Jodhaa Akbar 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodhaa Akbar 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Jodhaa Akbar 20th June 2013 Written Update

Episode begin with Akbar doing sword practices with his warriors and hears about arrival of Jodha and her troop. How she gave less meaning to herself and protect the people surrounding her. One of the warrior reveal that everyone got busy staring at Princess Jodha and her beauty. He dismiss the warrior after taunting him and repeat Jodha name with smirk.

Jodha return home in brutal condition. People in the palace question her about her condition and the guard reply about the attack token place at the temple. When Jodha turn around, her mother saw her and recall the words of shaguni Bai. Fear of going into dushman place stab mother’s heart. Maharaj gave order to guard increase security of palace and end the function itself. Jodha taken back to her room with maids while her mother saw green flag tagging long with Jodha.

Jodha sit with ved discussing about her maid cum friend Moti Bai health when her mother come. She witness condition of Jodha and drag her long with her to a room dismissing the maids. She show Jodha her reflection in the mirror and out of fear she pour water on Jodha trying to remove her destiny. In fear she spoken about the future, but Jodha extremely confuse and tries to confront her mother who strictly warn her not step out of the palace. Her mother divert the question by saying she saw nightmare in afternoon. Jodha felt touch by her mother, but her mother vowed silently to fight against the odds of Jodha’s destiny and defeat every path.

Voice over: history chose Jodha and Akbar to write this unforgettable love story.

Khan Baba and Sharifuddin kept on discussing about the event and the guard repeat again about Jodha beauty. Akbar send guard into prison and trying to learn more about Jodha. Jala reveal that he won his queens and maids, but never gave his heart to anyone.

At Amar, Maharaj speak his heart out regarding the incident. Sujamala speak that it’s slightly his fault for sending Jodha alone, but the Maharaj reveal that every person have right to freely enjoy without fear and reveal his plan of sending invitation to Rajput and find suitable groom for Jodha.

Jala wants many information from Khan Baba about Amar and its structure. Khan Baba send Sharifuddin Amar to gather more information. Khan Baba give Jala a seek of winning Rajput by capturing their weakness to destroy the pride.

In Amar, Queen interrupt meeting and dismiss the people inside. She reveal to her husband about Jodha future. Her husband doesn’t believe in that future of Jodha and share his plan with his wife.

Khan Baba and Jala come to market. In that market Jala try to take a girl with him, but her husband interfere. In that process Jala place knife under husband neck and ask him choose between life or love. Husband chose his life and left. Jala dismiss the girl after insulting her indirectly for her husband. Khan Baba impress by Jala and his heartless action. If he fallow his path everything going to win them and destroy Rajput. Jala agree that he learn every seek from him throughout his childhood and always willing to learn more.

Precap: Jodha talking with her cousin brother Sujamala. :

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