Jodha Akbar 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 9th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha kisses on jalal’s hand, jalal says you always put medicine on my wounds and i hurt you, please forgive me, jodha says no need for that you just said that in flow of anger. they hug. it all turns out to be jalal’s dearm, he says i hope jodha understands me, he comes inside and sees kahna missing, moti comes, jalal ask about jodha, moti says my friend left the palace, jalal sits with sadness, moti says she gave letter for you and asked me to read it for you, she reads letter which says dear jalal i was skeptical to write but then thought to tell you, only moti can read it for you, i am not going being angry on me, you ordered me to go and you are king and my husband as well so i had to leave. i am taking kahna without permission sorry for that. flashback shows jodha saying

sorry to kahna for changing his place, she takes and kahna and leaves letter in her room. moti reads letter that yesterday you were very angry on me but you also had doubt on my character, i didnt said a word to you i am not angry on you but i am hurt that i couldnt make place in your heart, you didnt trust me. i wished to tell you truth but thought that whether what would be my answer you will trust me anyway. i would have never married you if i love someone else, i could have died but would not marry you, its true that i didnt love you at time of marriage but i didnt love someone else, this love was started to blossom between us. i believed that when you will look in my eyes then you will see truth, in anger you pushed me towards you but couldnt read truth in my eyes, jalal a husband is someone who fights with wife’s purity, her charater but you doubted on me. when husband doesnt trust me then i had to leave. in your 1st phera you promised to respect me all life and my 1st promise was to obey your orders. its not your fault thats rule of world that women has to give tests even then fingers are pointed on her, if doubt comes in relation then it never goes so i am ging away from you, its my request to not send soldiers behind me because even if you find me you will never gain your jodha.. bye your jodha. jalal sits on ground crying.

Scene 2
jodha is going somewhere, she recalls time spent with jalal, she recalls how jalal asked whether you love that man? she falls on ground and cries. she gets up and starts walking. in palce jalal is sad(in ankhon main sad version plays).

Scene 3
ruks says to maham that do you know that rajvanshi was none other sujamal, brother of jodha. maham pretends to be shocked and says i have no idea, i didnt know about it but how you get to know it?. ruks says i wanted that but not that way, i thought jodha is wrong, i thought you would know that he was sujamal, maham says you are doubting, just be happy, ruks says i dont find happiness punishing innocent, maham says innocent? she use to go in night to meet suja why? ruks says i dont know why she hide it from jalal, maham says finish is important not the way you reached there, jodha going away from jalal is favorable for you, now he is yours, ruks says no i dont want it this way that jalal’s doubt is the reason for their separation, if jalal comes to know about it he will run to jodha then what about me?

Scene 4
in morning, sharif comes in palace and thinks that jalal is lucky that he gets save everytime, now jalal will find that man who is involved with mali, maham comes to him, she ask you seem lost, sharif says i was behind sujamal, maham says you went before rajvanshi, sharif says he was sujamal, maham says ohh he was sujamal, thank God he is caught, sharif says no jalal allowed him to go, maham ask why, he says suja was saved by suja and he told jalal that someone from inside is against him, maham says thank God jalal is safe but its bad that jalal thought jodha’s brother to be her love affair, sharif says what, maham informs that jodha has left palace as jalal doubted her, sharif thinks its good as she will be close to me being away from jalal.

Scene 5
jodha comes to mandir and ask for water, a women makes her drink water, one man says to other man that i dont understand jalal’s rule, he takes tax in other form, other man says its all fake concern he has no softness for people, 1st man says yes they all care about themselves, jodha listens to this and says you are right jalal is very bad, he is doing fake things, what if he removed taxes, what the big deal if he removed slavery, gave respect to women, jodha says its very easy to talk sitting here, i wanna clear one thing that jalal love his people alot, she realizes and says sorry , man ask do you know jalal? she says no, she sits there, man says why she got angry listening about jalal, jodha hinks they are right why i am feeling bad about him when he put such serious allegations on me. women gives her food, jodha eats and recalls how jalal said tha he started loving her but she finished that light with her characterless nature.

PRECAP- ruks says jodha herself went leaving palace so why should jalal go to bring her back, salima says its not the time to show attitude its time to show love, affection. jalal says you are right i will go and bring her back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Am frm mauritius..y?? Ur frm india arohi?

  2. Ya tht promo ive read it but cnnt watvh it..frm where zeetv utube or

  3. I dnt no..i hve seen it on zee tv chnnl

  4. Do u think thy will show till they get children..jodha bcomin mariam uz…n jalal bcomin akbar..who will ascend throne etc??

  5. I think dey will show it till jahangirs birth aftr dat i dnt think the show will extnd

  6. Until tht we’ll hv to endure martyr…fingers crossed the upcomin epis hv some sense…

    1. Hey Anael!!! How Are You Doing???? Hope You Are Good….

  7. @anaelle
    Just asking…
    Ya basically i am from india
    Coming there next month

  8. @sharon
    I am from banglore
    What did u do??????

  9. @sharon
    But mumbai where i know and like that city very much…..

  10. y dat soooo romantic part had 2 b a dreem?

  11. I seriously dnt like Rajat’s new gf…..she doesn’t look good than the old ones….

  12. Jodha Akbar will consummate in a filmi style.
    We all know that Jodha and Akbar are soon going to consummate their marriage. Both love birds will come closer only to unite forever in each other arms. But do you know how this scene will be set up? Well, our sources tell us that Ekta Kapoor wants to shoot this epic scene in the most beautiful way possible. The creative team is spending lot of time discussing about it with her, after all it’s about the Royal family of Television.
    The creatives of Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar might shoot their love scene in a totally filmi style but keeping in mind the image of the show. There will be some situations under which Akbar and Jodha will come closer and finally make love. The channel and producers know how far they can go when it comes to airing such intimate scenes. However, Ekta will make sure that it would be remembered as the best consummation scene ever created on small screen.
    But before that Akbar will have to deal with Shehnaaz, the new entry which will happen in the show soon, who will create a turmoil in his lie.
    The consummation scene is slated to be aired in April last week or May first weeK

  13. Hope ekta make it indeed A memorable one…wats the negative impact tht shenaz will hav on akdha???

  14. Girls the best part of it….
    They r deeply in love
    U fall deeply in lov only after 1….
    Wat the helll..
    As frm toD ill just focus on akbar n not tht rajat real life!!!!
    N wherevr i go on social netwrks…only 1 thing is to be seen…
    One n samw shit
    Photos n news abut their engagemnt
    Its like a nightmare!!!! Oh ya…i just dnt like his stupidity!!!!!!!!¡:-

  15. Lets hope for the bst..

  16. Anaelle u no wat dis week trp of j-a is still the same howz dat possble how j-a can b on 3rd position its impossible dat to dis week

  17. so it was all a dream hein! pls stop dragging it its becoming annoying. thanks for the updates anyway.

  18. Ya ive seen it too..evn SSNS has doubled it…the show was quite borin recntly..i think so..

  19. Which trp do u follow tht one on fb??

  20. R u excitd for 2days episode

  21. I dont likd rajat’s nw gf yaar wat the hell he ‘s just 22 and she’s like his mom by the way waiting for todays epi

  22. @sharon seems like upcomin epis r goin to be interestin…hey yar wat negativ impact tht shenaz will hv on akdha???

  23. I dnt no anaelle

  24. I think she will create problm between jalal nd jodha

  25. Btw tht akbar always dream of wat culd hv been a great scene…fr eg when askin jo who she meets at night..n nw when they hug themselves…he has a great imagination..n really dreams a lot..

  26. I hope now no more drm seqnce

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