A Journey of Love(Episode 42)

The episode start with all four friends took blessings from elders and leave from there to Ramans house.The time is 9:30PM…
Meanwhile in Ramans house:Shiva sleep in guest room.Anjali and Ananya sleep in Study roon.Kids and Dadhi sleep in one room.Mr.and Mrs Bhalla in one room.Neelu sleep in her room.
Shiva feel incomfortable in guest room.He think about Anjali..And smilarities between Anandhi and Anjali.He remember things happen with Anjali.By thinking those things he went into sleep.
ANANDHI sit beside him and took his hand into her hand. Anandhi:Why you are feeling restless shiva?You didnt do any thing wrong. I only took promise from you to do second marriage. I am happy for that you are ready for that.Then why you are hesitating shiva.
Shiva:Bcoz i think that…..

Anandhi:Dont think so much.You know one thing Shiva…Your heart beat for Anjali and your mind think about me. This time you can listen your heart words.
Shiva:Yes ,I agree with you..But i am not ready to leave you.
Anandhi:Dont be silly.I already leave you.Anjali is good for Ananya and for you also.
Shiva:In future, if Ananya question me about this….?
Anandhi look at shiva and laugh for his thinking….Shiva,Leave all these things.First you answer my question. Can you love Anjali or not…
Anandhi:Then why you think all these things.I know you love me a lot.Anjali is like me only.Her habits,plans and tastes etc…So,you easily accepted her.
But remember one thing from now onwards you love her sincerely..Your Anandhi is alive in that love only….
You dont worry about Anjali.I will talk to her…Shiva look at Anandhi and ask her to stay some time with him. Anandhi cupped his face into her hands and kissed his on forehead. Shiva….I am always with you only.By kiss him she left from that place.At the time of kissing two tear drops fell on his forehead.
Shiva suddenly open his eyes from sleep and look his sourroundings.He feel wet on his forehead.He know that it was his dream.But how this tear drops in his forehead.He sit on his bed and promise to Anandhi by looking her photo that he bring Anjali into our lives.You are always with me only. Virtually you are with me.Visually i bring Anjalu into my life…and to bring charming into our Ananyas life.I stand to this.I promise you Anandhi that I Love Anjali more than my life… I show gratitude to her all my entire life..

Raman open the door and saw all lights are off.The four silently walk into Ramans room and they just fresh and went into upstairs to share their experiences.All four are in shock bcoz they saw Shiva stand there and looking at moon and enjoy the cool breez..
Mantu walk towards shiva and ask him Anjali dhi is good in that moon na…. Shiva nod his head and reply him she is more beautiful than moon when smile appear on her face..And realise that he answer to someone else and turn his head.Shiva saw Mantu stand beside him and remaining three behind him.Shiva:When you people come here yaar.
Arjun:Just now only……And why are you standing here and what are you thinking jijaji…
Arnav and Raman go with Hi-Fi and ask Shiva also come and join in discussion form.All five sit round together and start their chit chat.
The scene shift to Iyers house:
Ishitha and Radhika look at each other and smile.
Radhika:Can we go up and join with Kushi and Ammu.
Ishitha nod her head and they both enter into Kushis room. In that room, Kushi:How it happen Ammu?(By holding Ammus hand and looking at her wounds.)
Ammu:It happens….Dont ask again and again….I didnt need any first aid also.
Ishitha walk towards them and took Ammus hand from Kushi and observe the wound and look at Ammu.
Ishitha:You hurt yourself na…..

Ammu bend her head and remaining two look at her with shocking expression.
Ishitha did first aid and try to divert the topic.So,she propose to go up and enjoy the cool breez…All four went up and sit under water tank by placing blankets and pillows and share their expriences.
Raman:I am happy to day.Bcoz Ishitha express her feelings today.And narrate what happened today.
Shiva:yah Raman…I remember that day.Subhu buaji is rude.She only use such nonsense statements.She scold Ishitha infront of all…That your fate is not good..Due that reason only our subhu was dead.In future also if anybody marry you…or you love anyone they also die like our subhu only….Anandhi and I try to console Ishitha.but she didnt……
After one week Subhus mother called Ishitha to their house and gave some jewellery and Saree to Ishu.She ask Ishu to wear these jewellery and saree for her marriage.She took promise from Ishu that she marry someone else and be happy in her life.They return to US after subbu death. Subhus buaji scold everytime when Ishu faced her in temple or any other places.After our MBBS Ishu got a marriage proposal.Initially she didnt agree for that.But we console her…Subhus mother talk with her and ask her to marry.Due to all forcable conditions she agree for that.Ishitha didnt have any feelings on him.We want to arrange a small engagement party.On the engagement day we receive a msg from grooms family that their son was expired due to accident.That is the biggest shock to Ishitha in her life.By hearing this news she was scared and feel bad.At that time she didnt came from her room.At that time only Iyer uncle took voluntery reteirment from his job and left chennai and setteled in Mumbai. They have properties in chennai.Even though they sell all and leave two flats for rents.When i am in chennai i only manage those things..Every month they received upto two lakhs on rents and uncles pension Amt more than two lakhs.

.Uncle was in good position in central government and he has many political contacts also. Uncle and Aunty are very good.Recently also they bring another proposal on date some xyz….that date is the day on which Ishitha hits Ramans car.Raman mention same thing to them on that day how she hit his car and give money to him.shiva told them there is no financial problems to them.Her aim is to do Pg in pediatrics.Bcoz of that only she joined in your college.Actually it is her dream.
After listening that Mantu said to Raman…Mantu:You tell all these things to mamiji initially…
Raman nod his head and think something….Arjun also share how Radhika behave today and explain her pain and problem to them..Raman and Mantu also share their moments.
Shiva:I want to share onething with you guys….You people dont be angry on me..Shiva share each and every moment to them what happened with Anjali.He share his dream that he had today and his experience in his dream.

They four feel happy for that.But shiva bend his head and look down. Raman:We are happy for that shiva.But we final it after we discuss it with dhi.
Shiva nod his head and look into sky.
Arjun:After dhi marriage we first sort Radhikas problem.It is more important for me..They observe tears in Arjun eyes.Arnav pat him on his shoulder.
All five went on sleep on terrace only. On onther side four girls chit chat share their day updates and went on sleep on terrace under water tank only.

Anjali is disturbed in sleep.Somebody ask her to open her eyes.Anjali open her eyes and look at her.Anjali recognise her and look at her with confused and tension look.
Anjali:How are you here?Why are you here?
By asking this she took Ananya into her hands and hug her tight.
Then other women pat her on shoulder and ask Anjali dont worry.Ananya and Shiva is for you only.I come here to support you.Bcoz your my younger sister.Dont hide your feelings in your heart.Expose those feelings infront of shiva.He is waiting for that.PLZ Anjali forget your past.It was not your mistake.I want to see you happy with your family.Your family means Shiva,Anan and you. Anjali:Anandhi…..You didnt feel bad about me..That i took your place in that house and in your loved ones hearts….
Anandhi:No no Anjali…why can i? Actually it is my wish.
Promise me that you forget your past and you took care of yourself and Anan..She is most precious to you naa. Put a kala mark behind her ear always.Anandhi took kajal from her eyes and put mark behind Anan ear.

Anandhi took promise from Anjali and kiss her on forehead and pat Ananyas cheecks and kiss her and took permisson from Anjali to leave. Anjali wave her hand to say bye…
Anjali get up from bed and look at watch.It is morning 6:00Am.She recollect each and every word what Anandhi told her now.She think that it is her dream.She took Ananya into her arms and feel shock,bcoz she identify black kajal mark behind Ananyas ear.
She shout with a loud and scared voice.

All run into Anjslis room.She sit on bed and Hug Ananya tightly and cried like a small girl.Shiva run towards her and cup her face into his hands and ask her what happened?Why you scare like this?
Anjali hug shiva and narrate each and every thing happened in her dream and she show the kajal mark behind Ananya ear and told to shiva that i didnt put that mark to Anan.
Shiva:Anan…Who told that nick name of Ananya to you?
Anjali:In my dream Anandhi called like that only.
Shiva look at Ramans face.Arjun and Mantu try to console Anjali.Shiva try to move from there.Anjali hold his hand and look at his face and ask him dont leave me alone.
Shiva sit beside her and hug her by his right hand.Thoshiji and Dadhi ask Neelu took Ananya from Anjali and ask remaining also to leave the room.
All left the room by following Thoshijis instructions.Shiva and Anjali are there in that room.Shiva hug Anjali by pulled her near to him.She place her head on his chest and close her eyes.
After 5mins Shiva ask her ….
Shiva:You want to sleep some more time.
Anjali:Yes…But you stay with me only. Ask him dont go anywhere.
Shiva:ok…You take rest.I will bring milk and breakfast to you.
Anjali:No no…I dont want to eat anything.
Shiva:I dont leave you alone.ok…First you close your eyes…
Anajali slept on shivas shoulder and feel convinent in her sleep.After that shiva kiss her on forehead and put her head on pillow and leave the room without noise.
I n hall all are waiting for shiva. Raman:Can you belive this shiva?
Shiva:As a doctor i cant belive. But there are proofs na…So i dont know what to do now?
Thoshiji:Can you belive god?
Shiva:Yes Auntyji.
Thoshiji:Then i call panditji and ask him what is the solution for our problem?
All nod their heads and go to Ramans room to freshup.
After 30mins all sit in hall waiting for Panditji.Arnav call to manager and ask him to manage there.If any thing important discuss with us in phone. Today we all bussy in Umas register marriage.

Arjun call to Ishitha and ask them to come to Ramans house.Ishitha:Again leave…Yesterday only we four put leave to office and again today….
Arjun:Dont worry bhabhi…
Arjun:ok ok…Come fast.We are waiting here.
Ishitha tell the matter to remaining three.Ammu reply to Ishitha that I have lot of work in office.So i leave to office and took two wheeler keys from kushi and left from there.
Remaining three left from there to Bhallas house.
Ishitha,Radhika and Kushi stand infront of door.Mantu look at them and ask them to come inside.He look at door for Amaya.Kushi observe that and tell him that Amaya left to office bcoz she has lot of work in office.
All look at Mantu and his expressions.
Raman tell to pandit what happened with Shiva and Anjali in their dreams and how they feel?
Panditiji look their kundali and also check Anandhi kundali also.He close his eyes and give a pleasent smile and open his eyes.

Panditji:Dont worry about anything. All is good only.Anandhis wish is to see Shivas and Anjalis marriage.She told to me that this is her last wish that she want see her husband and Sisters marriage.If you want to do this marriage means with in 10days you go for that.After marriage you do shanti pooja to Anandhi.She left this world with all happiness.She is waiting for that.
Dadhiji look at Anjali.Anjali bend her head.Thoshiji ask shiva you two discuss it and tell to us.We are all happy for this relation.Raman ask them go to garden and you discuss your opnions.
Mantu drag shiva and Radhika drag Anjali and leave them in Garden.
Raman :Maa solve my problem also.And talk to your so called bhahu.

Thoshiji called Ishitha and ask her to share her fear to panditji.Raman told to me.I am not worried about it.Really your fate is bad def there us some solution for it.
Panditji:Thoshiji..Ask her to come and sit here.
Ishitha sit infront of him and look at Raman.Raman ask her not to worry. Ishitha nod her head and look at panditji.He look at her hand and said to Thoshiji…Who said her fate is not good.She is srasvathi in studies and she bring only happiness into family. God match this kundali with Raman only.If anybody try to enter into life means god didnt accept that.Something harm happen to others means it was not your mistake beta.It depends on their good and bad deeds.So you dont worry for anything. You can happily married Raman and leave all the tensions.
Ishitha happily looking at Thoshiji and took blessings from Panditji.She getup from there and took blessings from dadhiji and Mr.Mrs.Bhalla.

Dadhiji ask Panditji to look over kushi,Amaya and Radhikas kundalis also.
Kushi sit infront of him.He look at her hand and tell that she is like godess durga.But she is cool and manage all the things even she face problems. She know how to convert hate into love.similarly she know how to convert anger into smile.By whom you people set this girl relation?
Dadhiji look at Arnav.Arnav look at them and feel shy and left from there.Panditji look at dadhi and said her she is perfect to Arnav.She also brings lots of happiness into family.
Thoshiji ask kushi to tell date of birth details to Panditji abiut Amaya.By that information he look the kundali and said she is from godess parvathi. She is also capable for all things. If she ferl that she was wrong means she can punish herself.She didnt harm even for an ant also.She is sensitive. She didnt take fake anger or teasing etc.She is symbol of love.
Arjun look at Radhika and ask her to go and show your hand also.Dadhi observe that and ask Radhika to show her hand.Radhika sit infront of him. He look at her hand and tell them she is godess lakshmi and some traces are like godess earth(bhudevi).She bear any thing for her loved ones.Even though she stand like stubborn.She can do anything to her family.

Panditji ask them to leave this room.I want to talk with Thoshiji and Dadhiji.
All left that room.Thoshiji and Dadhiji looked at him worriedly.Panditji ask them dont worry.If these girls enter into your sons life their lives are happy and they move with bright future.These girla are always supported to their husbands and their families.All good happen to your family.I know about you from so many years.From past five to six years you bear lot of pain.Now it is good time for your family and it is bcoz of theze girls only.Dont leave them in any cost.
Thoshiji and Dadhiji feel happy for that.
In garden:
Shiva:Anjali can you marry me.
Anjali look down and didnt reply to him.Shiva sit on his knees and ask her can you develop a relation with me for life long.He put hus hand forward and wait for her reply.
Anjali:Shiva..You know that about my past.I was used by some one.And i am… shiva get up and put his finger on her lips and ask her dont talk lime that. I ask you to stay with me forever and ever with all happy moments.Can you do it for me or not.

Anjali nod her head.Shiva hug her and kiss her on forehead and kiss her happyly.They stay like that more than 10mins.Raman and co clap them for their decission.They both come into senses and Anjali look at them and feel shy.Again she hug shiva and cover her face from her brothers.
All enter into hall and tell shiva and anjali decission for elders.They feel happy for that.Arjun is on cloud nine and in happy mood he lift Radhika and rotate round and round by showing his happiness.All look at him by staring angry look at him.Radhika run towards Thoshiji and hide behind Thoshiji.
Raman hold Ishithas hand and ask her are you happy now.Ishitha nod her head and control her tears.Raman eipe her tears and kiss her on her eyes.Mantu pinch him and ask him to control his emotions.Arnav hold Kushi by put his hand around her waist and pull kushi close to him.
Kushi ask him to leave.Arnav:I cant leave you.I feel relax when you are very near to me.
Dadhi:Panditji first give dates to Anjalis marriage rituals.Immediately we plan for these four also.Otherwise it is horrible for us to control them.

Anjali hold Shivas hand and look happyly..Pandi give all dates to them and tell them that he leave station tomarrow.Bcoz i go to himalaya yatra. My juniors manage all marriage rituals here.By telling this he took permission from there and bless all pairs whole heartedly…..

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