Jodha Akbar 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha is playing chess with ruks, Jodah says you are cheating, you are making me win, Ruks says i thought you are ill but you are using mind in illness too, she ask Moti to bring food for Jodha, she says to Jodha that you are smiling that i am losing, Jalal comes and ask whats going on, Ruks says Jodha is happy that i am losing, i accept my defeat, Jalal thanks her for making Jodha smile, Ruks thinks that if i can make Jalal happy by making Jodha then i will do it, i can do anything to get Jalal’s praise, Jalal informs them that SAlim has won war, Jodha and ruks are happy, Ruks congrats Jodha that your son has won, Jalal says we will leave for Agra now.
Jalal’s caravan reaches Agra, they are waiting for Salim, Jodha ask when he will return, i am dying to see him, Jalal says he is not only your son but heir too, all are congratulating him so he will take time to come, dasi informs that SAlim has arrived, Jalal gifts her his necklace in happiness, Salim comes in palace, Jalal and Jodha smiles seeing him, Salim greets Jalal and says i am proud to tell you that i didnt break your trust, i won the war, Jalal hugs him and says you have made my head in praise for you, Haidar thinks why they become again and again, when will i get chance to separate Salim and Jalal, Hamid says to Salim will you not meet us? Salim comes to her and says i wanted to come to you in end to get most time with you, Hamdia caresses his face, Murad greets Murad, she says i am happy that you fulfilled your duties, Jalal hugs him and says you are praise worthy too, Jalal says to Bhagwan and Maan that i am thankful to you both, Bhagwan says we fulfilled our duties only, Salim says to Daniyal that you stayed here and handled Agra alone, this was not easy, i am proud of you, he hugs Daniyal, Jalal says to Jodha that will you not do Arrti of them? Jodha says i was waiting for it only, she does Salim’s aarti, he touches her feet, Murad ask Daniyal didnt you miss me? Daniyal says no i didnt get time, Murad says i missed you as there was no one to be teased there, Salim says i have brought gift for Jalal, Jalal ask to show it, Salim presents gift and its Mirza Hakim, SAlim says he is your criminal and brother too, its your decision what to do with him, Jalal looks at Mirza and says you have hurt me alot Mirza, you forgot that how much i love you, i never forgot that we have same blood, if i give you punishment then father will get hurt so i forgive you, you will stay here as guest, i hope you will maintain and brotherhood in Agra, Mirza is shocked, all chants for Jalal.

Scene 2
Mirza says to Jalal that i dont deserve to get this respect, i have no guts to look in your eyes, kill me, Hamida says what are you saying, Mirza says if i stay here then i will keep thinking about my mistake so let me go from here, Jodha comes there and says i have made sweetdish for you Mirza, you like it alot, Hamida says he is asking to let him go, Jodha says no you will not leave from here, Mirza says i am very much guilty, Jodha says what you did was misunderstanding and its removed now, stay here for some more time, Mirza says you are still taking me as brother, Jodha says sometime one good thing overdo all bad things, i listened how sharif was saying that when you got to know about my kidnapping, you didnt support Sharif and broke your ally with him, you respected me, Mirza says thanks for all this but i want to ask forgiveness from God, let me go to Kabul, Jalal says ok if you wanna go then leave, get peace and then comebac, Jodha ask will you eat sweetdish before leaving? Mirza says how can i say no, Jodha makes him eat it, Mirza says Salim is very brave and deserve to be next king, i feel proud to be his uncle.
voice over says that Mughal Saltanat was going great, due to rain, all crops grew again and people’s faith in Jalal restored again.
In court, soldier informs Jalal that Pundit Badrinath ash come as per your order, Jalal says to bring him, Badrinath comes there, he sternly looks at Jalal, Jalal looks down, he comes to Badri, he says to him that i misbehaved with you so i wanna sk forgiveness infront of all, i lost the path, i made fun of your ways, forgive me, Badri says what you did that time was fate but now this is greatness what you did now, human can do mistakes but great human is who accept his mistake, i pray that you get success more and more, Jalal says i will think that you have forgiven me only when you accept royal positionin my court, Badri accept it, he greet other ministers, Jalal says i am happy everything is fine now, all are fine in saltanat and i want to celebrate this moment, i want to arrange Jashn for it.

Scene 3
jeweler comes in palace, Hoshiyar stops her, she tells him that Jalal has called her to buy jewelry for his wives, i also got to know that Jalal is going to annoucne Malkia-hind(queen of India), she leaves, Ruks calls Hoshiyar, he comes to her, Rusk ask where were you? Hoshiyar says i have some happy news for you, Ruks says its not easy to make me happy, Hoshiyar tells Ruks that Jalal is going to announce Malika-hind(queen of India) in celebrations, ruks says so what? its not important that i will get that position, he can give it to Jodha as she has worked alot, Hoshiyar says Jodha became judge of village and it was you who served people there, also Jodha have postion of Marium Zamani so i think this position is for you, Ruks smiles and says not talk much, Hoshiyar says if this news is true thne you have to gift me, Ruks ask her to concentrate on work, he leaves, Ruks says this position sounds good.
Salim says to Qutub that i have to work for people now, they trust me, i have to fulfill my duties, i have to serve them, Qutub says there was a time when you used to run away from these positions, Salim says i have realized that as heir i have some duties and i have to fulfil it, i want to become a king wh make everyone happy, who gives food, shelter to everyone, where no one become dancer like Anrakali.
Jalal comes t Ruks, he shows her special stone, Ruks says its very nice, Jalal says i am going to give it to Malika Hind and you have to wait to know who is going to be be Malika Hind, he leaves, Hoshiyar says i told you, you will get this position, Rusk thinks that he is right, i served people too, Jodha was judge in village and i served as Bandhi in village so i should get this position.

PRECAP- in Jashn, Jalal says now i will call the one who is with in every difficult situation, she is MAlkia Hind, Ruks thinsk he will call her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hahaha…..what a joke …Ruks think she will get position but she didn’t listen Jalal said the one who is with him in difficult situations

    1. You are right. Ruqaiya will definitely become a fool.

  2. Interesting precap….ruks ab kuch prob create krege..coz jodha will b mallika-e-hind n this will hard to digest for rukss..missed akdha scenes today.

  3. I dnt understand….why does writter want to show ruks as vamp….

  4. Anyone wife will feel bad….after hearing this news

  5. you re really a fool ruk dont u understand what jalal was saying the one who stand by him in his difficult times will get the position of malkia hind so that person is jodha so she is the right person for this position because both of them stand n support one other in every difficult situation n every struggles

  6. After announcement of her name , jodha may transfer the title to Rukaiya.

  7. Please take storyline according to historical facts. I am the teacher and I want the epic story shouldn’t misguide the people.

  8. this is the only serial seems to be improving and I think it is because that is a true historical story so the writers cannot change much of it writers do the right thing and improve the other serials which we the viewers find to be a lot of shit

  9. No one else will be Queen of India than Jodhar.She deserves this title.Good episode.

  10. Rukaiya will again become jealous….

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