Jodha Akbar 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha recalls jalal’s words in sleep about todar and how he was feeling that I was wrong, she gets up from sleep and comes to mandir, she tries to lits diya in mandir but diya doesn’t take fire and doesn’t blow up, jodha says why diya is not litting kahna, whats wrong, please show me right path, am I doing wrong with jalal, I pray that you don’t let anything wrong happen.
in garden jalal is practicing, jodha comes to tulsi plant to pray and see jalal practicing, she does her prayers and keep looking at jalal, she goes to him, jalal is angry and looks at jodha, she greets him and says take parsad, jalal washes his hands and face and takes parsad. jodha says I need to talk, jalal calls servant and takes his weapon back showing jodha that he is busy, munim comes there, jodha gives him parsad and goes. munim tells jalal that its time to hang todar, jalal says ok, I will come after getting ready, jodha listens this and looks at jalal, he curtly looks at her and goes from there, jodha thinks that jalal was good friend of yours and he is sad but what you did was wrong and you should get punished, I know kahn will not let anything wrong happen.
maham says to adham that wow one of jalal’s loyal is going to be killed and this smaal spats between jalal and jodha will become big fight, if few more loyal ministers of jalal gets killed then jalal will have to look upon us for help, then we will win, adham ays what if shehnaz and jalal becomes and they came to know that you have kidnapped chand, then what, maham says nobody knew till now and will not know, shehnaz thinks that jalal has kidnapped her and she will think that only.

Scene 2
mahaC is seeing map of agra, beg says that our force are ready to attack agra, mahaC says my heart have agra only, she comes to her force and addresses them that you are my force and I don’t know how to lose, we will win when we will put down the flag of saltanat, who ever come in our way, my force will finish it, haider is not happy and leaves from there, beg says congrats mahaC your force is ready to give you what you want. mahaC says remember beg if this force is not able to give me what I want then you will decide their fate, beg says ofcourse.
todar is going to be hanged on death, zakira says that believe on god, god doesn’t let anything bad happen to his good people, everything will be fine, todar says I also trust my bahgwan that nothing, what my fate has I accept that, I just hope that shehnaz’s truth comes out soon.
jalal looks at Quran pak and says god, whats happening today is not right, I am feeling restless, this shouldn’t happen with todar, did I took wrong decision? god please help, injustice shouldn’t happen with anyone and being king don’t let injustice done by hands, God give me some peace, give peace to my heart, he leaves, jodha listens all this.

Scene 3
shehnaz is playing with dagger, dasi comes there with food, shehnaz says I don’t wanna eat, go from here, don’t disturb, jodha comes there and listens to her hiding, shehnaz murmurs that they don’t let in peace for sometime, I have to do drama of being mad all the time, jodha is shocked, jodha comes to her and slaps her hard, shehnaz ask why are beating me? jodha is about to slap her again but shehnaz holds her hand and says do you think I am mad that you will beat me and I will stay silent, jodha ask who are you, shehnaz grabs her. shehnaz says I am nigaar daughter of chand begum and humuyun, jalal kidnapped my mother and made her mad so that I don’t get anything, jodha says this means you are sister of jalal, jala doesn’t even know where is chand, he is searching for her, you are thinking wrong, shehnaz grabs her and ties her mouth and hands with dupatta, she says what happened jodha why are you not saying anything, she shows her dagger and says if you didn’t come in my way this wouldn’t have happened with you.

Scene 4
Rahim comes to jalal and says look the doll and prince which shehnaz took from me to play, she beheaded this doll and prince, jalal says don’t worry I will bring for you, Rahim says but why did she behead the toys, he goes out, jalal thinks that she took these toys to play but why she took off their head, he goes to shehnaz’a room.
he comes in her room and is shocked to see jodha tied with dupatta in her room. jalal is about to come to jodha but shehnaz puts dagger on her neck and says don’t come forward else I will kill your favorite wife, jalal says the one who stood by your side all the time, you are deceiving her like this, shehnaz says you deceived all jalal, don’t come forward, jalal says why are you doing this, shehnaz says you are not loyal to your father, you didn’t accept his decision. jodha says she is not shehnaz but niggar, daughter of chand begum, she is your wife, she thinks that you kidnapped chand begum, shehnaz says don’t be shocked jalal, I am nigaar and I have the right on throne, jalal says this means you are my sister, she says unfortunately I am you sister and for your information I have found my mother and I will free her soon, jalal says you are thinking wrong, I ma also finding her, shehnaz says you are lying, look I have this letter of humuyun in which it is written that I will get the throne but you played a game and kidnapped my mother so I cant get the throne, if you would knew that I am niggar you would have killed me too, jalal says believe me I don’t know about at all. shehnaz says I came here to kill you, I will get whats mine and I will destroy you, she throws jodha in jalal’s arms and runs, jalal says I will not leave her today, jodha says no she is you elder sister, grab her before she attacks you.

PRECAP- jalal is running behind shehnaz, he comes in garden area, shehnaz ask him to stop as she is holding Rahim and ahs put dagger on his neck, she sits on house with Rahim and runs from palace.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  6. when jodha was easily captured by shahnaz how she will fight with her?

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  7. atlast some action shown in episode i like jodha

  8. This is grate. God never support wrong. He stands for his faithful. Thank God Toda will be save

  9. in d previous episodes jodha was portrayed as a warrior fighting with might , how comes shehanaz easily cathed her and tied with duputta.

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