Jodha Akbar 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Atgah hands the no tax order to the messengers and they are ordered to hand them over to the respective overlords, chieftains , governors .. The messengers are strictly instructed to convey to the said overlords and governors Any violation of the order will result in harsh punishment.
A announcement is made in public places that the Lagaan(tax) has been abolished and henceforth Hindus will not be paying any a deserted place
Pratap is praying when his messenger informs him about Jalal’s decision to abolish the Lagaan Tax . The Incisive mind of Pratap immediately grasps the difficulties that Jalal ‘s decision has thrown up..He is sure now that Hiindu subjects will support him as the sore spot has been removed .. but Pratap is undeterred ..He swears to oppose Jalal at every turn as he is a invader. The Rajputs are impressed.

Scene 2
In agra, Moti and some Hindu Servants wish to see Jalal; Jalal orders them in .. They sing praises of Jalal’s broadmindedness and thank him for removing the tax. Moti adds that had Jodha been here , she too would have been elated ..Jalal hopes that this news does reach Jodha and she at least will remember him on this pretext.

Scene 3
Jodha is praying to Kali maa, Saguni Bai informs Jodha Begum that her time to depart has come .. Jodha smilingly agrees and says she has completed her prayers and will be leaving soon..saguni corrects her pointing out that she had called her Jodha Begum and not Kunwri Jodha .. Jodha is puzzled, she falteringly replies that she has not understood Saguni’s cryptic talk.. Saguni grows even more enigmatic, retorts that destiny is always inscrutable ..
Jodha walks out .

Scene 4
in agra, Hamida and Jalal have a chat.. Hamida has begun to treat Jalal as the King addressing him respectfully ..Hamida hesitantly brings up the issue of Maham and involving her in running of government.. Jalal doesnt agree with her.

Scene 5
in amer, Jodha is handing out coins to Hindu pilgrims so that they can pay the tax for pilgrimage when a maid comes hurrying , tells Jodha that a messenger from Agra has come with the news that Lagaan has been abolished .. Jodha is very surprised and comes out from temple , she is ecstatic to hear everyone singing praises of Jalal. Jodha realizes that Jalal’s heart has awakened.
Jodha says she began to recollect each and every word that he had said.. we get the flashback of Jalal apologizing, of all the other moments…
in agra, maham is in her room, gnashing her teeth n riling against the overweening influence of Jodha .. maham is angry that jalal is veering towards Hinduism away from Islam, She blames Jodha for this change. Hamida walks into Maham’s room.. Hamida and maham engage in conversation..Hamida informs Maham that her faults have been many but at the same time, Hamida says one cannot overlook Maham’s contribution and her sacrifices .. Hamida encourages Maham to try and decrease the distance between jalal and herself.. Hamida points out that Jalal still respects her hence he has overlooked many faults of Adham and hers.. Hamida wishes the best for Maham n leaves.. Maham who was looking all broken with tears rolling down her cheeks gets back to cruel mode again. Maham says unto the empty room that she is least bothered about Jalal’s opinion nor concerned about him.. From this moment on, All her energies, her planning will be towards getting her own Son Adham to the throne ..

Scene 6
in amer, All have sat down to dinner and are waiting for Jodha to come.. Jodha bustles in, declares that she was foolish n pushed her stubbornness beyond limit n wants to return to Agra , that too on that night itself…All in one breath…. Mainavati reminds Jodha that it is night n not safe plus one has to see auspicious time but Bharmal shoots down this suggestions saying that Since Jodha is returning to her home, there is no need for such formalities

PRECAP- jalal is deliriously ecstatically joyously blissfully happy on getting the news that Jodha is coming to Agra…In his euphoria , he hugs Atgah while in the background the palace seem to be getting decorated for some party..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. but why will they show akdha’s consumation so soon? according to history jodhaa will give birth to jahangir 5 years after her marriage then how can she be pregnant so soon?

  2. Hi Evry1. What I think is probably Ruks might be really pregnant and might under a mis-carriage – an other plot of MA which might be brought to light by Jodha Begum – This might as well be the exit of MA. Because even today’s episode, it is shown as she is still having the opportunity to win Jalal’s confidence.
    Other than this, we have also read that Jo might get kidnapped by Sharif. This might also be the possibility as Jala is over excited which might as well mean that things might not go the happiest way.
    Probably we need to hear from Shraddha as she the best in getting the correct details :-))

  3. so nice episode…..

  4. Oho at last . Yeeepeee.

  5. what about jodha’s kidnap, entry of shahnaz, maham’s cave secret..


  7. I just feel like crying i mean what the damn hell the stupid spoilers they are just killin me and how can ruqaiya be pregnent i meant jalal after the misundrstandng between him nd jodha he had not spent a single night with ruqaiya so how can ruqaiya be pregnent nd if this spoiler is true i just wanna kill ruqaiya and the epi was bakwaas but the precap was quite good

  8. I just feel like crying i mean what the damn hell the stupid spoilers they are just killin me and how can ruqaiya be pregnent i meant after the misundrstandng between jalal nd jodha he had not spent a single night with ruqaiya so how can ruqaiya be pregnent nd if this spoiler is true i just wanna kill ruqaiya and the epi was bakwaas but the precap was quite good

  9. Guyz new promo is out that jodha is on the way to agra with her brother some maids and shehnaz jodha is sitting in the planquin and shehnaz is walking jodha asks shehnaz that when we will reach agra and shehnaz says wait for some time we are on the to reach agra and in some time you will be in front of shehensha jodha blushes and some man were hidden behind the trees or something like that and they attacked and jodha ‘s brother got injured and shehnaz shouts jodha

  10. Thnx fr the new promo..can u snd me the link of new promo

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