Jodhaa Akbar 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodhaa Akbar 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Jodhaa Akbar 26th June 2013 Written Update

Ganghor festival was on its full swing, jalal entered the festive place n was roaming around watching things. A man was sharping his knife, he ask jalal that if he’s only thr to look at things or will buy sumthing n ask to try his knives, its the best here, its sharpness is gud n it can cut the head of mughals in a second, jalal smirk n moves towards him n takes his knife n chk its sharpness n then gave him his knife n says that its called sharpness, he sharpen that knife n then goes towards a bundle of sugarcane n then try that knife, the man came n says that nothing happen, jalal touch that bundle n it fell down, the man was shocked.

The man ask that who’s he?, jalal came closer n says what if he says that he’s SHEHANSHAH -E -SULTANATE JALAL-UD-DIN MOHAMAD, the man laughs n says that then he’s king bharmal, jalal says y its unbelievable that he’s jalal, the man says that its impossible that jalal came here alone, jalal says its also impossible to cut jalal’s head, he smiles n moves from thr, the man says bye n calls him as jalal in fun n as he moves the knife from another bundle of sugarcane n it got cut n fell down.

Voice over, jalal was thr in a different world, the world in which he lives is very much different n its the world where jodha lives, everything is changing, sukanya is still angry n burning like a diya, jodha in order to help sukanya, one more time crossed her limits n wrote letter to suryabhan n call him to meet.

Scene changed, suryabhan came to meet jodha, she came thr but talk to him from other side of the wall having holes, she has covered her face with dupatta, suryabhan says that by meeting like this thy have broken the rajput ritual of not meeting before marriage. Jodha ask him she knows it but now she wants to know if he’s happy with this relation or not .

Suryabhan ask the same question to her n she says no, suryabhan was shocked, jodha clarifies that the girl he saw was her sister n it was her necklace which he returned, she likes him n on that suryabhan says that he likes her, n thr relation is not a political alliance n now if he moves back will be against his heart, if he’ll not marry her then he’ll not marry anyone ever, jodha was shocked, suryabhan says that today when she do the puja n floats the diya in river she’ll see his reflection in the water, jodha leaves.

Scene changed, in the market, announcement happen that royal ladies are arriving, firstly mainawati’s palanquine/palaki passes, then sukanya n lastly jodha’s, jalal was also thr, as he heard her name he moves towards her palaki, as he saw a l’il of her thru curtains, his eyes stuck thr, he was all lost in jodha.

The palakis soon reaches near river, queen n princess came down, jalal was near them n suryabhan was also thr, suryabhan moves towards jodha n soldier stop him but other ask for sorry as he recognizes him n allowed him, jalal takes advantage n enter following suryabhan saying that he’s with him.

Puja starts, mainawati floats the diya n prays, jalal n surya both were standing thr, maina ask sukanya to do the puja but she was irritated, she says that y would she do it, jodha was getting married not she, maina force her n she floats the diya but not in a proper manner, when she was ask to pray, she prays that she dnt want to be a younger sister in next birth.

Maina ask jodha to do the puja n says although she knows all rituals but still she wants to remind it n told that it was said that when sum1 floats diya in water, she’ll get to see the reflection of thr future. Jodha smiles n floats the diya, both surya n jalal had thr eyes on her, suddenly surya bent down to pick sumthing, jodha prays n ask the goddess of ganghor abt her future, suddenly weather changes, wind starts blowing, thr was darkness all around, jodha was trying to see the reflection in water, n she saw an unclear image of jalal, she was trying to recognize n turns bck to see him but the shower gets heavier n maina asks to move from thr, maina says its a bad luck but jodha says that goddess replied them in this way, as they leaves, jodha left her anklet thr.

Jalal was still thr, he picks it up, after rain stops, he fire sum woods n was thinking abt jodha only, his mind was occupied by her, he thought of taking her on his horse, thr was jodha n jodha all around in him.

Precap : Mainawati ask jodha that behind her, her future was standing, jodha replied that future is always in front of not behind.

Update Credit to: Amor

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