Jodha Akbar 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim is sitting on terrace when kids come there, they find Daniyal counting crows in sky, Murad ask Daniyal what you are doing? Daniyal says I am counting crows, Murad says you cant count, they keep running here and there, Daniyal says then how will we know thenumber of crows, Haidar says we should ask Birbal, he makes people laugh in court, they stop Birbal and says Daniyal want to know number of crows, can count, Birbal thinks that theses kids want to make fool out of me, he says there are 45 crows in sky right now, Murad says wrong when Daniyla was counting, there were 104 crows in sky, Birbal says they are 45 only, the other crows have come from other states like amer, ajmer, our crows also went to meet them, Birbal finds SAlim sitting sadly, he says to Salim that why are you sad? laughing is healthy for health, Birbal sasy to kids that now I will ask question from you people, tell me the place where sunshine and moonlight doesn’t reach? al kids start thinking including Salim, Murad ask what place is that, tell us, Birbal says the answer id darkness, if sunshine or moonlight reaches there then how there will be darkeness there, all are silent, Birbal leaves from there, Dasi ask Salim to come, Jalal is calling you.

Scene 2
Salim comes to Jalal, Jalal ask Salim did you hit Moti Bai? Salim looks at Jodha, Salim says yes I did, Jalal ask did you ask forgiveness? Salim says no,
I wont ask forgiveness, Jodha says you will not get small by saying sorry, Salim says will you punish me for this too, Jalal says what else you think that I will praise you, you have done work of punishment so you will get punishment, Jodha ask Jalal to stop, Jalal ask her to not come inbetween.
Jalal brings Salim on terrace, he says to Salim that you will keep standing under sun, he says to dasies that SAlim will not get anything to eat and drink, he can move from here till he doesn’t ask forgiveness from Moti, he leaves, Hmaida says to Jodha that how can Jalal do this with a kid, I will talk to Jalal, Jodha says no need, he will not listen, you try to make SAlim understand that he should say sorry to Moti, then he will be pardoned.
Hamida comes to SAlim and says its very hot day, you will be hungry, you agree to my everything, just ask forgiveness on my insistence, Salim says I will not say sorry, I don’t need water or food, I will keep standing there, Hamida leaves from sadly, SAlim starts feeling dizzy because of harsh sun, Jalal thinks that Salim is hurt but I have to be strict to get forgiveness from him, Salim starts feeling dizzy, he falls on ground, Salim is lying unconscious in garden, Jalal and Jodha comes there and ask Salim to get up, Jalal ask to call doctor, Jodha angrily looks at Jalal..
Jodha says to Jalal that did you punish him? you wanted him to make learn things but you are hurting him, Jalal says you are not understanding, my ways are different but I want Salim to learn things, Jodha says its not about learning, he is thinking as punishment all this, Jalal says I am not afraid of this, I don’t want him to continue things like this, he can thinks this as punishment but he needs to learnd all this, he couldn’t even bear small sunshine on his face, what will he do in battlefield? to be a warrior and king, you don’t need to have mother, you have to learn things in under sun to be king, Jodha says he can say no to kingship seeing all this, Jalal says I don’t care, I have to make him strong, Jodha says in process don’t make him bitter, he need to leanr care too, Jalal says to be king, he has to leanr things but he is just butter, Jodha says you are right but what if he starts hating you in all this, Salim is getting away from us in this pprocess, you are making him of stone, Jalal says I will accept that, I was also of stone hearted, I was king in 15 years, i got you to get on right path, he will also get someone, Jodha say what if he starts hating us in this, Jalal says i don’t care, he is just a child, thinking learning as punishment but when he will grow up, he willknow that this was only learning, jodha says nobody can understand better than mother, i have seen hate, venom in his eyes, Jalal says to have leave this mother thing and think as Marium Zamani, to be king you have to see blood, you have to get wounds on your chest, he will not medicine for that only then he will become king,n then Mughal saltanat will be protected, Jodha says Mughal saltanat will be protected but what about us, we will be alone, i hope you understand all this.

Scene 3
doctor says to Jodha that SAlim will be fine, you go and take rest, Jodha say when my son is ill how can i take rest, thanks for checking him, i will stay with him. doctor leaves, Salim wakes up, Jodha gets happy, SAlim gets up, Jodha ask do you need anything, what should i bring fro you, i will bring water for you, she brings water for him, SAlim pushes it away, Jodha ask what you want? SAlim says i want you to go away from me, don’t come near me, glass fall from jodha’s hand, she says what are you saying SAlim, why you are doing this with me, i am your mother, i feel hurt when you say all this, you know i cant live without you, Salim says you can, you made Jalal punish me earlier and sent me away, this time you complained, Ruks is right, you are never love me, only she loves me, she never complain to Jalal about me, Jodha is shocked, Salim leaves from there, Jodha cries. Jodha sys you didn’t do good ruks.

Scene 4
Ruks is puffing Hukkah, Jodha comes there in anger, Ruks offers her Hukaah, Jodha says you cant make everything smoke in hukkah, ruks says i am not understanding what you are saying, Jodha says but i understand what you are doing, and what you want, Euks ask what are you saying, Jodah says didn’t you tell Jalal that Salim had hit Moti, you knew that Jalal will punish him but you went to him and said him what was hiding, you knew that Jalal will punish sAlim and Salim will think that i have complained about him, why did you do this? Ruks says this is wrong, i thought you told truth to Jalal so i went to him to advocate Salim, Jodha says i didn’t tell anything to Jalal as Salim couldn’t punishment earlier too but you did what i was hiding, i know you are his bari ammi but don’t forget that i am his mother, Ruks says my intentions were not wrong, Jodha says something was wrong, you knew that Salim will hate me for this, you are deliberately putting hate in Salim’s heart against me, Ruks says that no jodha begum, i want to make SAlim good person too, i wanted Jalal to not punish him that’s why i went to him, i cant do this, i am also his mother, Jodha says enough, you are his bari ammi (elder mother), i am his mother, ruks is hurt, Jodha leaves from there, Ruks laughs and how can you stop me Jodha when your son call me mother and call you Marum Zamani.

PRECAP- in ngith, Jalal is asleep in his room, Salim comes there with dagger, he hits Jalal with dagger in his belly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. अरूण

    It is too late for jodha she is loosing Salim

    1. princess akeela

      but it is not jodha fault that she is losing him he is too small to acting up like that

  2. अरूण

    Resham is killed and no one is looking for it..

    1. You are absouloutly right..wo bhi iss show ka bahut hii important charecter thi, jo hamesha har waqt dikhai deti thi..usse ek pal me maar ke hata diya galat hai ..jodha akbar ke saare intresting charecters hata diye jaa rhe hai, mamham anga jinka show me bahut bada contribution tna wo chali gayi, adam khan, shrif ud din bhi chale gaye aur adka saheb bhi bahut main the..saleem bahut bakwas track hi..aab toh hoshiyaar khan bhi nai deekh rhaa..raheem jo itna cute tha wo bhi chala gyaa..bkwas ho gyaa..kaash hum log phir se flashback me chale jaaye toh maza aa jaaye

  3. Same question in my mind arun

  4. अरूण

    First time jodha is looking arrogant..

    1. First time Jodha eyes have opened to see the actual truth.

  5. You are absouloutly right..wo bhi iss show ka bahut hii important charecter thi, jo hamesha har waqt dikhai deti thi..usse ek pal me maar ke hata diya galat hai ..jodha akbar ke saare intresting charecters hata diye jaa rhe hai, mamham anga jinka show me bahut bada contribution tna wo chali gayi, adam khan, shrif ud din bhi chale gaye aur adka saheb bhi bahut main the..saleem bahut bakwas track hi..aab toh hoshiyaar khan bhi nai deekh rhaa..raheem jo itna cute tha wo bhi chala gyaa..bkwas ho gyaa..kaash hum log phir se flashback me chale jaaye toh maza aa jaaye

  6. Wow nice episode after many days I feel tense
    Highlights today episode in my view
    Jo ja both thing’s are correct
    Non justified who is wrong
    Jo give warning to rukku super and speech less
    After jo give to warning Rukku don’t feel a shame feelings

  7. Precap is so horror……..

  8. OMG!! What a precap!!

  9. अरूण

    If old characters are vanising new one like Salim Anarkali noorjahan etc are added as this is historical serial so story must go on that line.

  10. Perhaps now Salim will tell all & how Ruks instigated him against Jodha & Jalal. Perhaps good will come out of this mad precap! What a horror!! And how awful!

  11. Hi Radha y r u late to comment

  12. अरूण

    सलीम को लेकर जोधा और रुकैया में जंग छिड गई है ।

  13. अरूण

    If jodha has understood ruks plan she must consult shahanshah.

    1. no she cnt

  14. Nice episode but salim is reacting like adults .He is just a child

  15. now jo cnt get her salim bck…………but she deservs dat……….!!!

  16. salim ignrd jo cuz she didnt took care of him n a litle bit cintrubution of ruk……….bt watevr jo really deservs dat n day by day a wall is being created b/w jo n akb bcuz of salim

  17. n hi guyz………..

  18. but today jo was bhving lyk a evil

  19. n t i hv givn ans of all ur ques……..see yestday page………….n guyz byeeeeeeeeeeeee cuz no1 is here……….!!!

  20. byeeeeeeeeee

  21. n gloria 1st thnk n den cmnt here cuz no1 can say anythng bad to any not evn ruk othr den her bad deeds cuz she wnts her luv bck n she is taking salim cuz jo took huss fm him………..!!!

  22. n dis wrning is 4 othrs also ………… dat…….!!

  23. Akbar, Jodha, Salima, Hamida, Todar Mal, Khan-e-khana, Mansingh as if all are bunch of fools because they don’t remember what all happened in the past ? They can’t smell a rat when every conspiracy comes and stands in front of Ruk’s door? Has any of them ever heard a word “spying?” It is shocking how great Moughal Saltnat is run? What about all “JAIL STAFF” who listen so many conspiracies, killing of Resham and certainly they must know who did forcibly Ruk did to Resham? It looks like MANMOHAN SINGH’S GOVERNMENT?? ISN’T IT?

  24. this is becoming piece of shit right now how can evil win over good and how can Salim hit his own father had i been in jodha’s place i would have killed Rukaiya instead of questioning her

  25. Presan seems dream..

  26. I mean precap

  27. what has ruks turn salim into a hateful child who is very disrespectful to both his parents jodha and jalal I hope salim remembers everything about ruks what she did and reveal it to his parents. ruks is over doing it now she has so much hatred pent up in her for jodha if she could have killed jodha and not be caught she would have done it. now salim is a child whom his parents love and care for and now there is an opposite side which bore so much hatred for his parents how can he come back from what ruks has turned him into. all good must overcome all evil and so the plots begins come on jodha and jalal put your spies out on ruks and bring her down she had not right to even force resham to drink poison that is murder and she ruks need to be punished for what she did.

  28. Hi guys !!! Wassup ??

  29. I hope ruks is caught and decapticated

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