Jodha Akbar 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Haidar comes to place in palace from where jalal ordered to drop adham khan and kill him. He says hope father adham that I take revenge from Jalal. minister comes there and says that you come here everyday, Salim comes there and greets Adham, Adham ask how is he? Salim asys when all my brothers are with me then I am happy, he hugs haidar, Haidar smirks, Salim says I remember everything, ADham ask what about your parents, Salim says I remember everything about King Jalal and marium zamani, he leaves, ADham says to his minister that did you listen what Salim said, he smirks, minister ask whats wrong in that? Haidar says not forgetting someone and keep remembering them is both different.

Jodha comes to Shaugnai bai, she says to Jodha that he cameback, Jodha says yes my son returned, Shaguni says not your son but king has come and now his love story will start, Jodha sys he has come now and you are talking about love, Shaguni says soon he is going to meet his love, Jodhba says you are right, all princess want to marry him. Salim comes in market, people chant for him. Jodha ask what kind of princess will Salim get? Shaguni says you are thinking that he will love a princess? she laughs and says you will understand soon, she says your Salim will have unique love story which will start from hatred, like you used to hate Jalal, Salim has coe and now she is going to come too. Anarkalis entry is shown, Salim passesby her and she says that i dont wanna see Salim’s face, i just hate him, because of him my life changed, so much happened, her friend calls her Nadira, she says dont call me Nadira as i hate it because Salim called me with this name, call me Anarkali, her face is shown. she says lets go from here. Shaguni says to Jodha that thousand of girls will wait for Salim’s glance but he will not see the. his eyes will stop at her only.
Jodha comes to Jalal, Jalal ask work?jodha says cant I meet you without work, Jalal in bath tub, he ask her to come closer, Jodha applies haldi to him, Jalal says yoyu must be happy that your son has come but why you here leaving him? Jodha says you always bicker that I give attention to Salim but when I am with you, you are asking me to go, Jodha ask Jalal why didn’t you apply medicine on your hand, Jalal says I don’t want to fill this wound, this wound make me remember that my son has become warrior, he injured me and showed his skill and didn’t you see that he is not angry with you, he came to you first, to his mother, Jodha says not mother but marium Zamani. Jalal calls dasi and orders to call everyone in court, Jodha says what you are upto now, don’t scold Salim now, don’t punish him, he was just giving me respect, Jalal says don’t worry, I wont say anything, I will tell Salim only that for which I have called him.

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Scene 3
Salim recalls how Jalal punished him in childhodd, he says to Qutub that I am suffocating here, this place just make my wounds pain again, Qutub ask him to move on, Salim say I cant forget how I stood under sun in this palace, how mariuma Zamani never stoped me when I was going, Qutub says its not like that, you were not here but I have seen Jalal and Jodha waiting for you for 7 years, they used to keep looking at doors to see you return, Farhan says Qutub is right heir, Salim says I am not heir, he says to Qutuvb that I tried to forget but I cant forget that my parents made me away from them, I cant forget how Jalal sent me in war, I don’t wanna live here, I wanna go to war again, I found peace in war field then here, I came here on Hamida’s insistence but I will leave from here soon, I am just a common soldier. dasi calls Salim in court.
Salim comes in court, all greets him, then Jalal comes in court, all greet him. Jalal says that Humuyun started a tradition, he divided states between his sons so today I will divide states in my sons. Jalal calls Murad first and gives him states, then he gifts states to Daniyal then to daughters aram bano, shankun nissa, all kids have different mothers but have one father that Is Jalal. Jalal calls Salim then, he comes, Jalal says its time that Salim take his responsibility, I want him to sit in special court and take position of bairam Khan, a turban and sword is brought there to officially make Salim part of court, Jalal is about to make him wear turban but Salim stops him, all are shocked. Salim says to Jalal that I am sorry but I am not ready for this responsibility, all are stunned, Jalal looks at Jodha.

PRECAP-Jodha is going to Salim to talk to him about going to Amer with her, otherside Salim is taking opium.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The episode is going to be worst day by day… Only akdha scene is awesome

  2. Salim will not get rid of opium.

  3. Show is awesome salmi is so cute

  4. Please Stop this blo*dy Disgusting Serial as early as Possible

  5. I am sooooooooo disappointed in the wrong turn that this serial has taken this soap is not interesting anymore for me sorry to say in this soap only the bad ones flourish without being caught

  6. What this serials so bad and ruks is always saved and Jodha have to bear everything this is boring

  7. That new Nadira looks like the girl that was in punarvivah she was creating problems for Yash and Aarti…maybe i’m wrong

  8. What’s up with Salim? what great sin your parents could’ve done that you hate them so much…your father was just showing you the right path although i didn’t like your first punishment, but i guess that’s just tough love and your mother who loves you so much even the blind could see and feel it.

  9. Hi all the newbies welcome to JA TU…. And shayon u r absolutely correct !!! It was her only …. But i liked her …. Atleast she reached to the level of my expectation *don’t know about others* so thank u ekta kapoor !! It was cool and will be interesting to see a new love story !

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