Jodha Akbar 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal ask soldier to attack, he attacks Salim on shoulder, Salim falls on floor, all are shocked, Salim looks at his blood, Ruks comes to Save Salim and gets an arrow on her shoulder to save SAlim, Salim is shocked, Jalal shouts Ruqiya.
in her room, Salim ask Ruks why did you come inbetween, Ruks says I cant see my life(Salim) getting hurt so to save you I got inbetween, I cant see you hurt, Salim says even I cant see you hurt, Jodha ask how is her health doctor, doctor says she is fine. SAlim ask Jodha what you are doing here? did you see ruks, she is mother, she put her life in danger for me and you are helping Jalal in his wrong deeds, Hamida says don’t talk like this, she is your mother, SAlim says no she is just marium Zamani who is on jalal’s side in his wrong deed, Ruks says no don’t say like this, Jalal comes there so Salim starts leaving but then he says to Jalal that I thought you changed jalal but you are same old egoistic jalal who has no respect for feelings, 2who can try to kill his son just to marry a young girl, Ruks is injured because of you, I wont let this marriage happen, I will go to any extent to stop this marriage, if you have blood of royal family then I have same blood too, humyun’s grandson promise you that he wont let this marriage even if his life is taken in this, he leaves, Jalal ask Rusk why did you come inbetween, Ruks, Ruks says Salim’s wound can take my life, I love him a lot and any problem have to fight with me before going to Salim even if it is arrow of Jalal, a mother can go to any extent to save her son, Jalal ask her to take rest, Ruks holds his hand, Jodha looks on, Ruks says to Jalal that promise me to finish the son father fight, that you will stop this fight, Jalal says I want to you to not come in king’s decision, I have given word that I will marry and now I will marry her, I have taken decision and I wont change it, Jodha angrily looks at him, he leaves, Jodha thinks that after so much happened, even then Jalal want to marry that girl.

Scene 2
Jodha comes to Jalal and extend hi sword to Him, she says you will need it, she says when I got to know that you are marrying someone else, It took my life away but then I thought that there must be some reason behind it, I stood beside you leaving Salim on otherside, but you are so much dying to marry that you attacked your own son, PRECAP, she pushes him, she says what you have become Jalal, I feel ashamed to be called your wife, Jalal is hurt, Jodha says when Salim went against you, you attacked him, now I am going against you so take my life too, kill me too, she pushes him, Jalal shouts enough, you know I marrying for Salim only, I thought to not tell you this truth, the dark truth but now I have to tell you, I have taken this decision to save Salim’s life.
Ruks sys to hoshiyar that I saw Jalal’s blink to soldier to not hit Salim hard so I acted like saving SAlim so that he goes away from Jodha and come near me, I got the bruise but SAlim is feeling pain, Hoshiyar says great move Ruks, Ruks says I have to do all this because now only Salim is my motive because I love Salim.
Jodha ask Jalal what you are saying? Jalal says when I went in marriage, Salim came there too, he tells her everything how SAlim killed the groom and how their king asked for SAlim’s life, he says what should I do? I was helpless as father and that king didn’t leave any path for me but to accept his condition and as king I had to accept marriage proposal, was I wrong? Jodha says no you are not wrong but I am wrong to doubt you, I didn’t trust my husband, my love, please forgive me, you were going through rough phase and I was not on your side instead alleged you, you took such a big decision for SAlim and I doubted you, I am sorry, Jalal says don’t be, you didn’t know things, just remember that Salim should not know this, if he gets to know all this then he will try to attack them again and in that case I wont be able to save him, Jodha says you can make Bela marry Farhan too, Jalal says according to their rules its not possible, when I asked Bela, she said yes for marriage, maybe she doesn’t love Farhan that much, I am thinking about Salim’s life, we have to fulfill our duty, in any case, you have to keep in mind that Salim should not know about all this, tomorrow Sahgun will be sent again, Jodha says but Salim, he is your son, he is stubborn like you, he will try to stop marriage then? Jalal says I will handle him, Jodha says but don’t hurt him now, Jalal says I promise I wont let it happen again but I am sorry, I have to do this marriage, Jodha nods.

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Scene 3
Salim recalls how Jalal ordered soldiers to attack Salim, he gets angry, Qutub comes and ask him to calm down, you cant go against king, Salim says he is not king not God, I will go against him, its not about Fahran but Bela’s love too, I thinkg Jalal and Jodha have not loved ever, love is die for each other and here Jalal is marrying for political reason and Jodha is taking his side just to maintain her position, even Jalal and Jodha’s marriage was political settlement, I will not allow Jalal to do this marriage, he ask Qutub to leave, he leaves. Haidar comes there and greets Salim, Salim says you have come here to make me understand that I should not go against Jalal, Haidar says no, I just want to tell you that mistake can happen from anyone, be it king or prince, Jalal s wrong and I salute you for your courage, we have to take stand against wrong, Jalal is marrying that girl forcefully, Jalal cant break this rule of marrying somoen forcefully, I am with you in this in justice, Salim says this matter is between me and Jalal, I don’t want you to come in it, Jalal can attack me then he can hurt you too, I am thankful that you extended hand for help but I will fight alone, tomorrow there will be marriage but it will be of Bela and Fahran, tomorrow love will win and Jalal’s ego will be crushed, he leaves, haidar says like I couldn’t get love of father because of Jalal, I wont let Jalal get love of his son, I will make his son away from him.
Salim comes to Anarkali’s house, she ask you here at this time? all fine? Salim says I wanted to meet you, she brings him in house and ask the matter, Salim says all fine, I came to meet you, I wanted to tell you that maybe this is your last meeting, Anarkali ask why you are saying this, Salim says to Anarkali because tomorrow I will kidnap Bela to make her marry Farhan, Anarkali says are you mad, you will go in danger, if anything happens to you then what I will.. she gets conscious, Salim smiles.

PRECAP- Jodha says to Jalal that Shagun is ready but I have fear that SAlim will try to come inbetween this marriage, Jalal says I promise I wont let anything happen to Salim as I am going there for Salim’s life only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. अरूण

    Cunning Rukaiya is again successful in her mission.

  2. When will she be caught?
    Before she completely destroys salim or after?

  3. अरूण

    Rukaiya will plot till her life.

    1. Yes & she will continue to fail.

  4. I am getting fed up with the way this soap is going ruks is back and getting her way as usual salim with his whining still come to think of it I think they deserve each other as mother and son as for jodha she is getting what she deserves because she knows how salim is thinking these days after ruks messed with his head yet you see your son in danger and did nothing but ruks used her head to win salims love again and so she ran forward and took an arrow for him be it fake or not but his own mother just stood there and did nothing jodha is tooooooooooo stupid and childish for me it is about time that the tables turn on ruks who is only plotting against jodha and jalal to gain salims love and trust come on writers make a twist quick to this serial we the viewers are frustrated

    1. Remember, it’s not the writers’ fault. This show is real history.

  5. I pray dat salim wl get to knw abt d truth.

  6. claudia temdenou

    i hope this was’nt what happen in the true story cause this one is really unacceptable.How can someone be fooled the way salim is by rukks. And even if he has any ressentment for his parents this is not the way he should act with them.

  7. Salim understand the feelings of farahan love then why cant he understand about their parents love.pls take the serial in reality all are loving jodha and akbar then why cant salim understand

  8. Ugh this series just gets more annoying daily. I agree with my friends, it is a waste of time to watch anymore.

  9. I wont vch as such.if romantic scean n comic dn only i c.same story gong lik odr serial.if zyada drama karengeto koi bi dekega nahi.hp nic episd coms.

  10. I luv salim and nadira

  11. Shahanshah and Jodha are getting more close.. nice to watch the true love.

  12. O god tell salim usi ka phelaya raita jalal is going to clean stubborn boy never understood his mother jodhas love

  13. I really have stopped watching this series as from time salim has grown old unbearable drama

  14. When salim will understand Rukaiya motive

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