 20mins.

In shivas car:
Anjali:Without Ananya…how can we go for shopping.
Shiva:Anjali…I am annoyed with you. You always think about you daughter only.Your first priority is not me…your concentration is on Ananya.
Anjali:It is not like that.You both are two eyes for me.
Shiva put his face his like a small boy and drive the car.Anjali look at him and control her smile and put kiss on his cheeck.He look at her and ask her one more plz…First kiss…without enjoying?no no…I want another…. Anjali put her finger on his lips and ask him to drive like a good boy.
Shiva:ok madam…As per your order…
Shiva hold Anjali hand and drive with one hand.Anjali try to leave her hand. But shiva didnt give that chance to her.Anjali also enjoy that and place her head on his shoulder.

In Arnavs car:
Arnav drive the car without a single word.Kushi look at him and think what happened to him.Why he is so angry?
By thinking this she look out through window.Arnav tickle her on her waist by using his left hand.Kushi look at him.But he didnt look at her and drive the car.Kushi look at him and at her waist.Kushi(herself):May be it is my imagination…Again she look out through window.Arnav pinch kushi on her neck..and drive his car in same manner.Again kushi look at him…Arnav also look at her and ask her why are you looking at me…? Kushi:Arnav sir… can you pinch me now?
Arnav:What the…I am in driving….How can i?
Kushi:Yah yah…how can you? You are bussy in driving na…
By thinking about this she just close her eyes.Arnav observe her and confirm that she went into sleep then he kiss her on cheeck.Suddenly she open her eyes and recollect what happened now?Arnav:Again what happened to you?Kushi:Arnav sir…Someone kiss me sir…Arnav:Stop that sir sir…call me Arnav or some other nick name or your favourite nick name laad governer…..
Kushi:But why i feel some one pinch on my neck,Tickle on my waist and now kiss on my cheeck….
Arnav:May be you expect those things from my side.Can i do those things now….
Kushi:no no…. may be i am in imagization.

Kushi:Arnavji why can i feel like that. Dont leave me Arnavji…You think i am mad.Plz stay with me.By saying this she hold his hand.Two tear drops fell on his hand.
Arnav:Kushi why can i leave you.I like and your madness only.Kushi:You mean i am mad?Arnav:No…you are more than that..By saying this again he pull her near to him and kiss her.Kushi feel shy and said him…You ate so naughty Arnavji….

In Arjuns car:
Arjun:No Radhika…Yesterday also you eat so many icecreams.Again you adk for icecreams.It is not good for your health.Radhika:Arjun sir…..Plz one icecream….Again i dont ask you for this day.Arjun:That means you eat them tomarrow also.You promise me that you dont eat icecreams in this month.Then you go and bring one icevream only..Radhika nod her head and getdown from car.Arjun ask her go and collect the icecream..I park the car and reach you..Radhika:Ok sir.. Come fast….
Radhika go and ask one mamgo flavour ice stick.The ice seller look at her and ask her how are you dhi? Where is jijaji?Radhika:Hey …you…I am fine.How are you?Who jijaji……?
Radhika look at his finger and saw golden ring to his finger and remember thay it is Arjuns ring. Radhika ask him abt that Ring. The ice seller explain how traffic police collect cash from Arjun….How many icecreams did she eat….How he give his ring to him…He explain each and everything.Radhika listen this and feel bad for her.She stand like a statue and think how yesterday night she behave like a kid.Arjun come there and look at Radhika.The ice seller recognise Arjun and ask him jiju hw r u? Arjun look at him with smily face and ask him give ice to your dhi.Ok jiju…Dhi which flavour do yo want. Radhika answer him today onwards i didnt ice creams.Both ice seller and Arjun look at their faces.ice seller:Dhi your are the first coustmer today.plz dhi…..Jiju you tell me na…..Arjun look at him and ask him two different flavours and give 500rs to him.Jiju it is free for you and you took your ring also.Arjun ask him i already told you na.The ring is gift to you from your jiju and this amt is we are first customer today na….How you do business without taking money from customers.The boy said to Arjun thank you jiju.Arjun hug him and walk towards Radhika.Radhika listen their conversation and stand infront of Arjun car.Arjun:Radhika,What happened to you?Why you reject stick ice?Here i bring two flavours for you. Only two for this day..ok….take it.

Radhika look at him and he saw tears in her eyes.Arjun:Why are you crying Radhu?Radhika:I am sorry Arjun sir… I didnt realise that bcoz of me you paid fine to traffic police and give ring to that boy.How can i do like this. Bcoz of my kiddish behaviour only……

Arjun put his finger on her lips and ask her dont think too much. I am not worried abt money or ring.I just feel happy when i saw smile on your face. If you are like this means really i felt bad.Yesterday night you know how happy i am.If i want to buy a new ring i can…but the innocent smile on your face i cant buy with a ring or money… Radhika look at her…Arjun ask her to eat the stick ice.He only remove cover from it and give it to her.She eat it like a small girl.Whithout knowing his knowledge he took a pic of Radhika. The ice seller look at them and Arjun wave his hand to him.After that he give another one to Radhika and ask her to sit in car.They both sit inside the car and Arjun start driving.Radhika eat it and throw the stick out from window.The stick fell on one two wheeler who stop beside their car at signal.The person look very seriously at her.She hold Arjun hand and cover her face.Arjun tell sorry to them and look at her.She didnt lift her head.After car start from that signal she kiss her on his cheeck.He look at her with a cute smile and hug her with his left hand and drive by his right hand.
Expect Mantu remaining reach to the mall……

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  14. omg it was more than cute yrr
    I love this ff
    thanks subhada writting such a beutiful ff
    it is full of love , care romance and most important thing freindship of RAAM super….. 🙂

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