Jodha Akbar 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal comes to atifa and says you did not sleep till now? atifa says I am not getting slep, if you agree then I wanna sing song for you whole night, the song which I wrote specialy for you, jalal says why not, I love your voice.
atgah is with jalal, atgah says I suggest that you should not do this nikaah, jalal says why? atgah says all are going against you and if you marry then riots will start, all will be destroyued, jalal says you want me to become coward and stop this nikaah for nation’s sake, I will fight withal my enemies and I have decided that I will marry, atgah says what you think that I am worried about my position, no I can give life for you but this will destroy your family too, jalal shouts enough, you don’t have right to talk like this, ruks listens all this and cant believe jalal’s behavior.

Scene 2
jdha is sitting infront of kahna and prays that if I did any mistake then forgive me.
its morning, all come in court for nikaah ceremony, jalal comes there and says I wanna see who is betrayer, I wanna see who did not come in my nikah even after my order, is there anyone, he says to priest that today you will see whose power is more, yours or mine, jalal’s soldiers put sword on priest’s neck, hamida says this is wrong that you are threatening priest to do your nikaah, jalal says not to worry, he says I have called atifa’s companion from Kabul to become witness, people gossip that what jalal is doing is wrong but he was a generous king, other says I wish the other king which will be made now also be generous.
jodha is in her room, she takes off her jewelry and cries, she says thinking of leaving this is making my heart burst.
atifa and jalal come in court for nikaah, jalal has veil on his face, priest ask atifa do she accept this marrieg, she accept it for three times, priest ask jalal do he accept this marriage, he stand up all stand up too.
jodha comes out of her room and goes towards court, soldier stops her and says that jalal ordered me to not allow you in court, jodha says I am not going there to stop marriage, I am going there to congratulate jalal on his relation, soldier says ok I will accompany you.
jalal accepts the marriage, all are devastated, atifa stands beside jalal and takes out her sword, all are stunned, atifa’ companion from Kabul hijack whole court, they put swords on every minister’s and wives neck, aitfa cuts jalal’s neck with her sword, all are stunned, one shout, what king jalal is killed. all are shouting in court, jodah listens this from outside and goes to court, hamida shouts jalal, jodha runs to jalal in court but atifa’s men stop her, jodha is shocked to see jalal lying in pool of blood, she says this cant happen, atifa says I was waiting fro this day only, that when I become shahi wife and when jalal is killed, jodha shouts what you did jodha, he is your husband, atifa laughs that yes jalal was husband of atifa but I am sakina, when I am not atifa then how I am wife of jalal? atifa’s men says that take all wives of jalal from here, jodha says no I wont go anywhere leaving jalal here, atifa’s husband says that seem like jodha is most hurt on jalal’s killing, atifa says jodha, jalal used to hate you, maham comes to atifa and cries and says what you did, you killed jalal? how can you this, you killed jalal, I raised jalal whole my life and you killed him sakina, she says sakina it was intended to kill jalal, you were not allowed to kill jalal, did I told you this, she throws sakina in ground, she shouts that I told you to only throw jalal away from throne but not kill him, atifa’s husband says that if we left jalal alive then he would have taken throne from us again so I decided to kill him, also why are you worried, you hated him, maham says you decided this? did I say that kill him, only I have the right to decide about jalal’s life, you shouldn’t have to kill him, she sits near jalal’s body and cries, she says believe me, I did not want to kill you, I just wanted your throne, I didn’t hate you, I hate that women, jodha, whom you loved the most, this jodha snatched my position, my respect so I decided to plan this all but I loved you jalal, you were like my child, I wanted you to divorce jodha but you didn’t, jodha says to atifa that I wont leave you, she is about to go to her but atifa’s husband comes in her way and puts his foot in her way, all looks on shocked. some priest comes infront, saves jodha and says you did mistake but you shouldn’t have to raise voice against jodha begum, its non e other than jalal in disguise, he takes off his fake beard and turban and maham, atifa are shocked to see jalal alive, jodha is beyond happy. jalal says what you thought, I wont understand anything, did you see your men closely, see closely, your one man is lost from here, husband of atifa says that you wont be saved jala, our goon s have kidnapped you all, maham says we have canons too so you are under our control, jalal says you should have checked as those canons are empty, he take out his sowrd, all start fighting in court, jalal kills atifa’s husband, all are killed, jalal comes to maham and says how can you forget that I am very dangerous weapon, you only teached me all this, maham says I did all this for you, jalal says what you thought that I wont understand your plan, see clearly all are present here but one person is not here, atgah sahib, he calla atgah in court, he says I pretended that I am throwing atgah from palace, same way I pretended this nikaah, jodha is happy to listen all this, jalal says the way atifa met me 1st, I understood that its all planned meeting, the way atifa was going close to me, I understood that someone is behind her and wants me to go close to her, I wanted to know the master mind, then next day, atgah told me that atifa came from Kabul so I was sure about plan, I wanted to know who is behind atifa so I became part of this dirty pla, flashback shows how atifa’s husband says to atifa that you are beautiful but cant lure jalal so you have to gain his sympathy, we have to pretend that I am cruel husband, jalal says I listened their talk and played the game along with them, now I got the real culprit.

PRECAP- jalal says to jodha that I doubted many but I was not expecting maham to do this with me. jodha concernedly looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hey sania same pinch i know the same information about atga !

  2. Hey sania same pinch i know the same information about atga sahab .

  3. Akbar also formed powerful matrimonial alliances. When he married Hindu princesses—including Jodha Bai, the eldest daughter of the house of Jaipur, as well princesses of Bikaner and Jaisalmer—their fathers and brothers became members of his court and were elevated to the same status as his Muslim fathers- and brothers-in-law. While marrying off the daughters of conquered Hindu leaders to Muslim royalty was not a new practice, it had always been viewed as a humiliation. By elevating the status of the princesses’ families, Akbar removed this stigma among all but the most orthodox Hindu sects.

  4. Unlike other Great Mughal emperors (including Jahangir and Shah Jahan), it seems Akbar was not a very romantic man. While he did sleep with countless many women, particularly when he was still young, it seems he had no real “love of his life”. It is however well documented that his cousin Salima Sultana, whom he married after Bairam Khan’s death, was clearly his favorite, in spite of the fact that she did not bear him any children. She was highly influential, probably much more than Akbar’s mother was, and Akbar greatly valued her opinion. She appears to have been intelligent, exceptionally well-read, and an accomplished poetess, but to my knowledge, she has not left any published memoirs to posterity.

    It is reported that no less than 5,000 women lived in Akbar’s palace, of whom, chroniclers hasten to reassure us, “only” about 300 (still a highly impressive number) were his wives or concubines. It should be remembered, though, that these unions were, above all, politically inspired: many a local ruler was more than eager to send one of his daughters to the imperial palace and thus establish a family link between himself and the emperor.

    It is also well documented, that the ladies in the imperial palace were quite influential and active in society. Many mosques, madrasas and other monuments of the Mughal era have in fact been commissioned by women! It is also reported that the princess of Amber (Akbar’s first Hindu wife and Jahangir’s mother) was a highly astute business woman, who ran an active international trade in spices, silk, etc., and thus amassed a private fortune which dwarfed the treasury of many a European king…

  5. So guyed I don’t beloved he wasn’t romantic
    But it could be :,
    As he had many wives maybe he has no more interest in any
    Or it could be it isn’t real plzzzzz comment and read in detail

    Plz see this photo this man used to say that

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  8. akbar proved his wisdom.sorry akbar for misunderstanding

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