Jodha Akbar 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
the small jashn or family gathering starts, jalal sits to have lunch, he points jodha to sit with him but jodha nods in no as all are seeing them, jodha says to salima that I will serve Rahim and you serve jalal. jodha makes Rahim eat, Rahim goes from there, hamida comes to jodha and says that you were right, this gathering worked, jalal is happy, jodha says jalal must be showing he is happy but inside he is very hurt because of maham, I want to do something through which jalal forgets all the pain for sometime.
some man comes to atgah and says he wants say some message to jalal, atgah ask him to say it to him but he denies, atgah threatens him so man says that one person promised him gold coins if give his message to jalal, message is that he called jalal in jungle, atgah thinks.

Scene 2
jalal comes to jodha and says finally I got you, you always remain busy, jodha says I was infront of you only, jalal says I am saying that you don’t take out time for me privately, jodha stops ruks and says that jalal wants to play chess and you are the best player, ruks gets happy, jodha says to jalal that I am feeling sleepy and goes from there, while jalal looks at her, jalal and ruks sits to play chess, jodha looks at them and says that jalal seems to get busy in chess, now maybe he will forget maham for sometime. after sometime, jalal comes to jodha, he says why are you going away from me? jodha says you always that if you stays with one wife then other will bad, jalal says I have already spent time with all wives except you, jodha says no, go and listen to salima’s poetry, jalal says ok I will comes after finishing my all work.
at night, jalal comes to jodha, jodha says you came so soon, jalal says I met atgah, munim, todar, maan, I finished my prayers and now I ma here to spent time with you, jodha says no, go to hamida and listen to Quran, jalal says I already have done that, jodha says you played chess with ruks, you lost times in chess and if you lose now then.. jalal puts hand on jodha’s mouth and romantically looks at her, jalal says now I know what you are doing, you are making m desparate for you, jalal starts leaving, jodha ask where are you going? jalal says I have some work, jodha says but you told me that you will spent time with me, jalal says maybe you have some work so you also do it, I am going, jodha says no I want to spend time with you, jalal says strange you are, when I wanted to spend time with you, you were asking me to go and now you are stopping me, Rahim is right, its difficult to understand you women, jodha says if you try then its not that difficult, jalal back hugs her.

Scene 3
javeda tries to make adham understand to not do anything wrong but he shoos her away, adham is called by his friend, they go to jungle and hide behind bushes, adham ask whether jalal will come on their call here? friend says he will, jalal leaves from palace to jungle, adham sees jalal coming and gets happy, he takes out his dagger to attack jalal but javeda comes there and tries to stop jalal, adham throws dagger at jalal but it hits javeda and she falls on ground being injured, adham then attacks jalal on horse, dagger hits jalal and he falls on ground, it turns out to be atgah in disguise of jalal, atgah tries to see adham’s face.
jalal gets to know from one soldier that atgah has gone to jungle in disguise of you, jalal says what? jalal gets the flashback of how atgah told jalal that someone wants to meet him in jungle but he thinks that something is wrong, atgah says to jalal that you wont go there, instead I will go and see whats the matter, jalal says but your life will be in danger, atgah says I will be more than happy to die for you, I wont be able to bear if something happens to you, jalal hugs atgah, jalal says but you wont go there alone, fb ends, jalal says I told him to not go then why did he go.
adham’s friend says to him that we should run from here, don’t know to whom javeda has told about you, they run from there.
atgah and javeda in injured state are brought to palace, jodha calls doctor, jodha ask dasi to take javeda to her room, jalal takes atgah to his room.
atgah is conscious, jalal says to his wife that I never allowed atgah to put his life in danger, I am angry on him, wife says that I was worried when I saw him in your clothes, I asked him but he said its about jalal’s security, atgah says I know you are angry on me, you can punish me but I cant forget the promise that I have to protect you even if I lose my life, jalal says are you happy to have got injured like this, never put your life in danger from now on, atgah says I am a soldier and you say that injuries are soldier’s reward, whenever any crises come on you, it has to go through me, it has to fight with me, I pray in my prayers that you always remain safe, jalal says and you know pray in my prayers that my close and my own people always remain with me, I have very few people whom I can trust and I cant lose them, doctor comes and checks atgah, adham friend listens their convo.
adham drinks wine and says maham is right, I am a fool, I cant complete one plan, its all because of atgah that jalal gets saved everytime, he is my real enemy, he comes in my every plan, if I want to kill jalal then I have to remove atgah from my way 1st.

Scene 4
jalal comes to javeda, jalal says javeda went to jungle to stop me from going there, this means she knows something but she is in shock and is not conscious, doctor says she will be able to say till morning only, ruks says I don’t know where is adham, his wife is injured and he is not here, where is he from evening, dasi was telling me that adham was scolding javeda earlier, jodha says maybe he went to other state, jalal says I have to find something and goes from there. jalal comes maan and ask him to find about adham.
maham is in jail, she says I did wrong, I was so wrong to always think about jalal, I kept my attention to jalal and ignored my own son, I did wrong, I became lusty for money that I forgot my duties to my son, she imagines small jalal crying fro her and has blood on his face, maham says jalal called me, he is in problem, maybe adham is going to kill jalal, I have to stop him, he cant do this, she ask soldier to let her meet her son but he doesn’t respond to her.
in morning, atgah comes to his office and starts doing his work, he says to soldiers that adham’s state has many corruption, in palace, adham comes there on horse with sword on his hand, soldiers try to stop him but he fights with all soldiers of palace, jalal is sleeping in his room. soldiers tells atgah that todar was right, adham did corruption, atgah’s wife comes and ask him to take the rest but atgah says I will check this corruption, then I will comes. atgah is busy in his work when adham comes there with his sword, he pushes atgah and says you are the one who always came in my way to kill jalal, you are my biggest enemy, you doesn’t let me get the throne, I wont leave you today, last night, you got saved but not now, atgah falls on ground and prays to god, adham ask are you praying fro your life, atgah says no I pray that jalal always remain safe from devils like you, adham says don’t worry jalal will soon come to you he kills atgah with his sword.

PRECAP- from head to toe, jalal is in blood, his face is smeared with blood, maham comes there and is shocked to see him standing like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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