Jodha Akbar 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal angrily looks at child and starts going towards him, one common man comes and says don’t touch my child, jalal kills the man and again looks at kid, he recalls deadbodies of his children, the mother of kid comes there and takes kid in her hands, she says to jalal that now you must be at peace by killing so many, you are king then why don’t you fight with soldiers, why are you killing common people, do one thing, kill me and my child as you killed you husband, what will do now, jalal says I will kill you, this is life’s realty whom you love the most, he or she is snatched, women says you are killing innocents, jalal says when your God takes someone’s life then it is ok but when king takes life then it is unjustified, women says yes as GOd gives life so he can take it, you are not God, you killed innocents, jalal says my children were innocents too, why did your God kill them? women ask him to take revenge from them, she ask jalal to kill her and her child, jalal is about to kill her but he imagines jodha standing there with Hassan and Hussain, he leaves the sword, women goes to her husband’s deadbody and cries, jalal looks at massacre he has done, he looks at countless deadbodies lying on ground and is in shock, Jalal looks at sky and says to God that what you got doing all this, why you took peace from me, why you snatched my hussain and Hassan from me, I used to pray infront of you, I used to bow to you, I used to offer Namaz and zakat but why you did this to me, you have made me a devil, I am animal now, don’t think that only you can take life, look here, I have killed thousand of people here, today there lives were in my hands, I took their life away, a women said that I can only take lives of people but cant give life to anyone but I wanna tell you that there will be thousand of people now who will not believe you from now on, today I have won and I have won over God, you killed my children and was happy, today I am happy, jalal smirks, soldiers come there, All soldiers chant for jalal, jalal says to todar that I want to get happy by doing all this but don’t know I am not getting happiness. he goes from there.
jalal comes in tent, he raises his hands for prayers but then he looks at hs hands and puts it down, jalal says I won biggest war of my life but why I am not happy. Solider comes to jalal and says Salim chisti wants to meet you, jalal says I told him that I don’t believe in God, soldier says he is trying to meet from four months, he is asking to meet him for once only, jalal thinks.

Scene 2
Ruks comes to jodha and says there is one good news, jalal has won war of mewar, jodha says jalal has killed innocent people, ruks says not less but he has killed many enemies, the real jalal is back, his anger has comeback on his sword, she smirks. Ruks ask jodha to get ready as we have to celebrate good news for Mughals after many days, she leaves from there. Jodha is in tears and says how can one celebrate the victory of bloodshed, moti says I have listened jalal has not left anyone, he killed children and women too, jodha curtly looks at kahna’s mandir whch has curtain on it.
Voice over says jalal without will went to chisti, he wanted to know that why he is not getting peace after winning big wars, jalal comes to meet Prist chisti, Chisti welcomes him he says I am king jalal, now this world doesn’t need to bow infront of God, now they will bow infront of me, chisti stands up and puts hand on jalal’s heart, chisti says I understand your pain, you have lost maham and your children, I know your pain and this will go with time, jalal says whole world will have to bear this pain, chisti says if a common man thinks like that then its fine but you are king, you cant think like that, you are in pain, jalal says I am happy, chisti says by giving pain to others, you cant be happy,look at your face, its not showing happiness, you wont get peace like this,you will get peace when you will help people come out of their pains, I thought that after your children death, you wont let anyone go away from their loving ones but you took wrong meaning of their death, king is that who think of pain of people, you are a big king but younger in age, comeback jalal to right path, don’t become devil, you saw that you wont get peace by killing people, you will get peace only when you serve people, prayers mae you Akbar, not become jalal again. jalal thinks.

Scene 3
in night, jodha is sitting in her room, jalal comes there, jodha is shocked, music plays, jalal bows his head, jodha is tensed, jodha says I was not feeling comfortable so chisti called me here but what are you doidn here? jalal says I ma here to find peace too, I won biggest war, I killed thousand of people but I didn’t get peace, I couldn’t get happiness, I thought this will finish my loniliness, jodha ask what chisti said? jalal says don’t know what he has said after doing that I will get peace, whether my pain will change to happiness, he sits on floor and says you tried to make me understand but I didn’t listen to you, in my anger, I gave pain to everyone, what did I get? nothing, its just more lonliness, more pain, I have done a huge mistake, I have done a sin, jodha sits beside him and says I am sorry for the pain I have given you, jalal in tears looks at jodha, she looks at him.

PRECAP- jalal and jodha are in tent, jodha feels like puking, she vomits, jalal ask are you fine. Todar tells ruks that jodha is pregnant and she is going to give heir to Mughals, ruks is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why no twist again?

  2. Thks GOD…….Jodha pregnant n Akbar will be find his heart.

  3. cv wat is wrong. you are to show ja love and healing proces and not salim birth. hope it is not salim but the other children of jodha, cos salim born 5 yrs later. now it is not 5yrs yet.
    hope tis is not cos of rajat’s wedding. i know his personal issue but dont spoil the serial.
    i am sure when sign the dotted lines for JA, he did not mention getting married so fast. pls tell his gal if she love him she can wait, for serial to finish. why push rt, she dont trust him,,,,,, she will then put all rules on rt on how to act and with whom and spoil his career, seen this in filmworld.

    pls rajat you have acted so well that my mom is old @75, who thinks that RT n Paridhi were Jodha and Akbar in former life. that no one can act so well in this this life size serial.
    so naturally, fufill yr agreement to finish acting then marry.
    marriage can take place any time, but chance for this type of acting comes once in a lifetime.
    think of then scarfice you your family have made to reach this peak and fame.

    we not agt you get marry. but wan u to wait, everything has its time and space. concentrate on yr career. you are just 23.
    not some old man.
    awake up ekta pls drive some sense to rt.
    look at ekta, she is driving her career up, knowing the fulfilment she gets, marriage will come later.
    after all is the only daughter for her fly.

    build yr career, maybe yr gal is getting old so she is pushing you. remember you cannot wwork long hours, once married. of course now she will say understand dont worry but reality checks in, then you cannot concentrate.

    just yr concern fan, RT. hope you are reading this.

    btw, i am an malaysian indian,

  4. i thnk jo is not prgnt she must b sick coz no 1 cn get prgnt like this n if it will b shown thn its rating will decrease very much n ruk is shocked ths time not jeals ok !!!!!

  5. n tanishq i dont thnk tat u r well educated coz anr idiot cn say this hopfully n go through the histry proprly hass n huss were thr n they were ruks children n ruk was the only luv of akbar in resllity n ruk had max no.of children in ak peroid like hhass huss fatima n etc…..!!!!!

  6. Hey ppl happie diwali 2 all of u

  7. Hey guys happy choti diwali !

  8. Hi every i am new i didn’t understand a precap

  9. Hi sara welcome to this forum ! So which precap u didn’t understand ??

  10. Hi guys i m also new here !!! *lol*

  11. Sorry in my comment i have written understand instead of understood !! And again sorry because i was joking i m the old aisha n not new !!!

  12. Can i ask 1 question to u all !! Do u all make rangoli here at your home ?? I never make cuz my says that i spoil everything when i do anything !!! Lol

  13. It looks serial is going to end shortly.

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