Jodha Akbar 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ruks is puffing hookah, hoshiyar is making for her, she ask him to do fast, hoshiyar says is it important to drink hookah, I mean it is harmful for you and your child, ruks says if you came back to me that doesn’t mean I cant throw you out, I will throw you out of palace, make another hookah for me, he leaves. jalal comes there, ruks stops drinking, jalal smells it and says to ruks that you know that hookah is prohibited to you than why you were drinking it? its harmful for you and your child, ruks says I.. jalal says I accept yur everything but i will not tolerate that you compromise on our child, hoshiyar comes and says ruks 2nd hookah is ready, jalal shouts that you are serving her and you don’t know that hookah is poison for her, i i get to know that ruks drank hookah than i will

punish you instead of ruks so take all hokahs from here now. ruks says I am sorry jalal but I am habituated to it, jalal says I accept your habit but you have to take care of child, take it as my order or request but you will not drink hookah for Mughal heir, ruks says I promise I will not touch hookah from now on, jalal says good, I cant even scold you as you are pregnant, I lost my child earlier so I cant take risk, ruks says okay but now you have o listen to me, you always come with jodha here, never come alone, I want to talk to you, I want to spend time with you, jalal says okay I am sitting here, talk now, they sit, ruks is happy and holds jalal’s hand, they spend time together.

Scene 2
jodha comes to ruks in morning, she removes curtain, ruks is sleeping and gets disturbed, jodha says its not time to rest but to take medicine, ruks says you don’t leave me even in sleep, jodha says I will not leave you till you have kid in your hands, she ask her to get up, ruks says you egt peace to disturb me, she gets ip, jodha says I will get peace when you drink this syrup. ruks says I cant drink it, I will vomit, look at his smell, even dead person will getup drinking it, I will not rink it, hamida and jalal comes there, jalal ask what is happening here, jodha says I am asking her to drink syrup but she is running and this happens daily here, hamida says you are acting like Rahim, he runs too when asked to drink milk, now drink it. ruks says okay I will drink if you all are saying, ruks drinks and shouts what you have mixed in it, jalal says many plant’s roots, ruks says he is making fun of me, hamida gifts ruks a sacred thread from ajmer, ruks thanks her, jalal says she also called special doctor. she is very competent, she can tell every problem regarding pregnancy, ruks says whats the need to make her check. jalal says why not, hamida has called her, maybe her remedy will be less bitter than jodha, he leaves, ruks thinks I can let this happen. I have to do something to make my plan intact.

Scene 3
maham is cribbing about chand begum and is not opening mouth about map, ruks comes there and sees map in her hand, she ask about it, maham says javeda made it she is just mad, ruks says I am in problem, hamida has called doctor, she will check me and will tell everything to jalal, my plan will flop and jalal will get to know about my plan, I don’t know anything, you always have ideas tell me what should I do, maham says money has power, it can buy anyone so buy that doctor too, ruks says no I cant risk of that, what if she tell other, maham says what you will do now, ruks leaves from there, maham says I hope you don’t get punishment like me.

Scene 4
ruks is putting ubtan(beauty cream), hoshiyar says doctor has come and you have put ubtan, ruks shouts to not forget your limit I know what I am doing, go from there. jalal hamida and jodha comes there with doctor, doctor says I will check ruks, they go in room, she checks ruks and says I will tell you about your child, she checks her for a while, ruks ask how is my child, doctor says I will tell infront of jalal, she comes out and says something to jalal which is muted, ruks comes there, jalal says I got to everything that our child is healthy, ruks have sigh of relief and says jalal you made me afraid, hamida says child have to be fine as jodha is taking care of ruks, jalal tells doctor that I have my own homely doctor in case of emergency pointing to jodha, hamida smiles, they leaves, ruks stops jalal and kisses his hand, she thanks him for everything. jalal says I will spend time with you after finishing my work.

Scene 5
adham is in practicing area, he gets his sword and says it has calmness and sharpness both like this slatant, atgah and todar comes there, adham offer then to have sword practice with him, atgah says I am busy now, adham says I am just asking for few minutes, todar tells atgah to show adham your power, atgah goes and have fight with him, jalal comes and ask what is happening here, todar tells him about their practice, adham attacks atgah and atgah loses his sword, jalal comes there and appreciates atgah, jalal says I havnt practiced for many so whats says should we practice, adham says I will be happy, they start fighting, fight gets little serious, adham keeps attacking jalal but jalal fights and throws adham on ground, he breaks his sword in two pieces with his attack, adham is angry and looks at his broken sword, jalal gives his hand to adham and makes him get up from ground, jalal says you are still the best soldier of mugahal but don’t forget that anger can make yourself inured, adham says some soldiers cant fight without anger and hatred in heart, jalal says those are not soldiers but criminals.

PRECAP- jalal says to jodha that I got to everything so I asked salima to take care of ruks today while I will go with you to mandir, jodha is happy. other side shehnaz says jalal and jodha together going out, this is my chance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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