Jodha Akbar 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mann comes to bhagwan das, he ask her to sit and says you know what letter i have got? its from Agra, she ask what is in it? is Salim alright? then gets shy and says actually i thought that it must be something important, Bhagwan says its anniversary of Jalal and Jodha, we are invited, you wanna come? mann says why not, i will prepare gift for them, bahgwan says prepare gift for Salim too, Mann gets shy and leaves from there, bhagwan says to his wife that she really likes Salim.
Salim is going out of palace, haidar stops him and ask where you are going? he says i feel suffocated in this palace so going out to find some peace, Haidar ask him to come wiht him, he will take him to place where he will get peace. Salim accompanies him.
Anarkali is going back from palace and think what to tell Zil now, where will we spent night now, she finds Salim riding horse and says Qutub, she runs behind him calling Qutub stop but Salim doesnt see her and leaves, Anarkali says thank God Qutub is fine.
Haidar brings Salim to some red light area, haidar says this is our destination, Salim ask what is this place, Haidar says you will find peace here, come with me, Anarkali comes there too in search of Salim, she finds their horses and starts searching for Salim.
Salim and Haidar comes to one house where dancers are dancing, haidar greets manager of girls, haidar says i have come here today with great person so make us see some good sights, she nods, Haidar and Salim sits to enjoy the dance, Haidar gives Salim a glass of wine, Salim says you know i dont drink, Haidar thinks i will make you drink it, he puts glass infront of Salim, Salim sees girls dancing, Anarkali is finding Qutub aned ask for to some girls, she makes fun of her and says boys come to this place but you have come here, maybe you will like this place so much that you will stay here forver.

Scene 2
Salim looks at ghungroos of dancing girls and recalls Nadira, how she gifted him ghungroos , how she used to fight with him in childhood, he starts drinking wine and recalls his meetings with gron up nadira/anarkali, Haidar keeps filling his glass of wine, Salim keeps drinking and starts to feel jittery, he gets up fully drunk and shouts, Haidar ask what happened are you fine? Salim says no i am not fine, and these ghungroos are reason for that, these make me recall my childhood which i dont like, i dont like this dancing, this ghungroos, i hate it, i hate it, he starts to leave, manager ask haidar did we do any mistake, Haidar says he doesnt drink so got jittery, he runs behind Salim, Salim leaves the place and Anarkali runs behind him, rabba is pyar main plays, some guys stop Anarkali and flirts with her, Anarkali calls Qutub but he leaves, she says Qutub you met me but didnt meet me, thank god you are finr but why you didnt meet me? why you left like that, i want answers to my questions.
Jalal says to Murad and Daniyal that you also learn politics, like SAlim is great warrior you also should learn things from him, Murad says SAlim is great as he is son of Marium Zamani jodha, we all know how great warrior Jodha is, Jalal ask Salima to tell then you fought greatly once i was kidnapped, Daniyal says our mothers can fight on chess only, Rahim says i was small but i remember that incident when Salima tied me on her back and fought with enemies, Ruks was fighting with arrows and Jodha with sword, Ruks says it was great war, Salima says that day enemies learnt that women are not weak, Daniyal says how do we believe? Jalal says so we should have compitiion between wives, the one who will win will fight with me, Jodha says kids are teasing you and you are getting trapped, Murad says look i told they cant fight, Salima says we will see tomorrow then, Aram says so tomorrow we will see who have more guts.

Scene 3
Anarkali says to zil that i saw Qutub but couldnt met as he wsa riding horse, Zil says dont worry, go tomorrow and meet him, god have broughtus here for good work, she ask what happened in palace? Anarakli recalls how Ruks insulted her and says i couldnt meet jodha, will go tomorrow, Zil as what you are hiding, tell me what happend, Anarkali says palace people are not good, she tells her how ruks insulted her, she says dont worry, jodha must be not like this, i will go there tmorrow and will meet jodha, zil says no need to go there, i dont want myu daughter to be insulted, we will seek some other help, i have one way, she takes off her earrings and gives to Anarkali and says sell it to shop keeper, it will help us, Anarkali says but, Zil says nit ifs and buts. do what i am saying.
Jalal says two pairs will fight first then the winners will fight to win the 1st spot. first Jodha sword fights with Salima, ruks fights with some other wife, both jodha and ruks wins, Salima says i knew it nobody can win against Jodha, Ruks says no game is still on, let jodha fight with me then we will see who is winner, Jodha and Ruks starts the sword fighting, they both try their best, Ruks injures Jodha’s hand, she then says sorry and says i didnt mean to urt you, jodha says you didnt do it deliberately, lets continues the fight, JAlal says but your wound, jodha says warrior’s get these wounds, nothing to worry, i will fight with one hand, Salim is there too, Jodha starts to play with one hand and wins against Ruks, ruks says i have to accept no one can reach to your level in sword fighting, i accept my defeat, Jalal says but one more game is pending, ruks says but she is injured, Jalal says if she use one hand then i will use one hand too, they start to fight, Jodha’s hand is bleeding and hurting her, Salim notices it and says stop it, he comes inbetween them, all are stunned.

PRECAP- Anarkali is praying in dargah, Salim comes there and prays too but their eyes are closed so couldnt see each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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