journey to love episode-3

Hi guys actually going to my home town so will be busy with my small brother an sister
And today 16 the may 16 election in Tamil about 18 years pls vote

So to go with the story

Raman an ishu were in a room ishu was standing in her balcony raman who was talking in the phone cot the call and hugged her from back as she WS wearing a saree raman hand were on ishu bare belly and hips

Raman said I am not able to control myself

Ishu said raman someone will come pls leave

Raman you are wife why should be scared

Ishu said to be not now after marriage

Raman turned ishita and kissed her forhead then her cheeks then eyes and then her lips after few second h broke the kiss and kissed her neck and then he bitte her lips

A knock came on the door ishu blushed

Raman said who is it

Arjun said jiju ruhi is crying she is crying crying not stoping

Ishu said what sh ran down towards ruhi took her in her arms and made her sleep just then

Amaya ,arjun and arnav said dhi will you sing and make us sleep like childhood

Radhika mantu and khushi said bhabhi pls for us also

Ishu k

Ishu in centre amaya khushi radhia on right lap and on left arnav arjun mantu on left lap raman in center

Ishu sing a loori all spleep in her lap and ruhi is in ishu hand and ishu sleeps like that only

At morning ishu wake up first and slowly get’s up from the bed fresh up and wakes raman slowly and asked about radhiks mantu and khushi what they will eat and what they will have in the morning

Ishu cooks everything on her own go to ishu room were everyone were sleeping and asked every one to get up

Ishu says raman your black tea arjun your coffee arnav your chocolate milkshake amaya your strawberry milkshake khushi your tea radhika your milk with honey mantu your green tea and my juice

All say thanks di or bhabhi

Raman say thank you

Ishu cone down for breakfast

All come after 10 min all were shocked to see there favourite dish on the table and said thanks

Now everybody said only a week for the

Ishu each one will do one work

Raman guest list and inventions printed

Ishu we both will distubte it raman

Radhika food

Khushi jewel and engagement ring

Amaya dress

Mantu decoration

Arjun party hall and other thing for the guest

Arnav return gift

All said okay and started their work

All stayed at ishu house 5 days later nearly all work was completed for not amaya and mantu birthday and also ishra engagement

Precap amaya and mantu birthday

  1. I am loving your ff. Can’t wait to read the next one

  2. Excellent episode…. ishu sing loori all.slept in her lap… so nice… waiting for next episode..

  3. Soo nice,I am also from chennai….Ur ff is such a cute one…Loved it☺…Keep going?

  4. Gud one.. U hav started with a gud concept.. But give bit longer updates.. Its being too small and breaking at some points unnecessary.. Need to work on it.. Hoping for my fav Manya scenes in upcoming episodes..

  5. reallly nice episodeeee

  6. Where is ur ff?? Missing it yaar…Plz update soon.!!!

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