Jodha Akbar 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal meets birbal, he ask him is he tensed? birbal says no, jalal says when its about singing and specially about raam tanu then you should be tensed, when he starts singing once, people request him to keep singing, birbal says once I was in king’s palace, their singer used to sing one song only and king used to like it everytime, I asked king why he listen one song everytime, king said that he tries to understand what singer is singing, jalal laughs and says you are amazing and have good jokes with you, birbal says that’s why I am here.
birbal says to some ladies that now I am going to sing, he drinks water first and says what kind of water is this, soldier says tansen drinks this salty water before singing, birbal comments that’s why he is so bitter, birbal starts singing funnily, raam comes there and ask him to stop this joke, birbal gives him handkerchief and says when people will throw you out after listening to your stale jokes then you will need it to wipe your tears, raam says you will need it more, jalal calls them both in court, birbal runs to court.
in court, all are sitting, hamida ask salima whats different today? salima says today tansen will say jokes and birbal will sing, ruks says you are saying wrong, salima says no, they both don’t respect each others work so to punish them, jalal swapped their work, now birbal will sing and tansen will say jokes, hamida says it will be fun. raam tanu’s wife ask him why are you tensed? raam says no I am fine, she ask can I help you with anything? raam says if youw ant to help me then tell me some joke, I have to make them all laugh but I don’t know any joke, wife says I listened a joke which birbal was saying to someone, she says joke in raam’s ears, birbal eyes them, raam says its good, now it will be fun.

Scene 2
jalal comes in court, he is greeted by all, jalal says I am hoping that what will happen today in court will be interesting so I don’t wanna waste time, lets proceed the court, raam thinks that jalal know very well that I cant make people laugh, I just hope that jalal ask birbal to come first, birbal thinks same that jalal shouldn’t call him first, todar ask who wants to come first, birbal says raam tanu, he is in court from before so he should start, jalal says so tansen raam you start and tell us some joek which will show that you are an amazing talent, raam says ok, he gets up and says once there was a palace and singer used to sing same song and king used to ask him to sing one song again and again, jalal says same song again and again? raam says yes, king used to ask him to sing same song as king could not understand the song and wanted singer to sing again and again but singer thought that he is great artist, birbal blabbers that he is saying joke of robbery, all smiles, jalal says I didn’t know you can say good jokes like your singing, todar ask birbal to come and sing and show you are no less than ram, birbal says today the song which I am presenting is pure sad sing, this song is struck between donkey and horse, this song can be singed in any situation, lovers sing this song too, its name is struck song. birbal starts singing weirdly and starts acting funnily, all laughs on it, all sings alongwith him, raam says what are you doing, this is curse in name of song, birbal says I know, he starts singing again, song chorus is “i am struck” all sing chorus with birbal, birbal request jalal to accept his song, jalal says “i am struck”, all laughs, jalal says very well birbal, you not only sang but also made everyone laugh, he says you both showed your talent today, you both did what you don’t do normally, raam says today I accept that birbal did a very good job, all entertainment is done to make surrounding happy and birbal was successful in it and my joke was robbed one, jalal says no you also made us laugh, I know that joke was not yours but you accepted that infront of everyone, its a great thing, jalal ask them to come and we will announce the winner, jalal says they both did a fabulous job, they tried their best, they are diamond of our court and I want them to gift each other, raam says to birbal that what you died was not singing but you made people happy so it can said one kind of singing, birbal says you chose the joke about singer and accepted that you robbed it, its a special thing, jodha sees Hassan doing vomiting and is shocked, ruks sees it and shouts to call doctor, jalal shouts to call her fast.

Scene 3
in room, doctor checks Hassan, he is doing vomiting continuously, hamida says hussain had vomiting too, doctor says but this type of vomiting is different, jalal ask what you mean, doctor says I don’t know, I tried my best but I am not able to stop it, its something inside child, jalal says when you cant do the job then say, he shouts on doctor and says we will call a good doctor, he ask maan to call more good doctor, jodha says don’t know what is happening to Hassan, jalal requests doctor that do whatever you can but make my child right.
ruks is in her room with zeenat, zeenat is br*ast feeding hussain, she says its not good what is happening, I don’t want this to happen to Hassan, hoshiyar comes and says Hassan is not fine, doctor is not able to detect the matter, ruk says jodha must be worried, zeenat thinks that so I gave poison to Hassan, I knew it that doctor wont be able to detect that child had been given poison, ruks says I will go to jodha, she ask zenat to give husssain to her, zeenat gives him.

Scene 4
jodha sits infront of kahna, she is shivering and says please kahna potect my baby, doctor says child’s breath is going down, jodha comes to jalal and says him to do something, nothing should happen to Hassan, jalal says our child will fine, ruks says what is happening here, there are many doctors here but nothing is going fine, one doctor says we are doing what we can but his vomiting is nt stopping, jodha ask should I make him sleep, doctor says it will be more dangerous for him, jodha takes child from doctor and ask him to open the eyes, jalal ask her to give him back to doctor, jodha says atleast I am trying, all are silent here, jodha cries and says to hassan this is not good to make your mother worry like this, please hussain open your eyes, listen to me, you are mother’s good child, jalal cries, poison is coming out of hussain’s mouth., Hassan does last vomiting and loses his breath, jalal and jodha are shocked, jodha ask what happened, Hassan get up, she checks his breath and ask him to breath, look your mother is here, I will tell you story, this is not time to sleep, she calls his name again an again, jalal cant see this and cries silently, jodha cant believe that Hassan is dead, jalal says jodha Hassan is.. jodha says no, nothing happened to my child, she takes Hassan in her lap and ask him to open eyes, talk to her, she puts Hassan in cot, hamida says jodha.. jodha says ssshhh, he knows my voice, Hassan will talk to me, hamida says Hassan has left us jodha, jodha is shocked and looks at jalal. she says no , no, no, she cries badly and falls unconscious.

PRECAP- jodha wakes up and finds Hassan’s deadbody in white cloth infront of her

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Very very very imotional epi !!!

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  4. aftet long time i was comment
    today episode is fabulous
    1 birbal
    2 tansan
    both are doing good job
    but jo bady die is very upset
    pari is fantadtic actress
    shr give a 200/100 per perfamence

  5. Hello whatsup
    Guys hate ja

  6. Do something why did hassan have to die I wish it is just a dream and Husain dies

  7. noo rajuu the twins actually died in real history

  8. I also agree that today’s episode was vry vry emotional. Specially when jodha was talking to her baby Hasan after his death. She can’t believe that her son is dead. Truly a mother never accept her own child death.

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  13. No it is dream 2 will die at same time in new promo jalal knows truth and says rukaya to give hussain to jodha and he says jodha will take care of twins

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