Jodha Akbar 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jalal is very happy and says i knew it you will come, he is about to get down but sees jodha vanishes, he recalls jdha saying that she cant come with him, he says now i have to bear pain, its my turn.
in amer, jodha’s convey comes. she looks out of her palanquin and comes out, dadi is happy to see her. she comes to dadi. dadi goes her aarti, dadi says to place kahna at high place, jodha’s chachi takes kahna’s idol from her. jodha hugs dadi, dadi says i am so happy to see yu, its enough that you are found, dadi says never think that you are alone, your family is with you, jodha ask where is maasa, dadi says she is waiting inside, jodha says i will go, she ask dasi to take shehnaz to room, she says to shehnaz that dont worry dasies will take care of you, jodha tells dadi

that she ttok my care in asylum and her name is shehnaz she will stay here.

Scene 2
jodha comes and hugs meena, she ask why didnt you welcome me? she says i wanted to come out but how could i? i told you to never come here then how could i welcome, i was so upset for whatever i told you, please forgive me for what i said earlier, jodha says enough you will not say anything about my maasa, jodha sees her doll, hugs her and says you are great mother how can i be angry with you, forget what happened in past, what you said was to keep me away from problem, not keep me away from you, they hug. dadi comes and says i said to you meena that jodha as nig heart, she doesnt hate her enemies then how can she be angry with you, meena says you get fresh then we will have lunch. dadi says dont forget about ganghaur pooja, meena says now pooja will done with alot happiness.

Scene 3
in jungle, jalal says i want to alone for some time, he gets down from horse, he is heartbroken and says i stoop so low that i doubted you, he sits on ground and cries hard, he recalls jodha throwing color on him and how jodha faced him with anger, how she said that she doesnt wanna come with him( dil kashmakas main plays). some beggar comes to him and gives him food, he says sadness lessen with food, jalal says you are giving your food to me? he says its to have half half food then you remain hungry, he says i am a poor man, jalal says but you have heart of a king, he says there is only one king that is jalal a very brave king, he says he doesnt have heart but he doesnt realiza that he have, he will give his heart to someone before he realize that he has it, jalal smiles and eats food, he recalls how he said to ruks that he doesnt have heart neither he will have, poor man says eat, jalal gives him money, he says i am not beggar, jalal says its payment of your food, he says i agve to my most precious thing my food, you also give me your precious thing, jalal gives him coin, he says i am giving you my most precious to me and i am giving it you as someone said that give this coin to someone who recognizes me and you recognized that i have heart, man gets shocked and shehenshah, he sits in jalal’s feet and says forgive me i couldnt recognize, jalal says to man take this coin, he says no i cant take it, this must be given by some your own, jalal recalls jodha giving him and saying that take this coin, it will protect you and if someone recognize that you have heart then give it to him, jalal says yes its my own.

Scene 4
jodha has tears in eyes, meena ask what happened. jodha says nothing, meena says wear this necklace, it is blessing of maa gauri, it protect husband from evil, necklace drops and breaks, jodha is stunned and says maasa it broken, maasa says wear some other, jodha says no i will make it right and will wear it, dont know what problem will come to him(jalal).

Scene 5
jalal is sitting in jungle, he hears nise and grabs man who was attacking jalazl from behind, jalal says i have education from my baba, He says you couldn’t attack because you were stabbing from backside. I have the prayers of people with me. He tries to stab again and this time jalal’s heart. He says once people said i dont have a heart now i have one but some else owns it. And the one i have belongs to some else and demands protection. Mali comes and kills the man. Jalal says i wont take long to know who you’re. Mali says i wont leave you. Just like you did set me at large. That was your biggest mistake. jalal looks angrily at mali, mali says i will not leave you, you did mistake to free me, you are without weapon so you have to die, mali laughs, mali’s men comes down from trees, they surround jalal, mali says you are lucky but i am c lever, you are a fool to come in my teritory without soldier just for sake of a women and she didnt even come with you, now you will die here, beg for your life now, jalal says i dont want it, mali ask then what yu want? jalal says i want to pray, mali says okay pray, jalal makes his hands up to pray, all mali’s soldiers also start praying leaving their swords, jalal prays and attacks, mali he says you made mistake to allow me to pray to Allah now he is with me, nobody can do anything to me, jalal fights with all his men, jodha on other side is making jewelry piece, she get hurt in her finger, maasa says jewelry maker will do it, jodha says no i will do it, she prays to protect her husband. other side jalal is injured.

PRECAP-mali attacks jalal in jungle, they are sword fighting, jalal gets injured by his attack and falls on ground, mali is standing there with sword in his hand, he smirks that he can kill jalal now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @pari…so u r waiting for me..just 2 say this????????but did u forgot????? ur team loses against us!!!!!

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  3. @sharon shukriya shukriya.

  4. Raj..wat happn to u?? Yadhu gonna get a shock by this revelation…too much emotions fr me raj…shraddha smethi happen to him..

  5. Hey when they will meet i can’t wait

  6. Hey anaelle i think u missunderstood it hakim e khas.. hakim means doctor so hakim e khas means doctor e khas

  7. @anaelle ask him!

  8. hey guys i have one question wy did AISHA stop commenting???
    i used love reading her comments
    she wa soo funny!

  9. The jl bfre was more hndsome…the 1 nw is ok ..but lacks tht pride tht grandeur frm the one bfre…

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    what’s d name.I forgot.the new year.

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  14. How many days when they will meet

  15. Ya maybe raj…but wat happen to u?? Y such a revelation??

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    Lots of love
    Shraddha didi

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  30. Ok raj…yadhu reply as fast as possible u hv been comitted a new bro…clarify things yar…meanwhile hv gud night to u..n wish yadhu dnt make u lose against shraddha lol..bye

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