Jodha Akbar 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

jodha comes to ruks and ask you called me, ruks ask her to come and sit, jodha sits. ruks says day is beautiful, jodha agrees. ruks sees her earring and says its bend, I think you forgot to take it off before sleeping, I will make it right, she takes earring from her, she says I like to straight bend things, she gives earring back to jodha after making it right, she says you didn’t change dress of jashn, didn’t change it before sleeping, jodha says I was tired so, ruks says are you hiding something? jodha says no, ruks says your eyes are saying that you didn’t sleep whole night, must be playing with Rahim, she says you know jalal loves me a lot from childhood, he gave me this earring, he bought it from Kabul, after nikkah he spent most days in my room, its his habit that when he likes something he keep holding it, then many wives came and we became good friends then just being husband and wife but manhood is like this, they want destination, they run to catch destination and when reaches there, they try to find another destination, jodha ask do you need something, ruks says you know I am pregnant, I am giving child to jalal, I have Mughal heir with me so I want you to take care of me, jodha ask what you mean? ruks says have jalal’s biggest happiness, he wanted kid and its happiest news for him, I lost his heir earlier and there are still many enemies of jalal, I don’t trust any bandhi, I trust only you, you are good hearted women, she pretends and says see my feet are swelled, can you massage it, jodha is stunned, ruks says I feel bad to ask you this but you are most eligible for it, jodha nods and sits in ruks feet. jodha is doing massage of ruks feet, ruks looks at her and says will you take care of me? jodha says yes, ruks says now I got peace, I trust only you, she holds jodha’s hand and ask again will you take care of me for jalal’s unborn child, jodha lowers her eyes.

SCene 2
jodha comes in her and thinks ruks words, jalal comes there and says what is this, I was waiting for you and you didn’t come, why ruks called you? he sees her sad and ask why there is tears in your eyes? jodha says nothing, jalal ask why ruks called you, jodha tells him that ruks wants me to take care of her as bad incident happened earlier, jalal says how she can ask you, jalal says there are many badhies in harem you don’t have to do anything, I will talk to ruks, he turns to go but jodha holds his hand and stops him, jodha says you don’t do this, jalal says I cant see tears in your eyes, jodha says ruks have your child with you, she is giving heir to Mughals, she have your future child, if ruks wants me to do her services and if she get peace with it then I will do it because ruks is not only your wife but she is mother of your unborn child, he is your happiness and I will do everything which gives you happiness, if she gets peace then I will do it and also child will healthy then, jalal says I never understood women, you are different when you lover then wife and totally different when you are mother. jalal says you proved again that you have very big heart, you are different from all. jalal says how much wives Krishna ji had? jodha says sixteen thousand plus, nad eh used to go to all wives, jalal says even then with whom he stands in idol? jodha looks at him and says radha understanding what he means, they share an eyelock, he kisses her forehead, jalal says today I am going to announce big thing, I want you to be there, jodha nods, jalal kisses her hand, jodha smiles. jalal leaves.

SCene 3
jodha comes to ruks, ruks ask you here, jodha says you told me that you feel safe with my presence so I came here, jodha sees her puffing hokaah, jodha says its unhealthy for health, she ask bandhi to stop giving her hookah and give her healthy things, she says give ruks massage two times in a day, ruks just looks on, ruks says weather is very hot, jodha says to bandhi to place cool sheets behind curtains, ruks seems impressed, jodha says hot weather takes away water from body so you have to take watery thing every hour, jodha checks her fever and ask her to be careful, ruks feels headache, jodha ask what happened, ruks says headache, can you please massage it,k jodha agrees happily, ruks says I am getting peace, now I understand why jalal keep praising you. jalal comes there, he ask ruks to keep lying, jodha says she is fine, jalal ask bandhi to bring juice for ruks, jodha says I already called, jalal says I forget that you are here so mistake can happen, ruks is angry. hamida comes there. she sits beside ruks and ask her health, ruks says I am fine as you all are with me, hamida says you are giving heir to Mughal so be strong, salima says hamida brought some gifts for you, hamida makes her wear bangle and says this bangle was given to me when jalal was about to born, ruks is happy and shows it to jodha, jodha says its beautiful, salima sasy its good that ruks and jodha are sharing good raport, ruks says time changes everything, this unborn child changed me, salima sasy good that you understood jodha’s good heart, hamida says I am leaving as jodha is with you.

Scene 4
jodha sits on sofa, jalal says to ruks that I should leave now, he comes to jodha and whispers that don’t forget me while taking care of everyone, take time for me too, I want to talk to you so come in my room, jodha says I cant now as I have to be with ruks, jalal says whenever get time try to come, they smiles. ruks is jealous seeing them close, jalal leaves, jodha gives juice to ruks, ruks thanks her, bandhi comes and says jalal called jodha, ruks says you go jodha maybe jalal have some work, I am fine, jodha says okay I will come soon, you take rest. she leaves, ruks fumes.

Scene 5
jodha comes to jalal and says what urgent work you had that you called me, jalal says I listened that rajvanshi women take care of her husband most, its their duty, jodha says right, what you want me to do, jalal says I am feeling pain how to get rid of it, jodha ask where is it paining, jalal puts her hand on his heart and says till you are infront of me my heart pumps, its stops when you go away from me, what to do, jodha says not good, I was taking care of ruks and you called me lying, jalal says you also go away from me lying, jalal says its time for ruks to sleep so you can concentrate on me, jodha blushes.
ruks thinks why jalal called jodha, what work he had that he couldn’t stop, she ask bandhi to bring hookah, bandhi says but jodha… ruks scolds her that you are my bandhi, bring hookah, she goes to bring.
jalal lies his head in jodha’s lap and says all think you as queen but for me you are magician, jodha caresses his hairs, jalal says you do magic that restlessness goes away.
ruks thinks while puffing hookah that why jodha is taking much time, is jalal and jodha again… bandhi comes in jalal’s room, jalal scolds her, bandhi informs him that ruks health is deteriorating, jalal and jodha are shocked.

PRECAP- adham ask shehnaz to spend some time with him, he holds her dupatta and says I want it, she laughs and says you need dupatta then take it, she gives it to him and says I didn’t know you wear dupatta, adham gets angry and grabs her saying you are making fun of me, shehnaz slaps him hard for touching her, jodha sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i dont like the precap shenaz needs to go away ruqs is enough to handle and im pretty sure she lied so jo and jalal get away from each other

  2. Hey guys how r u I am late I was wtchi v jodha akbr on net u know o zee TV in Pakistan so who liked today’s episode I hated it I wish tomorrow’s episodes would e best all hurdles will go inshalah but we know that marium us zama I would jodha become

  3. adham is disgusting he asks almost every new girl he see to go with him and shenaz is still “crazy” how could he ask her!?

  4. Can anyone tell me d meaning of these words in english. These r hindi words. Kambat, fanna, piya, jiya, ulfat, yaar

    1. jiya means heart,ulfat means love and yaar means freind don’t know the others sorry but can i ask u why do u want to know all this

  5. yaar-friend

  6. i know @aarohi isnt here but i read yesterdays comments and @AAROHI its okay i will know whats going to happen anyway on sat. and thanks for trying though 🙂

  7. Hi samaira, ray, ajju, di, aivar, puja, jojo

    1. Hey there Zayn. Hows you?

  8. hi zayn…. how did u enjoy todays epi???

  9. guys what do u think will jodha be replaced

  10. @zayn hey how r u

  11. Awesome

  12. Hi everyone. Hw r u all.

  13. The episode was nt as good as always. Shehnaz se precap bhi kharab ho gaya. Hope dis wud nt happen tomorrow.

  14. What’s this, when they get close something happens to separate them. Ruks is too bad, i hate her

  15. Jodha is leaving the show soon 🙁

  16. Real life me to jodha akber ki bilkul nahi banti

  17. Thank [email protected] and @samaira. I want to know these words bcoz i want to learn hindi

  18. Ruk Ruk Ruk…arre baba Ruk..
    stop ur nonsense u foolish Ruks…..
    .and dnt give such scary luks!!!

  19. When is the maha episode???

      1. Thanks @ samaira:-)

  20. jhallu people watch jhodha jhallu also???????????????????????????????????
    hahahahahaha…..jhalle falle kalle ulle people

    1. excuse me which language is this

  21. I wonder what will happen tonight……… This episode was very interesting.

  22. Samaira it is a jhallu language isn’t anti-jhallu…

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