Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
tansen raam and birbal come in jashn at same time, they greet each other, raam taunts seem like did friendship with parrot, look at your green colored clothes, atleast you will sit beside jalal, birbal says actually jalal has donkeys in his court, today I would listen to one donkey so I dressed accordingly, he ask do you kick tansen like donkey so I would be away from you, don’t know when will you kick me, birbal says I will tell jalal also to be away from you, don’t know when you will kick, tensen shouts Mahesh das, birbal runs from there laughing. jalal comes in venue of jashn, all people chants for his name and his greatness, jalal sit on his throne, then comes ruks and jodha with their respective child, they smile. Sharif’s father says to other priest that look how much jalal is happy with hindus, priest says yes, we are muslims but jalal is covered with hindus only, sharif says till the time jodha came here, muslims are sidelined, we are celebrating dushera, this time has come. todar ask jalal to announce names of twins, jalal takes twins in his hands and says to people that I introduce you the prince Hussain and Hassan, all applauds for jalal and his princes.
tansen Raam tanu starts his singing, its a vibrat bhajan which is praising lord, dancers gives performance on song, zeenat is standing behind ruks and thinks that once I make child taste the poison then my work will be done, jalal looks at birbal and ask aren’t you enjoying the song? birbal says nothing like that but this voice is not matching the song, jalal says his voice takes the pace gradually, he is best singer, birbal says many people think like me, look at salima she is sleeping, raam’s name should be sleeping person, jalal smiles, zeenat ask ruks should I take hussain in my hand? ruks says no I am fine, zeenat thinks that why hussain is not crying and creating problems for ruks, she sees that it is actually dummy not the real prince in her hands, zeenat thinks what princes were not made to come in jashn, its just dummies, jalal thanks birbal for giving him suggestion to bring dummies of twins instead to real princes for security purpose. zeenat thinks where should be twins, she finds hamida missing from scene and says twins must be with her only.

Scene 2
zeenat comes in palace and sneakily sees in hamida’s room, hamida is with phuphi, hamida says this dummy idea was good, twins are saved and people are happy too in jashn, phuphi says yes, twins should be protected, we don’t know who has evil eye for princes, we can only protect them as much as we can, zenat smirks.
birbal ask jalal for winning of good over evil, fulfill the ritual of burning ravan’s statue, jalal takes burning arrow in his hands and burns the statue of Ravan.
hamida and phuphi are playing with twins, zeenat is keeping an eye on them, zeenat deliberately set hamida’s room on fire, seeing fire, all dasies starts running, chaos is created, dasies starts bringing water, zeenat wears her poisonous rubber ring in her finger, in chaos, she goes near twins, hamida’s attention is toward fire so zeenat make twins taste the poison, she smirks.
jodha is worried seeing ravan’s statue on fire, jalal ask what happened? jodha says don’t kn ow for the first time, I feel like ravan has not burnt even after setting him on fire, I feel like his evilness is smiling at us.
inside zeenat looks at twins and says in five days twins will leave this world and nobody can catch me.

Scene 3
ruks comes to hamida and ask are you fine? she ask where is hussain, she hugs hussain and says thank god you are fine, she ask about Hassan, jodha and jalal comes there, jodha hugs Hassan and says thank god he is fine, jodha ask about hussain, ruks says he is fine, hamida says don’t know how fire broke in my room, jalal goes to check.
jalal meets maan singh and atgah’s son, they say this incident was sudden and common, we feel like that fire broke when curtain touched fire stand. birbal says wrong, common incidents happens with common kids but they are princes, everyone has eye on them, evil has eagle on them to hurt them.
Qasim scolds zeenat and says you set hamida’s room on fire, what if anyone had seen you? zeenat says nothing will happen, I was alone there and you are worrying, I did the work then why are you getting angry, just be calm infront of everyone, our work is done but half, I could give poison to only one child, Qasim ask whom? hussain or Hassan? zeenat says there was chaos all around and I couldn’t figure out who was he, Qasim says then how will we know which child is still saved, zeenat says one child’s health will detour from tomorrow only, Qasim says you are right, I should stand by you at this time, jalal’s one support is gone and now we have to attack other support.
jalal says that it can be attack also, only few people knew that there were dummies in jashn, sometime enemy attack like this that we cannot not figure out if it was attack or incident, he ask maan to investigate the matter.

PRECAP- ruks says what is happening to hussain, he did vomiting.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Poor Hussain!

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