Jodha Akbar 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
ruks says to jodha in court that jodha when you knew that jalal will wear this turban then why were you so careless that someone got chance to attack jalal, jalal says its not her fault, like you had put sword in your room, she also put turban in her room, the one who put poison in turban could take jodha’s life also, now we have to find who did that and attacker is in palace, todar ask jalal to be careful as attacker may have other supporters too.
in Kabul, haider thinks that where i am stuck, mahaC wants to marry me, his relative comes and ask why you didn’t sleep, haider says i cant sleep, why didn’t you tell her that i cant marry her, she is older than my mother, i cant marry her, relative says don’t say it loudly, she will take you life, you have to marry her, haider says no never, you don’t care for me, relative says i care for you life and people’s safety, we need her in our politics, haider says we don’t need anyone, come we will talk to her, relative says its your death if you talk, you have to do what she wants otherwise she will destroy your life, listen carefully if mahaC gets angry then there will be no one to help us, sometimes king have to compromise for their people, you have to marry her.

Scene 2
todar says to jalal that in turban poison was placed carefull this means that attacker is clever and he has full right to go anywhere in palace, jalal says don’t take much stress, i will find him/her, i am thankful that you saved my life, todar says it was my duty, jalal ask what are you thinking atgah, atgah says that i am thinking attacker is in palace only and he can attack dangerously, in these cases shoulder used is of someone else and culprit is someone else, todar says that’s why attacker used jodha, atgah says true nobody can think attak from her side, jodha comes there, todar and atgah leaves. jodha is crying and says this happened because of my carelessness, jalal wipes her tears and says beautiful eyes doesn’t look good with tears, jodha says i know all happened because of that turban, jalal ask her to sit and says tell me did you put poison in turban, jodha says i would die before doing it, jalal says even i cant think this then why are you crying, jodha says i don’t know you are attacked a lot, i shakes up thinking that your life is in danger, jalal says i will not leave you because no poison can won against your love, jodha smiles, jalal says i should praise you more, jodha says i am thinking that who can put poison in turban in my room as only few people can come in my room without my permission, i cant doubt moti and shehnaz doesn’t even know what poison is and zakira asl cant do this as she saved Rahim, jalal ask whether zakira was with you at turban making time, jodha says yes but why you are asking, jalal says she was with benzir before and she know about poison, i want to say that maybe zakir did that, jodha says no, jalal says maybe she is still with mali, i have to tell todar, don’t worry she will not be punished without mistake but i have to find who is behind this as i cant see tears in your eyes. he goes to atgah and todar.

Scene 3
shehnaz shouts that this cant happen, i cant fail, how jalal got save, maham comes there and ask why are you angry queen, is it that whatever happened, you are behind this, shehnaz says no, i didn’t do it, i just want my mother, maham holds her hand and says if nothing is there then this wound on your hand, i am asking as todar had same wound, shehnaz says yes i tried to take jalal’s life, flashback shows shehnaz going into jodha’s room, she thinks that in return of the cruelty you did to my mother, you should die a difficult death, she takes turban and puts liquid in it, fb ends, shehnaz says i cant wait more, i cant think my mother in pain, maham says have patience, nobody can separate you from her, chand was really good, i was her bandhi but she was like a friend but i am so sad about her mental condition, she is not stable, let me tell you that anger is not to accomplish this mission, i suggest you that instead of attacking jalal from behind, you should announce war to jalal from front and if anything happen to jalal then you wont be able to find your mother so be careful don’t do stupid things and if you want to discuss anything then i am there for you, take care of your wound as if atgah notices it then it wont be good, she leaves, shehnaz says maham is right now i will not fight hiding, its time to announce fight by coming out infront of jalal.

Scene 4
maham comes to her room, resham comes , she ask where is adham, resham says your work id done. adham comes there, resham leaves, adham says you will be surprised but i didn’t do anything this time, i didn’t try to kill jalal, but i am thinking if it is not me and sharif then who it is, you must be curious to know it, maham says atgah is finding it, adham says i know you that if you don’t know the person then you would be restless but you are not this means you are behind this, maham shouts that have respect for me, i am not involved in it, yeah i didn’t do it but yes i know who did it, maham tells him everything, adham says what shehnaz is jalal’s half sister, she did good acting of being mad, she is clever, maham says not more than me, adham says you are great, you found it, maham says this time our winning is must, i don’t know who will lose but not us definitely.
hamida is sadly sitting in her room, she says to salima that why this happens with jalal when he is such a nice person, salima says but God is with him that’s why nothing happens to him, ruks says salima is absolutely right, jiji comes and says zaikira is called in court for investigation, ruks says oh yeah how can we forget her, she was loyal to Benazir and is now work for jodha, she can do this crime.

in court, jalal ask zakira did she do the crime, zakira says its world’s rule that if you are caught for one mistake then you are blamed for all mistakes but i why would i do this, you freed me and jodha gave me life of respect, why would i do it, todar says but you know about poison very much and you were close to turban, zakira says it can be that anyone wants to frame me as all know i was with benazit, someone is trying to put blame on me, atgah whispers in jalal’s ear that we got one bottle of poison from zakira’s room, jalal angrily looks at her and orders to put her in jail, jodha stands up and says her crime is proved and i feel she is innocent.

PRECAP- todar bumps into ruks while going, shehnaz falls on grond, todar says sorry i didn’t see you, come get up, give your hand, shehnaz gives her hand in his hand to get up, tpdar witnesses a wound in her other hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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