A Journey of Love (Episode 56)

All are bussy in preparations and our love birds Anjali and Shiva enjoy their ride.Shiva stop his car infront of resturant and open the door for Anjali.He give his hand to Anjali.Anjali hold his hand and get down from the car.They both entered into the Resturant top and there the roof floor was decorated by Rose flowers and small lights.They enter into that room and saw a table was arranged at corner place.They both sit infront of that table.The beach view is very clear from that place.Anjali feel happy for his surprise.
Anjali:When did you do these arrangements Shiva?
Shiva:Anju..You feel it or not.
Anjali:I feel it shiva..I am so happy.. shiva..I saw the person in that party. First i feel that god took something from me.I dont know how i got that much of strength to face him.When you hold my hand then automatically i want to show him..What i am…Now i have confidence on that i have enough strength to face the people and society.
Shiva:I know he will be in that party. Bcoz def he has curiosity about us and to know about us. Your past is not at all problem for me.But it didnt create any problem for u in future.I want you be stuborn in front of all.You are wife of Dr.Shivaraj sekhar…and you are proud to be Anjali Mehara who is daughter of Aditya Mehara.If any body dare to talk about your past you are ready to answer them.You dontt need to wait for support from your brothers and from me.I want to see that much of courrage in you.
Anjali:I promise you shiva…I want to lead my life very happy with you and our daughter.I lead my life with all happiness and joys.If you have no objection i want to handle some company responsibilites also.My brothers asked me to agree for this. If you give permission then i said yes to them.
Shiva:I am happy for that.You dont stick to house.Design your carrier and mould your future according to your wish.But me more than other in your life.If it possible love me more than Ananya…
By saying this Shiva hold Anjali hand and make her sit on his lap.And he put his hands around her waist and hug her.He look into her eyes and said I Love You Anju..Anjali also look into his eyes and kiss him on forehead and said I Love you too Shiva.They both sit in that pose and chit chat with each other about their future..
In Ramans house:
Arjun and Radhika decide Flower decoration and theme of decoration.
Arnav and Kushi finalise sweets for packing and select clothes for shiva and Anjali according their functions.
Mantu and Amaya finalise menu and buying fruits and fruit baskets.
Raman and Ishitha select plants and pots and Special gifts to Shiva and Anjali and remaining things.
The struck Three in the noon all left the place according to their plans.
Mr.Bhalla maintain things in house. Sashiji go to sweet shop to handle things.Mr.Iyer go to his friend house to discuss about plants and rates.
All ladies handle house hold things.
Shanta also happy for shiva and Anjali marriage.She also mingle in this family and all remaining maids call her chachi and mami.She feel proud and happy that she has one family. Bcoz Shanta has nobody in her life. She take care of Shiva when she was in 25 years.After shiva setteled in life and at the time Anandhi was pregnent
he ask shanta to come and stay with them.From that day onwards she stay with Shiva.Shiva also called her shanta maasii…So shanta is most happiest person for this marriage.
In hotel(Belongs to RAAM associates):
Radhika explain the theme and the background of stage is covered with full red and yellow color roses and By using white color Roses made a Two heart shapes and in those hearts place Shiva and Anjali photo.All the sorrounding place near dias is decorated by green daisy leaves and tulips flowers.A red and green color strings are hanged in between decorastion.Radhika ask them to make proper seating arrangements.She strictly inform them not use round tables bcoz they occupy more space. While decorstion is going on she find some mistake is going on…She him to get down and she scrawl upon the ladder and show him how to place the flowers.After that she try to get down from ladder she missed her balance and ready to fell down.But Arjun hold her in his arms and look into her eyes.
Arjun:Is that necessary that get on ladder and do the work.You guide him from down also.
Radhika:I guide him but he didnt do it properly.So..
Arjun:So..You can do that without thinking.Radhika:Next time i dont do it..First leave me…Arjun:How can i leave you..I enjoy it..and more over I Love You…I have right to carry you.
They both share an immense eye lock.
Radhika made a proper arrangements there and ask Arjun to take her to flowerist.They both start in Arjuns car.Arjun drive the car by holding her hand..
Arjun:Radhika..Why you are so calm in these days?Radhika:Every time you only ask me to be calm..dont talk like a chatter box na…Arjun:At that time i feel like that..Now your calmness is not good for me.Radhika:What can i do now?Arjun:Tell something and continously chat with me.
Radhika:Arjun..Actually i worried..bcoz you feel bore with my blabbering and feel that i am not matured and i am not proper for you…So…I want to control myself with less words…For you only i control my self.Arjun:Yes.. actually initially i got aangry on you for your statements and continious chat..But later i enjoy that..now i miss that…Radhika dont change your attitude bcoz of/for me.Be like you. I Love You like that only and hold her hand more tight.
She stare lovingly at him.Arjun:I know i am handsome.Dont look like that it is impossible to control my self to do romance with you..Radhika:Arjun…
The car stop infront of a shop and she oder 1500 hundred yellow and white flowers..And select different types. In next shop she buy yellow and white ballons and some Stuff.Both started from there to their house.Radhika is bussy in designing and identify theme for mehandhi and Sangeeth.Arjun drive car without disturbing her…
Arnav and Kushi in shopping mall:
She is bussy in selecting yellow color saree and yellow color traditinal suit for Anjali and Shiva for haldi occation.While selecting saree she is attracted by a white saree and by seeing the cost she put it a side and continue shopping for Anjali.She select Red color lehenga for Mehandhi and Purple color lehenga for Sangeeth.She select suits to shiva which are matching to Anjali dresses. She came out from cloths section and select matching jewellery to those dresses.After that she enter into kids section and buy dresses and jewellery and some accessories to Pinky,Ruhi,Ananya and Chotu and they are matching to Anjali and Shiva dresses.Arnav observe kushi from one hour onwards.. she didnt feel restless and do it with love snd concern.In every step of dress selection she update the colors and dresses images to Radhika.Depending on these colors Radhika identify background color to highlight Anjali and Shiva.After completing her shopping she hold all the stuff and walk slowly..and ask Arnav to help her.At that time Arnav is in phone and ask them to print 2000 prints of that photo send by him and he order and demand them he need them in one hour.After that call end he look at kushi…Kushi:Arnavji..Plz hols some bags from my hand..By listening this Arnav lift her in his arms snd walk towards his car.All are staring at them..Kushi feel shy and ask him to leave her.Arna:You only ask me to help you naa…Kushi:I ask you to handle dome bags..Arnav:So what..I carry you.
Dont feel shy and blush.It is very tuff for me to control that i see pink and red color on your cheecks and drowsy eyes.And more over we are in public place…Kushi look into his eyes and Arnav walk towards his car and get her down behind the car.He open back door and put all the stuff in back seat and ask Kushi to sit in the car..After that he start driving he attend a call and tell them that he is on the way to collect the photo prints..It is minimum one hour for me to reach there..So you complete my work with in one hour.I go with double payment for you…Kushi listen his conversation…Kushi herself feels this lord governer never change..
Arnav:Yah…I didnt change..
Bcoz i am lord governer..
Kushi blysh again and think how can he know what i think abt him..Is he know face reading…
Arnav:I didnt know face reading..But i know you think abt me..
Kushi didnt talk any thing and look out from window.Arnav hold her hand and ask her why you are dull now.Are you ok?Kushi nod her head andfold her hand around Arnavs hand and place her head on his shoulder.He didnt disturb her and drive with single hand..
In fruit Market:
Mantu and Amaya enter into one shop and it is big market.There all variates of fruits are available.Mantu ask him we need apples,grapes,pear, straw- berrys,oranges and pomogranates. What is the cost of those fruits?
The person answer him 2 apples 100rs, 2 pomogranates 100rs like that.Mantu listen it and ask him to pack them… Amaya ask him to stop and ask Mantu to wait for some time.
Amaya:Bhayya we are here to buy fruits not gold..I need above mentioned fruits and each of them with 2500 Apples,oranges and promogranates.And 30 boxes of grapes and 50 boxes of strawberrys. Now tell me the rate.If your deal is good i go with some more variates of fruits otherwise i search another shop.
The shopkeeper sister there is no need to search another shop.You only finalise the rate and select the fruits according to your wish.Amaya select the fruits and pay him.He feel happy for rate.She order 1000 watermelons
and pay for them and give address to deliver them.She ask him can you supply or suggest any juice maker for us..bcoz tomarrow we have big function in our house.Our dhi ka marriage.Aur bhayya you also come with your family.Imedeatiely he respond and tell her my brother-in-law is there i bring him to the place directly.Amaya:Ask him to come day after tomarrow we have haldi, mehandi and sangeeth..There you supply Watermelon juice continously for guests.So ask him to bring some other to help him.But you attend function with famiy bhayya.She took amount from Mantus pocket and give him and said it is advance for your cousin.The shopkeeper feel happy and said ok to Amaya.Mantu was in shock.. bcoz how Amaya handle the things and how fast she can do the things. Mantu(himself):If i buy fruits means 2 appes 100rs.but amaya buy it each apple 10rz how much variation.The business tycoon Mantu didnt know how to buy fruits also na…
Amaya:What are you thinking?
Mantu:Great job..What next?
Amaya:Buying fruit baskets…
Mantu:You know where it is…
Amaya:just now only the shopkeeper told me the address.dont worry.
They both reached the shop.Mantu try to ask…Amaya hold his hand and she ask him..Bhayya show new and good looking fruit baskets which are used to place on dinning table.He show different variates.She select two variates and finalise the cost for them.Here also first he tell one rate but she go with another price.He agree to send fivee members for packing fruits in those baskets.She give advance and visiting card to them and invite the for function. They both complete their work and return back to home..
Raman and Ishitha are in the garden and select plants.Raman is not able to select.But Ishitha check each and every plant and select them.Raman look at her and think how patience this girl has…After completing her work she came to Raman..Raman i need one thing…Raman:I am ready.. what did you want..Ishitha:Raman you are shameless…Can i go extra 500 plants…Raman nod his head.They complete selection.At same time Mr.Iyer and His frnd reached there. Mr.Iyer finalise the rate and Ishitha is bussy in selecting pots..After her work completed she ask her papa can you join with us.Raman:Come with us..
Mr.Iyer:No Raman..I stay here for sometime and load the pots and i follow them.You people carry on.My frnd us here i chat with him fir some time.
While they return back to home Radhika,Amaya and Ishitha buy some accesdories to kids and some dresses and sarres to Rani ,neelu,Ramu and Ramesh and for shanta also.They also do shopping for Thoshiji and dadhi.
Kushi and Arnav are in sweet shop after collecting the photo prints. Arnav sit in Shashiji room and looking from glass window..

Kushi is bussy in her work.She select sweets and shiw them how to pack and how to stick photo at the time of packing.She give instructions to them.Shashiji bring packing stuff and boxes there and give it to his employees. Kushi invite them to function with their families.They feel happy for that invitation. Actually Ishitha and Radhika also invite the people for function.Ishitha invite gardener who show plants to her.. Radhika invite that flowers supplier to function.They use the common statement that it is their dhi marriage..
After completing their works all are on the way back to home.
Amaya slept in car and she hold Mantus hand…Ishitha is also in same pose..Radhika look outside from window.She saw icecream boy there.. She look at Arjun but he drive seriously..Arjun stop the car and ask her to get down..She look at him and ask him for what?Arjun give his hand to her ask and ask her to get down.
They both walk towards icecream boy.
He look at them and happily called bhayya and bhabhi…He ony give two flavours one stick icecream to Radhika and cup icecream to Arjun.Arjun: why cup for me…Give stick ice for me also.
Radhika:Pandu can you supply 200 stick ice for me day after tomarrow. Our dhi marriage is there.If yes you come to this address.The boy said ok dhi…Radhika wear this dress for function and bring your maa also…
The boy feel happy for that and control his tears.Radhika wipe his tears and they return back towards their car and they sit on bench and open the cover from stick ice.Arjun look at Radhika hiw she ate..and followed her.Raman stop his car and ask Ishitha to getup..She look that the car stop infront of Mobile coeffe shop.Raman knows that Ishitha wants to drink coeffee whe she is tired.She look at Raman and tell thenks to him.They order coeffe and stand there.Ishitha saw Aradhika sit on bench and ask Raman to look at them. They pay for coeffee and hold their cups and walk towards them.Raman:R u practise how to eat stick ice? Radhika ha bhayya he didnt know..See how he eat…They chit chat with each other ..Arnav stop his car infront of chat vehicle.Kushi get down and order samosa chaat for them.Arnav look at Raman stand there and he saw remaining also…Amaya show corn and ask him to stop the car.She ask the lady to give hot corn with lemon and salt…She look kushi and Arnav walking on pavement and ask Mantu to look at them.Mantu look at Arnav and saw remaining there.Amaya pay for corn and they also join with them.All four boy go with Hi-Fi and feel relaxed that they sucessfully completed their works.While they are bussy in chating Shiva stop car infront of them and get down from car…The four brothers find more happiness in their dhi face and feel happy….

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