journey to love (intro)

so guys this is my first ff so iam soory for spelling mistake

so lets start

so the story goes like this


raman bhalla the sucessful handsome business man of the country owns company mrk company

radhika bhalla the ceo of the raman company and his younger sister

khushi bhalla helps raman and radhika in the company

mantu bhall the youngest of all the prince of the house is the sales manger has finished the collage now only

ishita raizda owns five star hotels is the elder of all name of the company is ia

arjun razida is the ceo of the ishita company and brother of ishita

arnav razida helps ishita and arjun to run the company

amaya razida is youngest of all helps in runnig the company

raman has meeting with ishita as he wants to book the party hall and the hotel for a party as arjun is out ishita has to meet him alone

when raman enters in the hotel all the girls are shoked by seeing raman so handsome guy

raman sees ishita and thinks hw beautiful on earth she is i want to marry her only
first sight love
ishita sees him and thinks hw handsome he is and thinks i wwnt to marry him

so guys just say how it is
thank you and sorry for the spelling mistake

  1. Hi kanu, I am jo from Chennai….. I like the pair … ishu n raman first sight love…. nice … continue… where r u from???

    1. Hi Jo I am from arakkonam just 85 km from chennai and thanks for your

  2. Hey same paia in my ff also.Mine is A journey of love…ur ff intro was good

    1. Hi shubhadha I am very big fan of your ff

    2. Thsnks dear..your episode 1 was good

  3. there is not much spelling mistake it was nice . update next epi soon

  4. Awesome dude
    Plz update every day
    Ishu and raman first sight love…Just loved it…… 🙂

  5. Thanks for your comment yeah I have already posted

  6. superb…i love it.

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