Jodha Akbar 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal comes to jodha, he sits beside her and greets her, jodha smiles shyly. jalal ask why you seem tensed? doctor told that you shouldn’t take tension in this state, its not good for children. jodha thinks to tell about what sharif thinks about his baby, no it is matter between husband and wife, jalal says I am here then why are you tensed, ok I will leave, jodha says no, I have one question. jodha says if I give birth to baby girls, will you be upset then? jalal stand up and says how can you say that, how told you that I don’t like baby girls, daugthers are blessing to fathers, aren’t you and salima daugthers who made their fathers proud, jalal ask how this stupid kind of question came in your mind? jodha says I thought you would need boy to be your heir, jalal says my daugthers will have my blood only and I will decide about their future, jalal says I will decide name of one child and you will decide name of other, jodha says no, we will together name our children, jalal says that’s better, jodha listens bakshi screaming and goes to check her.
bakshi is screaming in pain, sharif comes to her, bakshi ask what if I give birth to baby girl? he slaps her and says don’t curse your child that it will be daughter, daugthers are shame for fathers, don’t give birth to baby girl, bakshi says that’s all is in god’s hand, jalal and jodha comes there, jalal ask why are you crying, we all are here for you, sharif thinks what if she tell jalal about to me, bakshi says doctor told me that this kind of pain happens in pregnancy, jalal says nothing like that happens to jodha, bakshi says don’t worry, sharif takes care of me, jalal says that’s good, if you give birth to baby boy tyhen he will brave soldier like his father and if baby girl born then.. sharif says may you have baby girl, I will have baby boy, jalal says only god knows who will birth, doctor comes to check bakshi and says its her delivery time, I request you all to go out.

Scene 2
one lady is with ruks, she says to ruks that soon new generation of Mughals will come in world, ruks thinks that bakshi and jodha will have their children, salima already have Rahim, what will I have? lady says to ruks that husband give more importance to the wife who gives birth to his child, see how much jalal cares for jodha, if she gives birth to baby boy then she will become marium zamani, hoshiyar brings small baby cot, lady ask for whom it is? hoshiyar says don’t know, ruks asked me to bring it, maybe its for bakshi or jodha, ruks looks at cot and smirks, she murmurs marium zamani and giggles.
bakshi is crying in pain at delivery time, jalal is waiting outside and says don’t know how much pain bakshi is going through, jalal sees jodha and says don’t know how can you be so calm.
one soldier says to shairf that you are going to be father, congrats for that, sharif says it must be baby boy, soldier says children are blessing, it doesn’t matter if that’s a girl or boy, sharif slaps him and ask him to shut up.
jodha says to jalal that this moment comes in every women’s life, we have to be prepared for this pain, jalal says I will be with you that time, jodha says you cant be, jalal says I am going to be father so I can be with you, jodha says so I am also going to be mother, I wont allow you to come in at delivery time, jalal says now, I am worried for bakshi. inside doctor says congrats to bakshi and says you gave birth to baby girl, jalal outside says to jodha that I think the happiness has come, they go in to see.
bakshi recalls how sharif slapped her when she asked if its going to be baby girl? doctor gives her child to bakshi, she smiles, sharif comes in and says how is my boy? bakshi looks at him, sharif ask whether he became father of baby boy? bakshi gets afraid and says lies that its baby boy, sharif gets happy and goes out to tell everyone, doctor ask bakshi why she lied to sharif, bakshi says I became afraid, what if he does something to child in anger so I lied.

Scene 3
sharif comes to jalal and tells everyone that he has become father of baby boy, they all go in to see the child, inside bakshi ask doctor to keep this as secret, doctor says sharif will kill me, bakshi says I will talk to jalal, don’t worry.
all comes in to see the child, jalal takes the child in his hand, he is very much happy, he gives child to jodha, jodha smiles, one wife says child is same like bakshi, hamida says now you will get peaceful sleep bakhi, hamida takes the child in her hands, phuphi makes child taste honey as per ritual, salima says congrats to bakshi, ruks and all ladies are smiling, jalal says this prince has donr magic on all ladies, jodha sits beside bakshi, bakshi is tensed.
in court, jalal says I want to name my nephew as soon as possible, shairf says I have thought name for my boy, jalal says great, I have thought my children name too, he ask what name he suggest, sharif says my child name will be sarfaraz, jalal says its great, now I am paternal uncle(mamoon). moti says to jodha that jalal is very excited to listen the name of his nephew so think how much he will be happy to name his own children, jodha smiles.

Scene 4
sharif takes his child in his hand, he says you will make me proud my boy, you know who I am, I am your father, bakshi is tensed to see all this, she says why are talking to him like this, sharif says he is my blood, he understands it, bakshi says he is very young, let him take rest, sharif gives him to bakshi and says take rest my boy, he leaves.
jodha comes to bakshi and ask how are you, she says I have brought laddos for you, hamida has sent it, she ask how is the prince, she sees bakshi tensed and ask why? bakshi says I told you to not come here, jodha says I thought to meet the boy and you, bakshi says you need more rest than me, jodha says don’t worry about me, jodha sees that the boy does pee in clothes, she says I will change his clothes, bakshi gets tensed that she will know the truth, she tries to stop jodha but jodha doesn’t, bakshi thinks how much stubborn she is, jodha removes child’s clothes and gets to know the truth that she is a girl, she shockingly looks at bakshi.

PRECAP- salima tells truth about bakshi’s child to hamida, hamdia says what, she is a girl, not a boy? who told you, salima says jodha, she ask jodha to tell her in detail how she know it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Poor Bakshi!

  2. What’s Ruks up to now??

  3. What does she want to do with a cot?

  4. the baby child again cause rift between jodha and others.

  5. I think ruks will ask jalal to give her one of his son,will take care of him and then return

  6. Atiba u also write ek boond ishq updates??
    Thumbs up for u for being sooooo fast

  7. Ya u r rite i have read a spoiler that ruks will ask to take one child from jodha !

  8. No snaya its not a spoiler in history it happens she will ask for one child hassan 0r Hussain but rapidly when they willll die oh 🙁 she will take slain and take care 5-6 years oh huge time sad poooor jodha in hands of relationships I love u

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  15. India Opines
    Honest News, Views & Editorials Blog

    Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
    Oct 22, 2013 By Deepti Verma in Interesting 0 Comments Tags: About India, History, Jodha Akbar, Women

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    Granddaughter of the first Mughal Emperor, niece of the second, wife of the third, supporter of the fourth in his succession and foster mother of the fifth- Ruqaiya Sultan Begum was indeed the only daughter and empress in the entire realm who had a major influence in the Mughal Empire. No other woman has held a place as important as that of Ruqaiyya Begum in the history of the Mughal Sultanate. A name so important and crucial, her life journey is strong and interesting. Let’s have a glimpse from a chapter of Ruqaiya Sultan’s life including her transformation from a shahzadi to an Empress and further beyond.

    The Early Days
    Ruqaiya was the granddaughter of Babur, making her a Timurid princess and so she was the direct descendant of the highest Central Asian aristocracy- that of Genghis Khan through his son Chagatai Khan and Timur, the Great through his son Miran Shah. She was the only daughter of her father Hindal Mirza and mother Sultanam Begum.

    1×1.trans Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
    Hindal Mirza, sits before his elder brother, Emperor Humayun
    Hindal was only married once and so his dedication towards his wife and daughter was obvious. He was the youngest and the most favored son of the Mughal Emperor Babur. Hindal was Humayun’s half brother. At the age of 19, he was considered as a favorable contender for the Mughal throne by the imperial counsel who strongly despised Humayun as an Emperor. Hindal however, pledged to be on Humayun’s side till his death at an early age of 31, against his brother Kamran Mirza. In 1551, when Hindal died in a battle aiding Humayun, Ruqaiya was just nine.

    The Apparent Marriage
    Following the death of her father in 1551, her paternal uncle and the then Mughal Emperor Humayun, arranged for her marriage with his son Jallalaudin or Akbar, the future ruler.

    He bestowed all the wealth of his late younger brother, Hindal, onto the young couple including the province of Ghazni, Hindal’s jagir. Akbar was also given the entire army. After 5 years, at the age of 14, Ruqaiya became the Padshah Begum after her husband’s accession to the Mughal throne.

    The Divine Connection: Ruqaiya-Akbar
    No matter how many marriages Akbar had all his life and no matter how many concubines he had in his harem, Ruqaiya was always his most favored wife and remained his principal consort till the very end. Ruqaiya was not only Akbar’s wife but a friend, companion and cohort right from the very early on in his life. Her position and status in the heart of Akbar was always superior and greater than any other woman in his life. No, not even Jodha unlike illustrated in the movies and serials Jodha Akbar. Akbar only loved Ruqaiya through his life.

    Akbar’s love, care and profound affection for his chief wife came to the forefront in his middle age, when he acknowledged that had he been wiser before in his life, he wouldn’t have married more than once. He even repented marrying other wives apart from his chief consort, Ruqaiya, and even in that era went ahead in recommending monogamy. Akbar, however, all his life never married out of love but either due to political alliance or out of courtesy (his second wife was Bairam Khan’s wife). Secondly, Ruqaiya was also childless; this also made him marry another woman to seek an heir for the Mughal Empire.

    Being a Mother
    Ruqaiya was childless all through her life. Although she gave birth to a girl and twins – Hussain and Hassan, none survived. This was her main grief and only drawback. However, Akbar’s love for her never diminished and so when Prince Khurram (later Shah Jahan) was only six days old, Akbar ordered him to be handed over to Ruqaiya so she could take care of him as a mother.

    1×1.trans Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
    Prince Shah Jahan, son of Akbar

    Ruqaiya took care of Khurram’s education and assumed all the prime responsibilities of the upbringing of her grandson Khurram, the future Mughal Emperor – Shah Jahan. They both shared a close relationship. That is why; we see Khurram’s father and Ruqaiya’s step son mentioning that Ruqaiya’s love for Khurram was thousand times more than the love of her own son. Her relationship with Jahangir too was very cordial and so in his autobiography, we find him speaking fondly of her.

    Role in Administration
    Being Akbar’s favorite, The Empress always played an integral part in court politics and had foremost political control over Akbar. This perhaps is depicted in the early 1600s, when Ruqaiya played a major role in settling conflicts between Jahangir, her step son and Akbar, her husband. Apart from her role in the court, she also possessed trading ships of the Empire to carry out various overseas trades. Being an empress of high esteem, she even had palaces outside apart from her own palace at Agra and Fatehpur Sikri.

    1×1.trans Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
    Hujra-I-Anup Talao or the Turkish Sultana House, a pleasure pavilion attached to a pond, was used by Empress Ruqaiya
    The Final Term
    Ruqaiya died at the age of 84 in the year 1626 and was buried next to her grandfather, Babur and father, Hindal Mirza in the Gardens of Babur, presently in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her tomb was built by her grandson and foster son, who by then had become the 5th Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan.

    By Deepti Verma

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    Aurangzeb’s Policies Towards Hindus
    Jodha Akbar Review

    Image Source: By anonymus ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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    Akanksha Gupta says:
    November 8, 2013 at 3:43 pm
    This is so interesting! I had always been fascinated by Ruqaiya’s history and life and finally got a good post about her! There were a lot many texts but none so concise and easy to read! Well put together!

    african women says:
    March 12, 2014 at 9:53 pm
    ananya shukla your may be right in all that you just said but then why even after the death of Akbar ruqaiya Sultan Begum during the reign of jahangir the son of Mariam uz zamine or Jodha btw it is even if it was pa his real name is already the confut has his eyes she had a high status and even her husband Forever akbar set first position is a decendente of Timurid his cousin his first wife and I think you said it because you love the show Jodha akbar or mariam uz zamine you said it but you’ve got to tell you that this show shows that this is not true and does not transform the history of your country because you love the show Jodha akbar this is due to people like you that the history of this move turns and if he does what ruqaiya love more than those other women this is his first women I reminds you this is normal if he love more than others it was still the largest of the Empress does not dirty his memory

    SavTruth says:
    March 13, 2014 at 12:06 am
    Firstly I am not able to completely understand what you are trying to say but from what I did understand seems like you think I am biased towards Mariam-uz-Zamani (Jodha) due to a telly show.

    Initially, just like you are a non-believer of the love story, I was too. Slowly I started doing my own research to find evidence for it and books on Akbar & Mughals in general. What I came across was unbelievable! Mariam-uz-Zamani and Akbar truly were soulmates. The kind of devotion Akbar showed to Mariam was unmatched. If you start to go beyond such unreferenced articles/blogs, you would know about their true story and you will also know where Ruqaiya really stood.

    Ruqaiya was definitely a powerful lady as she was the first wife of Akbar and also a Mughal princess. But in this article her status is glorified. It was Mariam-uz-Zamani whose power and status was umatched during Akbar’s era and most of Jahangir’s reign. She wasn’t his chief consort. Most accounts claim that position was held by Salima or Mariam-uz-Zamani, though more number of accounts proclaim it was Mariam-uz-Zamani. Ruqaiya is never mentioned as his chief consort. In fact, her mention in most accounts doesn’t go beyond her being Akbar’s first wife and cousin.

    I have no issues regarding Ruqaiya begum but do have a problem with people trying to distort history to malign the truth. This article right here is a mostly a sham. And if you really care about history or Ruqaiya, don’t believe this.

    african women says:
    March 13, 2014 at 10:32 pm
    I’d like you to give me the name of your article that says much love akbar mariam-uz-zamine already there is not even if it’s his real name I do not see why people call it as his brief but akbar said is that at the end of his life after having SEVERAL marry the woman recomende monogamy knowing ruqaiya holding the title of the first empress was his first wife and his best friend

    SavTruth says:
    March 14, 2014 at 11:44 am
    will surely write one if such articles continue 🙂

    If you read one of my previous comments I wrote on this article 3 days ago, you will get your answer but nevertheless I can post it here as well.

    The way it is written in above article: “Akbar’s love, care and profound affection for his chief wife came to the forefront in his middle age, when he acknowledged that had he been wiser before in his life, he wouldn’t have married more than once. He even repented marrying other wives apart from his chief consort, Ruqaiya, and even in that era went ahead in recommending monogamy”

    This statement has been twisted to give a new meaning. The real statement: “had i been wise earlier, i would have taken no women from my own kingdom in my harem” then he gives the reason, “because my subjects are to me in the place of my children.”

    He did recommend monogamy but because he considered it a sin to bring women from his own kingdom into his seraglio (harem). Not because of his ‘profound love’ for Ruqaiya. Also, he considered having too many women in his harem an expensive deal. He also said that only if a man who could afford to keep so many women as his wives, should marry more than once.


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    Mah Chuchak Begum : The Mother of Mirza Hakim & Step Mother of Akbar!
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    2. Tooooooooooooo long! And boooooooooooooriiiing!!

    3. This is copy and paste and too repetitive!!

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