A Journey of Love(Episode 40)

The episode start with Arjun and Radhika.Arjun:Answer to my question Radhika.Can you feel my kiss or not.
Radhika nod her head in negative way.
Arjun tight his grip around her waist and look into her eyes.Radhika wrink her eyes and said him really …….
Arjun leave her and turn back to move from there.Radhika hold Arjuns hand ask him to listen her complete words. Arjun look at her with a little disappointment face.I didnt feel for your kiss but i feel your touch and your breath.Arjun look at her with confused face….
Radhika:Yes Arjun sir..I feel your touch when you play hide and seek with me in function hall and tickle me on my waist and my neck…
Arjun control his smile and hide his feelings.Radhika walk towards him and told him i feel it sir….
By telling this Radhika run from there and stop at the balcony door. Bcoz all the remaing members stand and stare naughty look at her.Radhika feel shy and hug Anjali.
Anjali:Arjun you are so naughty…..
Why you can do like that with Radhuu..
Arjun smile and stand beside Dhadhiji.
All enter into function hall and they also join for dinner.
Mantu ask children to go and play in hotel garden.By listening this Kushi ask him how can we leave kids like that.I also join with us.You people carry on your dinner.Kushi hold chotu and Ruhi hands and ask pinky also to come.They reached to garden and start playing.They play blindfold game near fountain.
Raman bring plates on trolly and give it to elders.All sit togeather and start eating.Raman ask Uma and Abhi to sit alonr fror some time and spend quality time.
Mantu hold Amayas right hand by his left hand.Amaya try to pull her hand.But Mantu hold her hand tight. Amaya pick one spoon from table by her left hand and start eating.
Raman sit beside Ishitha and stare a nauhty look at her.Ishitha:Why are you looking like that?Ramam:Is there any problem for you?Ishitha:I feel inconvinent to stay here if you look like feel happy and my stomach is full.when you are infront of me.Ishitha:Stop it Raman…All are looking at us only.Raman:Ishu you just look at me.why you are looking at other.Can i ask one thing,You have no feelings on me.Then why you wear saree presented by me.
Buaji:Amaya why you eat with your left hand,what happened to your right hand?
Amaya look at Mantu in pleading manner to leave her hand.
Mantu also look at Amaya and ask her to eat with right hand.Amaya look at him and forcibly raise her hand up. All observe that Mantu hold Amayas hand.Mantu is in shock for Amayas reaction.Amaya look at Mantu and she observe angry traces in his face.
Arjun try to divert the topic…
Arjun:Arnav go and call kushi for dinner.
Arnav nod his head and left from there.In garden children play blindfold game with kushi.Kushi is blindfold by black color cloth. Kushi try to catch kids and walk in different directions by hearing kids voice and sounds.She walk towards pool…Arnav saw this and hold her hand.Both lost her balance fall in water pool.Kushi was unable to remove her cloth and she try to stand and again fall down.Arnav hold kushi and ask her dont move and shout like a kid.
Arnav open her blindfold and look at her sourroundings.She feel shy abd try to cover her wet body with her hands.Arnav observe that and remove his coat and cover kushi by his coat.
Arnav lift her and come out from water pool.He walk towards parking place.Kushi turn her hands around Arnavs neck and look into his eyes.They both have an eye lock.
Arnav sense that someone put hand on his shoulders.He saw Arjun stand behind him.Arnav get down kushi from his arms and try to tell something..
Arnav show the keys to him and ask him to drop kushi in their house and then you return to Ramans house.
Arnav open the front door and ask kushi to sit inside the car and he also sit inside the car and close the door.
Kushi feel cool inside the car bcoz of A/C.She shiver like a kid.Arnav observe this and decrease the A/C temperature. Arnav observe that still she shiver.Arnav hold kushi hand and ask her to look into his eyes.Kushi look into his eyes and she forget all feel normal.
Kushi suddenly shout like a small girl.
Arnav suddenly stop the car and ask her what happened kushi?
Kushi:Rats are running in my stomach. I feel hungry Arnav sir.
Arnav drive his car for 5mins and stop infront of dabha.He ask her to sit in car only.He go and brought Aloo paratha and water bottle. She eat paratha and drink water and look at Arnav.Arnav stare a lovely look at her.
Kushi:Why are you looking at me?
Arnav:Kushu,Why are you behaving like a small kid?
Kushi:Arnav sir…..
Arnav drive the car and stop in front of her house.She get down and ask him to come inside.She open the lock and both enter into house.
Kushi:Sir you sit here,i bring towel for you.
Arnav nod his head and stand in hall.
Kushi enter into bedroom and took towel from cupboard.Suddenly she saw a lizard there and shout loudly.Arnav listen this and run towards her room. Arnav enter into the room kushi run towards him and hug him tightly.He feel her fear and hug her and ask what happened kushi.kushi point her finger towards lizard on wall. Arnav control his laugh and ask to change her dress and try to leave the room. Kushi:Dont go.I am scare when i saw lizards and cocaroachs.plz….Arnav look at her and sit on bed.Kushi pick her dress and went into wash room and change her dress.

The scene shift to Hotel:
Raman ask Anjali bring Ananya with you dhi.Anjali look at Shiva.Shiva look at floor and didnt respond for that.
Arjun hold Shivas hand and ask him you also join with us today night. Tomarrow there is a small family get togeather for Uma.Before two days after she is flying to US.Plz with us today shiva.Shiva look at Anjali.Anjali nod her head and Shiva agree for that.Raman ask kids to get into shivas car along Anjali dhi.Kids get into car happily and Shiva start his car and drive off.Raman ask Mr and Mrs.Bhalla, Dadhi in one car and ask driver to drop them.Mantu ask Mr and Mrs.Iyer,Sashiji and Buaji to get into the car and he open the back door.They sit in back seat.Mantu open front door and look at Amaya.Amaya get in and sit in front seat.Mantu close the door and sit in driving seat and start the car.Actually Mantu is angry on Amaya bcoz she expose him infront of all when he hold her hand..
After that Raman ask Ishitha come with me Ishitha.Ishitha:What abt Radhika?Raman with low voice leave those love birds yaar.Already we disturbed them in balcony.Atleast we give some privacy to them naa. Ishitha also agree for that and sit in Ramans car.Radhika and Arjun think that they want to give some private time to Raman and Ishitha.After Raman leave in his car,Arjun also start his car.
Radhika look out from window and she saw Ice cream vendor on footpath. Radhika:Arjun sir plz stop the car….
Arjun stop the car and ask her why Radhikaa?But Arjun didnt notice that he stop his car in no parking place. With in fraction of seconds Traffic police come there and ask him to oay the fine.He get down and look at Radhika.She stand infront of Icecream seller and ask him about Icecream.Traffic police disturb him and ask him to pay fine.Arjun:How mych sir?Police:5,000 rs….
Arjun took amt from his vallet and pay it to police and move the car into parking place and get down from car.
Arjun walk towards Radhika and ask her can we move.Radhika:No no….I want to eat some more icecreams….
Arjun nod his head and sit in bench. Radhika took another flavour stick ice from him and eat it.Her lips color change due to These colored ice creams.
Raman:Ishitha can i ask one thing?
Ishitha look at him…..
Raman:Really you have no feelings on me.Bcoz i am khadoos,Angry men and i dont know how to love……
Ishitha:Who said you are not good. I didnt love you means it is not that I hate you…..Raman.
Actually you are good from heart. Your need is there for your family.
Raman:My parents accepted you Ishitha.I didnt leave them bcoz of you. We are all stay together after your entry in my life also….(Raman try to know her fear from her mouth only.so he extend the topic.. ).
Ishitha:The problem is not from your parents or my parents.
Raman:Then…you feel that i am second hand…..
That means you are not my first love….
Ishitha:Stop it Raman.Why you are talking like that?
You know how much I Love You…How many times i think about you?When i saw you in hospital i feel tense and run towards you…Then i saw there pinky is not well.Even though i feel bad bcoz if pinky is not well means automatically you were in dipression… I am not ready to see that.You try to avoid me when Mantu was in hospital… Then i feel somebody took my loving one from me..When you propose me on valentine day…..that is most memorable day for me…You know that day in my house in that dark room you hug me then only i feel your love and pain in your eyes.But……
Raman didnt guess that Ishitha has so many feelings and so much love on him.He is unable to control his tears…
Raman:But…..What Ishu?What is your fear…..Why you scare?….

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