A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers summary and promo

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Hi guys this is chandini…..I know you all will be angry on me because I have posted the summary when I haven’t posted any part for 5days….but I thought this would be the right time to look at the overall story of my ff because I have become irregular and my updates are moving at snail pace….so without further more talking here goes the

This ff mainly focus on the lives of three oberoi brothers Shivaay, rudra and omkara….the bond that they share…their love life….what the family situation do to their life and how they stand United to face all of them…is what is emphasized till now…
The first episode started with a dejected oberoi family where they missed their beloved son OMKARA SINGH OBEROI….Shivaay and rudra was the most affected one….Then in the next episode itself it’s revealed that om’s mental condition is not good and there is someone behind that…..gradually as the ff progresses it showed how shivaay and rudra along with their lady loves anika and saumya were thinking of the past incidents…..Then it is revealed that ishana is living somewhere leaving behind om….and their proposal that happened an year ago was shown….tej even though was behaving rudely with janvi was broken from inside seeing om’s condition….om who becomes violent sometime cuts his wrist and is admitted to hospital where Shivaay reads a news that “EX ACP RANVEER SINGH RANDHWANA IS REALISED FROM PRISON” it is revealed that he was the one behind om’s condition….Then for few episodes we switched between present and the flashbacks where it is revealed that anika shouted on om for kidnapping shivaay and they also doubted tej….then it is revealed that someone took a false video of om and tej speaking about shivaay and that lead to the misunderstanding where the whole family left for Kolkata in search of Shivaay leaving a dejected om back at oberoi mansion….in the upcoming episodes we saw some emotional moments between Shivaay rudra and om where shivru were desperate to get their om back…..one fine day rudra meets with an accident which shocked om the most as he was the one who saw the accident with his own eyes this triggered his memory which he had lost an year ago…..the whole oberoi was dumbstruck knowing that finally their om is back to normal….soon rudra too recovered and our naughty rudy turned to his usual cry baby avatar seeing his long hair creature….this ff also emphasized on the bond between om and anika during om’s illness and after is recovery also….some funny moments follow where all plan to play a prank on Shivaay and he fell prey in that….

Next we saw how Priyanka brought her husband ranveer home only to prick his guilt on seeing om….a series of flashback then follows where it is revealed that ranveer played some dirty tricks to weaken om mentally to accept his crime of doing his sister’s accident which actually om didn’t do….a dejected om jumped from the terrace of oberoi mansion…..Shivaay who was saved from clutches of roop by the police entered the oberoi mansion with the whole family only to see his brother committing suicide…..in the hospital ranveer came to know that his sister was killed by his jeeju and not om….due to that heavy fall om become mentally ill and ranveer with extreme guilt surrendered himself….in the present om forgave ranveer which made him one step higher in their hearts….

Om on the other hand was trying to reach ishana but Shivaay didn’t like it…it is then revealed that ishana was the who sent the video to anika which was the base for everything that happened…Shivaay considered her as bad sight on his brother and stood as a wall but he didn’t know that Destiny had something in store for them….ishana for an art workshop landed in Mumbai…..anika and Shivaay had some issues that were small ones and om turned their saviour…..sitting in a temple he advised about relationships to anika….when they were about to leave om saw ishana he ran towards her but in over excitement he fainted….Shivaay who rushed there dragged ishana away from om and asked rumya to take care of om….in an unknown place far away from city ishana and Shivaay indulged in an heated conversation and ishu left the place asking them to take care of om….anika who started to advise Shivaay was deeply hurt by hearing Shivaay still believing about family status and blood lineage….her self respect outraged and she pricked shivaay’s conscious by saying how he thought that she was a cheap girl to go behind daksh is this your royal status…..Shivaay was taken aback by her statement and understood that anika will never forgive him for ruining her self respect….he then realised that there can also be some issue behind ishana’s behaviour and thought of bringing ishana back to OM… the day came and ishu entered the mansion but om was hell angry on her….she then revealed that someone kidnapped her family and asked her to leave om…..not knowing what to do she left the house a day before their marriage she was also instructed to take the tej – om video and send to the kidnappers….om was not ready to accept ishana…even though somewhere inside he knows that the fate played game in their life….it is then revealed that rudra is hiding some big secret from the entire family….I also tricks shivkara to get sign in some documents as he was asked to do by the blackmailer who is blackmailing him that she will tell the secret to the entire family….Shivaay on the otherside started anika’s dream project and made her the head….anika ishana along with om fixed a land for her business start up…..anika faints there and doctor informs ishkara that anika is pregnant….and they soon inform the whole family all will be waiting for Shivaay and rumya to come home….on the other hand Shivaay and saumya follows rudra knowing that he is in some tension…..they hold rudra red handed when he gives the documents to some lady….rudra gets shocked seeing Shivaay and saumya there but the mysterious lady manages to escape….upon questioned rudra take them to a house where he introduces a 7 year girl named kiara and to their shock rudra tells them that kiara is the daughter of tej and Svetlana…..back in the oberoi mansion om and tej share a sweet father son moment…tej leaves for a meeting…on the way he encounters shivru and saumya who venture their anger out….but tej kept on denying the fact….

In oberoi mansion anika was damn excited to tell Shivaay about her pregnancy but an irritated Shivaay shouts at her before she could tell him…after a while anika tells him and he becomes super happy this leads to a cute moment of all the couples in the garden area….om came to know about kiara’s truth….eventually the whole family comes to know about that but om clears everything by stating that it was all svetlana’s cheap trick….rudra was impatient to apologise to tej little he did know that tej was kidnapped by Svetlana….she threatened him to take roop out of jail by showing him a proposed attack on ranveer…..tej using his influence gets roop out….it is then revealed that roop’s husband is also in jail for the crime he committed 26 years ago…..on the other side the oberoi family believed that tej is attending a meeting in Bangalore which is also a plan of Svetlana and roop…..anika encounters a old lady in a temple who hints her about her past…..

Rudra goes missing but comes back after a day and this mystery will be solved in upcoming episodes…..Svetlana and roop were tensed on otherside as tej escapes….the old lady reveals to anika that she is the daughter of ram and janaki kashyap.

Okay guys I think I have given a brief summary…..now here is the promo for upcoming episodes….

The entire oberoi family was busy doing preparations…..tej was not there so as anika….
A girl with red eyes which is pouring out anger is standing infront of the mirror….
“ I won’t leave anyone….I won’t leave this family….this my promise “
She hit the glass and it broke and on one of the broken pieces the girl’s face is revealed….it’s ANIKA….
Shivaay om and rudra where happily dancing when ishana came running there with tears in her eyes….she says something which is muted and the three brothers stand in shock….
Rudra and saumya indulge in a great fight….the scene then shifts to a court where rumya where standing for divorce…..

What will happen to the oberoi family….will the breaking relations will join….will the brothers stay United in this difficult times stay tuned to get the answers….

Thank you all for patiently reading and if you get some time do give your valuable comments with the portion or part that you liked the most in my ff till now…it can be anything and also those who wish to tell the one you didn’t like are also welcome….my next update will be on Wednesday….till then bye guys??
Oops I forget my cell is not working properly…I have posted this from my friend’s mobile and all the ff writers kindly excuse me for not commenting because I haven’t read any ff….I will soon fix my phone and will be back as normal…till then kindly adjust the irregular updates….

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