Jodha Akbar 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salim stops Jalal and Jodha, all are stunned, he looks at jodha’s hand, holds it and ask to call doctor right now, Jodha and jalal smiles seeing his concern, Salim says to Jodha that what you are doing, you are fighting risking your life, this is just game not real war that you are fighting with pain, you edont need to fight like that, Jodha says i am fine, Salim says that i can see, he treats jodha’s wound, jodha is overwhelmed with emotions, Salim does her bandage, Jodha looks at Jalal and smiles.
Anarkali comes to one shopkeeper to sell earrings, he ask did you steal it? she says you think i am robber, i am need of this so selling it, shopkeeper says i will buy it as low price and its me only who is buying this otherwise here all know that you are daughter of betrayer Rashid so wont buy it from you, Anarkali ask to buy it at low price only, he give her coins and buys it, anarkali goes to buy fodd when mughal announcers come in market and announces that Salim’s friend Qutub is going to marry on this friday, Anarkali gets shocked and recalls how Salim said that maybe this is last meeting of his and hw he wanted to tell her something, food falls from her hands, she says Qutub, Salim’s friend, he is my Qutub, he is going to marry, one lady comes to her and says your food fell on forund, she recognizes her as Nadira, Anarkali says Sakina (her childhood friend), they hug each other.

Scene 2
Jalal ask Jodha to give her hand, he applies cream on her wound, Jodha smiles seeing his care and starts to laugh, she says it feels like you have got hurt not me, why so much tension, Jalal says your every wound pains me, Jodha says to be honest this is wound give me peace today, if son runs to his mother seeing her wound then mother get hapy, this wound proved that Salim still cares for us, how he was scolding me, Jalal says how much we fight but he cares for us, you remember how once i disguised as robber and attacked you and SAlim saved you, Jodha says yes i remember, the most peaceful thing for parents are love of their children, i just pray we keep getting this, Jalal ask her to take care of her hand, Jodha says you are forgetting , i am rajvanshi, Jalal says whatever but you are my wife and you have to listen to me else i will pass order.. just joking, they smile, Jalal does her bandage.
Anarkali tells Sakina everything, she says i will stop Qutub and will stop this marriage, Sakina ask with which right you will stop the marriage? did you ever tell him that you love him, or did he said i love to you? otherside Qutub says to Salim that wish you could tell her how much you love her, Salim says its good i didnt tell her, i hate Naidra more than i love Anarkali, i cant bear her for second let alone spending whole life with her, leave it, congrats for you marriage, he hugs Qutub and says i am happy for you, Qutub says but i am not, your wound of heart is paining me, Salim says not everybody’s love get fulfilled.
Anarkali says to Sakina that not everything is said, i saw love in his eyes, i know there must be some problem, Sakina says you said he wanted to tell you sometthing, maybe he wanted to tell you about marriage only, if he had loved you then why he didnt come to meet you, the one who can go against king for his promise, why he didnt fulfill his promise with you? if you go to him now then it will be like making joke of your love, feelings and heart.
Salim says to Qutub i thought that destiny joked with me but i amf happy that you are marrying, Qutub says wish she was not Nadira, wish your love got fulfilled.
Anarkali says that this love will remain uncompleted, i dont curse Qutub, i have loved him so i want him to be happy but i wont meet him now, i hope he remain happy after marriage but this half love will reside in my life ever. Salim on otherside says that if that girl comes infront of me, i will destroy her life.

Scene 3
Anarkali comes to Rashid, she finds doctor there, he says to her that Rashid’s life is in danger, we can just pray now, Anarkali says to Rashid that this is all happening because of me, we shouldnt have come here, Zil says we have come here for you, so that you cant meet Qutub, once you get to meet Qutub then we will get happy, Anarkali says no, we will leave after RAshid get fine. one priest comes there and ask her to go to Dargah and pray for her father and also she will get her answers there, Anarkali agrees to go.

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Scene 4
Jalal and whole family comes to Dargah to pray. Jalal and Jodha tie thread on wall and prays, Jalal ask what did you pray? Jodha ask you tell first, Jalal saus why me first always, Jodha says ok we will say together, they both say we want Salim’s happiness, they laughs, Jodha says Salim is our child, our blood runs in him so we both want his happiness only. Anarkali comes to same Dargah. Jodha says to jalal that i just pray that Salim remains happy and get love, i also want you and Salim to be cordial and share very strong relation that nobody can come inbetween it, Jalal says i hop so too.
Priest ask Jalal should we start the nikaah? Jalal nods, Nikaah ceremony starts, Salim goes from there, Rusk sees him and stops, she ask where you are going? Salim says Farhan wished that he will go to Dargah on Qutub’s marriage, so i ma going there to fulfill his wish, Ruks ask him to come fast, Salim leaves.
Anarkali is praying in dargah, she prays to give strength to her father, not to forget us, have mercy, make Rashid fine. Salim comes there and prays too but their eyes are closed so couldnt see each other. Rabba is pyar mein plays. a net curtain is inbetween them too. Anarkali starts to leave, Salim and Anarkali both comes to tie thread on wall, both are on opposite side of wall and ties thread.

PRECAP- Jodha says to Anarkali that i dont know who are you but you seems in much pain so whatever you will pray, you will definitely get it. later Anarkali finds Salim going from Dargah, she is shocked.

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