Jodha Akbar 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha ask Jalal about Mehtab, Jalal says she is injured, Jodha says then we should leave for Agra soon. Jalal and Jodha are sitting on one horse, Jodha ask why your heart is beating so fast? Jalal says atleast it is beating now, else if anything had happen to you then it would ahve stopped beating, Jodha says i was waiting for you to come fast, Jalal says the clus which left was amazing to make me reach here, Jodha says i was worried if you will understand my clue, Jalal says i had to come to you, i wont leave you ever now, Jodha says even i wont leave you hand ever, she hugs him.
Bakshi comes to same isolated place, she finds Sharif injured lying there, she makes him sit, he ask for water, she says there is only wine here, she makes him drink wine, she brings out opium bottle from purse and says it will lessen your pain, she makes him eat it, she laughs and says God have made women strange, i gave you so much pain but still you wont let me die, you know asked you in return of Jodha from Jalal, its not becaus ei love you but i wanted to take revene ge from you and see ou have come yourself, Bakshi says you will take revene from me only when you will be alive, Sharif says you cant kill me, Bakshi says i have already mixed poison in your wine and opium, Sharif chokes and ask her to save him, Bakshi says never, she says what you have done to mjy daughter and Jodha was disgusting, it was Jodha who raised our daughter and what you did with her, maybe God will forigve my for killking my husband but he cant forgive you for your sins, she beats him till death, digs a grave, puts Sharif in grave and buries him in it, she cries.

Scene 2
Jodha and jalal comesback to palace, Jodha hugs Hamida, she comes to unconsious Mehtab and says Mehtab had to go through all this to save me, Hamida tells Jalal about Bakshi missing, Jalal ask soldiers to go and find her.
Jodha is with Mehtab when Mehtba starst feeling jittery, Jodha calls doctor, doctor says poison of wound is spread in her whole body, she gives medicine to Methab and after sometime she says Mehtab is out fo danger, all are happy, Bakshi comes there and says to Mehtba that i have teken revenge from your sinner, he will not give you pain now, i have kille Sharif, Hamida says what you have done, Jalal says what you did wasd right, he desereved it, i left him there to die only, he hugs her, Jodha says what you did was not revenge but it was necesarry for mother to do it.
Salim gets injured in war, all are shocked, Salim says i am fine. Jodha is worried in her room, Moti ask her to eat something, Jodha says no i am not in mood, Moti says eat else Jalal will scold you, she leaves, Jodha feels uneasy and pukes, she is shocked to see blood coming out her mouth, she says Oh Lord, these are symptoms of illness which is spread in Mughal Saltanat.
Jodha is sleeping, she sees dream os jalal saying that why she is getting reward of my sins, he hits his head on wall, Jodha wakes up with a jerk, she says whats next that Jalal was banging his head on wall, she find flame of Diya in Mandir blown off, she goes and lits it again, its about to blow off again when Jalal helps her to lit it, jalal says nothing will happen now, Jodha says our weak days are still on, Jalal says we will work hard and will come out of these days, Jodha says i dont know why you were banging your head to wall in my dream, Jalal says this is your exam, like you redeemed my name in one village, you will help me to redeem myself in whole saltanat.

Scene 3
Salim is in tent, getting first aid, Bhagwan das tells Salim that our soldiers are being killed in large number, we can lose this war, Salim says this will not happen,i will go in war again, Murad says but you are injured, Salim says this is reward for me to get injured while fighting for my people, Bhagwan says i will lead war, you take rest Salim. soldier gives letter to Jalal, its Bhagwan’s letter, Maan reads it that Salim is injured, they need help, Jalal is shocked and says my son need my help, we have to leave right now, prepare for my leave. Jodha is having blood vommiting, Moti says oh God you have got same illness which is spread in village, i will call Jalal, Jodha says dont tell him, i will take care of myself, Jalal is in tension, he have responsibility of many people, also he worried for Salim and if he gets to know my illness then he will get more worried, promise me that you wont tell anything to Jalal, Moti says but you have to promise that you will get treatment, Jodha says promise but promise me you wont tell anything to Jalal, Ruks comes there and ask what you are hiding from Jalal? Jodha says i got to know that situation is worse in village, Jalal should not know about it as he is already in tension because of war, Ruks says you are right, you know i was jealous of you when i entered the village but now i am thankful to you that because fo you i got to earn some respect in God’s eyes, i will leave for Agra tomorrow and i will help people there too.

Scene 4
Jalal is leaving for war, he ask where is Jodha, jodha comes there and says i ma here, she puts Tilak on Jalal’s head and says i pray that you comeback after winning the war, Jodha starts aarti of Jalal when she feels dizzy, aarti plate falls from her hands, she is about to fall but Jalal holds her, all are stunned, Jalal ask jodha to open her eyes, Jodha is unconsious, Jalal hugs her.

PRECAP- Jalal is crying and says why Jodha is paying for my sins? why? he bangs his head on wall, blood comes out of his forehead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bakshi,you did a great job.

  2. This is such a beautiful love story that I do not think I get enough of it.Jalal will go crazy if any thing bad happens to his Jodha.I think Salim is becoming now to his parents.Ruks is a bit soft now because of her experience inthe village and she will learn to appreciate poor people more.Shariffudin is killed bt his own wife -this is one time the writers show that a woman can conquer the demon of a husband—-She killed him and then bury him ,What a gruesome death for his evil ways.This episode was great.Best historical soap.Jalal my hero and Jodha my heroine.I amy also say all the characters are good actors and actressess.Love them all.

  3. End of Shaifuddin.. nice.

  4. atlost sharif’s chapter is over

  5. this is the only soap which seems to be getting somewhere although I find that it is about time that ruks be exposed for her evil deeds like giving opium to salim and turning him against his parents making think that he is not loved by them on the other hand salim is a grown man now and he is suppose to be thinking like a grown up so he is partly to be blamed also anyway overall the storylines re better than the other soaps so try and keep it going and try improving the other shitty soaps you have written we the viewers are frustrated

  6. Hat off to you bakshi you did the right thing to that demon he deserve it
    But dont like the precap poor jodha she help so many ppls n now she herself is sick n writer plz bring jalal jodha n salim together now let him realize this parents love we want to see them as a happy family

  7. Bakshi did great in killing her husbund he was the worst father anyone would want

  8. As a villain good acting by Shaifuddin …nice job…good by….

  9. You are so right this is the best on ZEE TV nothing else

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