MY JOURNEY WITH HIM – Chapter 5 (last part)

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Hii guys…Gopika here again and .and here we go with the chappy 5….the last chappy….

At London airport…
Anika walked out of the airport after the security checking. Her heartbeats were beating faster and faster ..And at last, She was out of the airport and her eyes were searching for him..her husband, her love….Suddenly her eyes met the beautiful blue eyes. Yes, there he was…she walks towards him…their eyes were still in contact….

A smile arises in Shivaay’s face….But suddenly the smile wipes up by the shocking expression….She hugged him…Shivaay’s face turns crimson red by her sudden hug…He was in the state of shock…..He was not able to understand what was happening…..Suddenly huge smile arises in his face…..And he tightly holds his lips together controlling his happiness…and keeps his hand on her back…

Anika really doesn’t know. what happen to her….she wasn’t able to control her emotions seeing him…so she suddenly hugged him. After sometime releasing what she has done…. she parts away shyly and looks down…Shivaay smiles seeing her shy and says “Welcome….now let’s go…”

Anika nods….Shivaay picks up the bag and moves towards the parking area…..
Shivaay keeps the luggage in the car… And opens the door for her…

She sits in..and He drives off the car to home…There was a lot of silence inside the car….
Both of them have so much that they want to say to each other, but they can’t even say a word….both where lack of words….both were at the moment how to express their unconditional love..even though both didn’t look each other…both were soo happy…..there face has become crimson red…..In the bottom of their heart lies a secret which they have never told a soul in the world. They pretend to look around, but they were actually looking at each other through the mirror…Love was speaking their silences….
At last, they reach the home…Shivaay gets down..opens bag for her..then takes he luggage and walks inside…Anika stares him madly and kept following him…

At room. Shivaay “Anika, you fresh up and get ready we will go for an outing” say this as soon as possible he leaves…because he wasn’t able to be in the eye contact more…because that was making him mad…
Anika smilingly and madly stands at the same position in the happiness of hearing his name for the first time from him…

After sometime. Anika and Shivaay walk through London streets.The silence was still covering them…suddenly shivaay bumps with a girl…and within seconds before she could fall…he holds her in his arms….Anika was shocked seeing what was happening….Shivaay makes the girl stand and says “Sorry”
Girl madly looks at him and smiles…while and angry Anika stares like she is gonna kill her at this moment…
Girl; Omg!Am I dreaming..? Aren’t you the world’s famous Shivaay Singh Oberoi..?
Shivaay smilingly nods…
Girl; ohhh!! You handsome…
Shivaay keeps a smile on his face and says; “รถk then bye! we have to go”
Girls; ok
Shivaay goes from there with Anika….Suddenly Anika notices some girls where staring shivaay was commenting on his hotness…

Anika angrily walks with him seeing all this…suddenly she starts dreaming soo many girls holding shivaay and he parting away from her…while coming out of the dream…and the moment of he going away plays again and again in her mind…She wasn’t able to take it more…She pushes Shivaay towards…and hugs him soo tightly…holds his lips tightly each other and closes her soo tightly holding him soo tightly…and says “I love you…..I love you shivaay… I love you madly. I can’t live without you. I love you shivaay..” saying this she holds more tightly in the fear of going away from him…. Shivaay was in a state of shock by the sudden confession..He hugs her back happily. He was able to understand what the feeling was…He was feeling something…

After sometime Anika slowly parts away still shivaay her in his arms.He lovingly moves up the messy hair from her face and holds her cheeks..while she shyly looks down….he with a smile asks “Say it ones more. “
She pushes him and walks away smilingly and shyly …..He madly smiles rubbing his hands on his hair and runs behind her…
“Anika..Anika says it once more…what did you say I didn’t hear….”

Anika stops and turns back looking straight into his beautiful blue eyes…….Anika moves towards him and asks “you didn’t hear “..Shivaay moves his head saying no.
Anika; ok..then first we should go to the doctor for checkup..letss go…
Shivaay; for what?
Anika; to check your ear.
Shivaay; ohhhh…but for this disease, there is no need of a wife will be able to treat it…
Anika cannot control her shy soo turns away and moves ahead to walk.
But before she walks away Shivaay pushes her towards him making her land on him.The heartbeats of two hearts were getting faster and faster.Shivaay holds her cheeks and says “I love you, Anika…I love you from the day I saw…I love u madly..”
Anika shyly hides in his chest saying “I love you too”.
they smile and enjoy the most prestigious moment of their life.
Anika; How do you know me from last 1 year…
He shares her how he first met her and was madly in love…
They hold each other’s hands and walks through the London streets…

They look at each other with the smile on their face…
Anika(in mind); I love you and always will…You are the reason for my smile…thank you shivaay..thank you for coming in my life…
Shivaay(in mind); I love you too Anika…You are my life…your dreams are mine too…in this journey of life. I will always be with you and support you…we will see dreams together and cherish all the moments…and I promise I will let you have any problem.. I will always there with you.

They walk…Anika lays her head on his shoulder….. They get wet in rain and gets Drench in LOVE….

Soo Guyzz lets don’t disturb them now…let them enjoy their never-ending love journey….Let them love and make their moments together precious…This is not the end of their’s just it’s starting….

But its end of this FF..soo guys thank you so much for all your support….this was my first work..hope you all liked it…
Plzz shares me your views both bad or good…
Love you loads….
Bye till I will back with a new story…

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  1. stupid, rubbish
    what the hell?
    good you ended it

    1. how do you came here? if someone open your cage?

    2. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much for your comment.. hoping in next ff i may reach your expectation


    Awesome but don’t end this ff so early

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much dear..
      sry dear but had to end it…i will back with another asap

  3. Niriha

    Fabulous….lovely dear

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much dear

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear.. you ended in very beautifully

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh no y r u ending so fast please continue yaar
    OK OK but lovely update

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much dear…
      sry i had to end it….i think if i continue i won’t be able to justify the name of ff…
      i will be back with an ff asap

  6. awesome update gopika….
    ended it soon but ok..
    will be waiting for next ff

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you so much dear…

  7. Lovely 1 dear..hope u could continue with this FF. Can’t wait for the next FF.

    1. Gopika.S

      Thank you soo much dear…lil busy for next few days.. will work upon it as soon as possible

  8. annanyaabitha

    R u in Wattpad

    1. annanyaabitha

      Nice ff……shall I post this ff in Wattpad if u don’t mind it…… because u can continue this ff…….pls think and say

      1. Gopika.S

        no i am not in wattpad dear……I dont mind dear you can post it.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. ItsmePrabha

    Awwsome chappy..sad that it ended soon..but koi nahi..will be waiting for your next..

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much dear… will try to start the work of next ff asap

  10. Katz

    Hi gopika, I am not a frequent visitor of this website. So today I was browsing this page, I came across your story. After reading this part, I read remaining 4 parts in one go. Though its simple and short story, but its lovely and heart warming story. I just loved it. Good luck for your future stories….

    1. Gopika.S

      Thank you soo much katzz… i AM GLAD YOU LIKE IT DEAR.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I don’t expect this is last part of the story .but it’s so lovely and hope you are coming with another ff like this. All the best.

    1. Gopika.S


  12. Soooooooo……. Nice with happy ending. But I am sad, because you have ended so early.

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you sooo much ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear gopika
    It’s a beautiful story????????????
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soooooooooooooooo much dear ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ love u

  14. Alekhika20


    1. Gopika.S

      thank you soo much dear

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