A Journey of Love(Episode 39)

The episode strat with All four heros ready for party with same clor bkack suits.All are looking handsome with good looking.Mantu sit in a driving seat.Arnav sit beside him.Raman and Arjun sit in back seat.Mantu is driving the car and observe that Raman is happy with small cute smile on his face.
Mantu:Raman you are looking so happy today.
Raman:Ha…I am really happy.
Raman explain them Ishithas fear about her fate,And her concern and love on him.
Arnav:Why these girls put all tensions in their mind and try to pass those tensions to us also.
Arjun:Arnav,That is not only tension, their pain and stress also.From their pain only we try to find our love and their concern also.
Arnav also agreed with Arjun words.
Mantu:These four girls change our lives from darkness to brightness.
Arjun:Now it is out turn to show happy path to their lives for life long.

In Shivas House:
Anjali didnt come down from the bedroom. Ananya is playing with shanta.Shiva wait for Anjali from 20mins onwards.After that he enter into bedroom and his eyes search for Anjali.He didnt find Anjali there.He turn back to get down,Then he hear a sound and look at that direction.There Anjali stand there infront of mirror and try to bandh the blouse thread.He is happy by seeing Anjali there and she is in saree which was gifted by Shiva.He feel so happy for that.He automatically walj towards her and stand behind her.Anjali saw him towards mirror and turn towards him.She remember morning incident how he seperate his necklace and blouse threads.She feel shy and some strange feeling.So she ask him wait for 10mins.With in 10mins i will be in car.You leave and send Shanta. Still Shiva look at her and walk one step towards her.She try to step back but there is no place to move.Bcoz she is blocked in between Shiva and dressing mirror.Shiva pin her by his hands.He just look into her eyes and ask her why you ask for shanta.I know how to bandh the thread.You turn that side i will tie it.Anjali didnt turn back.She bend her head and look to ground.
Shiva turn her and put her hair to side.He tried to bandh the thread and look that the thread is stuced to her saree.First he free it and tie it properly.At that time she sense her touch and close her eyes.A small smile and different strange feelings appears on her face and it is observed by Shiva through mirror.He bend his head and tell her in her ears-Thanks Anjali for wear this saree…I wait in car with Ananya.You come fast…Already we are late.And you are so pretty in this saree.By telling this he left the room and get down and bring the car and place it infront of main door.Shanta lift Anamya and standbeside the car and waiting for Anjali.After 5mins she walks towards towards the car.She is so pretty and Shiva is not able to turn his eyes.By seeing Anjali, Ananya put her handsforward and try to jump from Shantas hand to Anjali.Anjali lift Ananya and sit in front seat.Shiva drive the car and his is so relaxed.
All four girls wear the dresses gifted by their heros.

Ishitha with black and glod color embrodary saree.Kushi with Tomato red and gold combination embrodiary saree.Manya with peacock blue and gold combination embrodiary saree.Radhika with cute baby pink and gold color embroidary saree.They buy same design jewellery sets for them with simple and good look.Mr.Iyer lock the house and look happy for their girls.Mr.&Mrs.Iyer,Sashiji and buaji went in one car.All our girls with kids start in another big 8 seater car.
All reached to the big five star hotel which is maintained by RAAM associates.Mantu arrange all things in this hotel behalf of their four friends. Bcoz UMA is also important to them from their childhood.Actually they maintain 5%Share in their business.They four decide that they want to assure finance relayed to Umas marriage.They spend 15lakhs only for Engagement arrangements.
Ishitha,kushi,Amaya and Radhika enter into function hall with kids and their elders.Thoshiji and Dadhiji sit in front row.Buaji and Madhu sit along with them.Iyer and Sashiji stand with Mr.Bhalla.
Radhiks ask kids to sit in the front row along with elders.Radhika stand there with kids.She feel cool breeź in air and sense that someone tickle on her waist by fingers.She look around there.She didnt find anbody there. Ammu and Ishitha talk about decorations.Kushi stand there and she feel that someone identify them.She scared for something but she has no clarity.
Raman,Arnav and Mantu search for Arjun.Mantu point his finger towards Arjun.
Mantu:Raman look at him.We are searching here and that fellow try to do romance with Radhika in hide and seek manner.
Arna cntrol Mantu and put msg to Arjun to come to Umas room.
All three tease Arjun for his actions snd Arjun also feel shy for their comments.
Suddenly all lights off.The four friends hold Uma and stand there on steps to get down towards dias.Someone shout with a loud voice that groom also arrive.The groom side people bring the groom on to the dias.

Then the room is filled with lights and ballons.At that time our heros stare crazy look towards their heroines.Really they fell down for them.They are not able to turn their eyes from them. UMA look at them and spinch Arjun and put her face as a puppy face with cute expressions. Then they four go with Hi-Fi and bring UMA towards Dias.They lift Uma and ask to take her seat.Raman kiss on Umas forehead and control his tears.Mantu, Arnav and Arjun also pamper Uma and hide their tears.By seeing that the groom ask them Dont cry yaar.I also take good care for Uma.I love her more than my life.She only put many conditions to accept my love bhai.By saying this Abhi put his face like a kid.Raman console him and tell him i know about girls Abhi.They didnt understand our feelings yaar. They always put conditions and tensions infront of us.By looking at Ishitha Raman said tose words.
Raman:Just kidding yaar….Abhi but our Uma is not like that.
Abhi:I know that Bhai.She is my heart beat.I promise to you that i will take care of her.Actually we have no time to spend quality time with you people.
With in one week we are flying to US.
Bcoz of that reason only i want to go with register marriage.But suddenly Umas parents arranged this Engagement.
Umas chachi:This engagement is arranged by these four friends only. Mantu only convence me for this.They took promise from me dont tell this to anybody.
Arjun:Uma is part of our family.How can we leave her lime that without any special to her.Abhi marriage is your wish.But this engagement function is our wish.
Arnav:Yah,It is time to change the rings.
Mantu give diamond rings to both of them to exchange.
All stand and give clap to them when they put rings to each other.

At that time Raman saw Anjali comming with Shiva.In between shiva and Anjali,Ananya hold their hands and walk like a queen.Anjali and Shiva are walking towards stage.Raman pinch Arnav and show his finger towards Anjali.Mantu and Arjun also look at that side.They feel happy for Anjali.They expect that def she wear the saree presented by shiva only. They want to cross check,So they buy another saree and give it to Anjali.
Anjali lift Ananya and stand beside Radhika.Shiva stand beside Ishitha.
After completion of Ring cermony Raman announce the 5% share is gift to Uma from their side in their company.
Uma was shocked by listening this.Abhi and Uma didnt expect this. Uma put her face serious.Mantu announce about dance and game instructions continution with Dinner.
Arnav ask Abhi to dance with our Uma.
Abhi:No.I am not good in dance.
Mantu:At least you try it now.Bcoz frm today onwards your body parts dance without your permission according to Uma’s instructions.
Abhi control his laugh and loom at uma.She put innocent face and complaint to thoshiji that Raman and remaing one change their party from my side to Abhi.
Abhi:How can it possible dear?I am in your party.I have no seperate party.
Uma laugh for his statement and hug him.Abhi also hug her and kiss her on forehead.
Abhi sit on his knees and ask her to dance…Uma give her hand to him for dance.
Song is:Dekha hai teri Ankho ko(Coeffee bar private album song)
They both go with good dance for the song.

After their dance the event rogrammer announce tem to sit in their places.He give instructions about game.First he ask them to seperte ladies and jents into two teams.And ask the ladies to take the juice glasses from the table.There we put 120 variety of juice glasses.And ask the jents to take the slips from the bowl. If i call Apple juice means the lady who pick Apple juice and the person who jot apple fruit slip is consider as a pair.Test your luck.Dont break rules.Each and every one participate in game.The programmer ask Anjali,Ishitha and co also to pick the juice glasses.Anjali look at Shiva.He give a positive response with his eyes. All bring their favourite juice glasses and jents pick the slips.Raman only plan this and he select the slips according to their pair juice glass.(They plan cleverly to dance with their girls.so they include shiva also in their plan intensionally.But shiva is unaware of this.).
FIRST the programmer announce Apple…..
Raman come and stand on stage and look for his pair.He know Ishitha is his pair.He put innocent face and look for his pair.The programmer announce who pick apple juice glass from ladies side.
Ishitha came forward and stand there.Raman give his hand to lift her on stage.They both stand on stage. The song played for them is SURAJ HUA MADDHAM CHAND JALNE LAGA….
Ishitha start her dance uncomfortable but Raman show his presence and care she forget her inner feelings and dance with him very close.At the end of the dance he kiss on her hand and ask her bring lots of joy into mu life Ishitha.All clap for them.Then they came into their sense.

Shiva come and stand on stage. Radhika bring Anjali to stage and took Ananya from her and get down.
The song for this couple is DIL NE YE KAHA HAI DIL SE..(DHADKAN).
Shiva hold Anjali around her waist and start their dance.They dance very perfectly and at the end Shiva lift Anjali and Anjali put her hands around Shivad neckand look at him.He kiss her on her cheeck.

Mantu come and stand on stage and call Amaya to stage by his actions. Amaya feel shy and didnt get on to stage.He run towards her and lift her to the stage.
Automaticall the remaining three ladies guess what happened at the backend of stage.Ishitha look into Ramans face.He try to cover his face and try escape from there.Remaing two know about their pairs.
Amaya and Mantu dance very gently and at the end of the song he pull Amaya towards him and round his hands around her waist and kiss her on her check from her back side.All clap for them.

Arjun stand at center of stage and look at Radhika.She didnt look at him.He walk towards her and farward his hand to her.Without lifting her head only she give her hand to him.He pick up her to stage and hug her lightly..THE SONG FOR THIS COUPLE IS”METHO BAS THERI CHAHATH ME….METHO BAS THERI KURBAT ME…..TERE ISHQ MEE TERE RUP MEE…(PRIVATE ALBUM SONG)…
At the end of the song they are very close to each other….Arjun told to Radhika in her ears….”I Love You Radhika”.Radgika try to cpme back from there but he just hold her hand and pull her back and cupped her face into his hands and kiss her on forehead.
Thoshiji,Dadhiji,Buaji and Madhu were in shock.Anjali and Shiva look at each other.Radhika run from there and hide behind Ishitha.All clap for Arjun.

At same time from two sides of stage both Arnav and kushi step on to the stage at dame time.All laugh louder for their curiosity.But they both on stage by looking at each other….In middle of thr stage they stop and feel their presence….
Arnav and Kushi dance for that and tbey forget themselves and feel themselves.At the end of the song Arnav lift Kushi and turn round and round amd kiss her on cheeck
Dadhiji:These are too dangerous Thoshi.
Thoshiji:I am happy for them.If they have really feel for them we didnt object.
Dadhi:Any how give some time to them for their clarity.But we took one decission regarding Anjali..
Buaji also feel happy for Kushi but suddenly her colors changes in her face.After their kids dance Sashiji and Iyer bend down their heads.They dont know how to react.Mr.Bhalla observe this and ask them dont feel bad.They are in matured age and my sons didnt do any wrong with them.They have feelings on them so they express those feelings in their way.All three laugh and feel relif.
The manager announce for dinner.

Radhika bring one plate food and feed for chotu and ruhi.
Chotu:Radhi bhabi you dance so sweet with Arjun bhayyaa…
Radhika:No chotu i am not your bhabhi naaa…Amaya is your bhabhi….
Ruhi:Amaya is our bhabhi.Amaya bhabhi is for Mantu bhayyaa and you for Arjun bhayyaa.
Radhika dont know what to talk with them so she msintain silence.
Chotu:Ruhi you forget about Arnav bhayya naa.
Ruhi:No chotu…I didnt…Kushi bhabhi is for Arnav bhayya…
Chotu:U remember Ruhi….Arnav bhayya told to us dont call dhi for ishitha mam.If they are our bhayyas these are our bhabhis……
Kushi and Ishitha stand behind them and listen their conversation.Relly they dont know how to react.
Pinky:Arey chotu and ruhi shut your mouths for some time.You only talk about our bhayyas what about our Anjali dhi…..
Ruhi:I know our jijaji….Shiva jijaji.Then Ananya is slso our family…..
Anjali feed food to Ananya and listen their conversation.But she feel uncomfortable bcoz shiva also listen their convetsation.
Mantu come to kids arey naughty kids stop your discussion.You people only express all others feelings also.Atleast give time to them to express their feelings.
Chotu:Our bhabhi’s are more intelligent than you people.We hope they know about your feelings naaa.
Pinky:Radhika bhabhi Arjun bhayya kiss you na…You feel it or not….
Radhika feel shy and left from there by hold the empty plate.She put the plate in bin and wash her hands and walk from that room and stan in balcony.Radhika look at moon and recollect chotus question.
Arjun stand behind him and ask her why didnt you answer to chotus question.Radhika you feel it or not…. Tell me….Radhika turn towards him and feel his breath bcoz there is no gap between them.Radhika is about to fall Arjun hold her by his hand around her waist and ask her you feel for my kiss or not…..

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