Jodha Akbar 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 1st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
jashn starts, resham dances, jalal, jodha smile. ruks says to jalal that this never happened earlier, what was the need, she is just a eunuch, jalal says i am stunned that you are talking like this, hoshiyar served you alot, she says yes but she not my friend, ruks says to jalal that hoshiyar served me alot but i cant ignore that he is just a eunuch and he should be put in his right place, jalal looks at jodha and says you are everyone should be put in their right place they deserve., but i think eunuch have emotions too, ruks says lets go to have dinner, jalal says i will eat here only, ruks says how you can eat here, he says i came here so will eat here, jalal ask about maham? resham says she went to dargah to pray for you, ruks says she think you as her son.

Scene 2

comes to dargah, she prays. she looks around and goes in dark, she drapes shawl and comes out of dargah from back side, she goes in jungle. she meets some man and orders him something, he opens gate of some hut, she goes in.

Scene 3
dilawar is washing hands by rubbing, jalal sees it and thinks that why she is washing like hindu when she is muslim, dilawar sit for dinner and its chicken in dinner, she is skeptical to eat it, jalal notices it. ruks ask jalal where you are lost, lets eat something, resham ask dilawar to eat, she says i have to go to bakshi, resham says lets have something 1st, she tastes sweetdish, jalal thinks that there is something wrong with her.
maham comes out of hut with some note in hand. maham comes in palace, she lits fire, javeda comes and ask what are you doing, she ask what are you burning, maham says love letters, javeda says you are loving someone in this age, maham says yes, javeda says who sent you this, maham says its from heaven, javeda says thats why you go to market alot these days, javeda informs her about jashn pf hoshiyar khan, maham says i am chief minister i am not that cheap to go there, javeda says i will go there so ruks may like me, maham says yes you look like eunuch, javeda says what, she says you are maham’s DIL you cant go there, javeda says all have eunuch but you dont allow me to have them as servant, maham says i got to know that i am biggest fool to question you, she gors out, javeda says she shouldnt have said herself fool.

Scene 4
maham comes to jalal, jalal says i want to ask a muslim can do mistake in his prayers or his style of washing, maham says a true muslim cant do mistake in his prayers, jalal says i got to know something about dilawar. dilawar is brought inside by soldiers, jalal ask who are you? he says i am dilawar, jalal says you are not dilawar niether muslim, dilawar says i am not muslim by birth, it was my past, i changed my religion, jalal says why didnt you tell me? he says i changed my religion to earn so i didnt tell you, maham ask with whom you were working before, he says with some chandar, dilawar says i have to go to bakshi she was about to fall today jalal says go to her right now, he leaves. jalal says to maham to keep an eye on her, she says okay.

Scene 5
jalal is standing near balance, jodha comes there, jalal says i want to be alone for sometime leave me, he says i am saying you again to leave me, jodha says when i was confused to take harem’s responsibilbity you helped me out, you brought confidence in me that shehenshah is with me, my husband is with me you solved my problem, jalal says i will find way for my problem, jodha says pain lessen by sharing, i am your wife share with me, jalal says its not important to share everything with wife, jodha says then there is trust lack between them, jalal remembers jodha with that man(suja). jodha says tell me your problem, jalal says i am not worried, jodha says i can be wrong but hamida also said that you are worried, she asked me to talk with you, jalal says so you came on her wish, jodha says why you take wrong impression of every talk, jalal says why dont you leave me, he leaves. jodha is hurt/

Scene 6
in morning, jalal comes to meet adham, adham informs him about win of malwa, jalal ask about pir mohammad, atgah informs that pir mohammad died in winning malwa, adham says the day after war, baaj bahudur’s men attacked us, i tried to save him but couldnt, he recalls how he killed pir, jalal says we will take revenge, jalal says why my loyal people are going away from me, he prays to have mercy.
adham meets maham, she says you are using your brain these days, maham says take every step after thinking, javeda comes aqnd hugs him infront of maham, she ask him to go with her, she takes him away. maham laughs and says adham did great work, i want jalal to throw jodha out, i have to put doubt hatred in jalal’s mind against jodha.

PRECAP- maham tells ruks that whom jodha use to meet in night is a rajvanshi, he is in harem now as eunuch, he is working for bakshi, ruks is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Guys do u think the show will extend to when jo will be pregnant of akbar…n tht it will be shown who will ascend the throne after akbar??…

  2. hi!!!aradhya.pyal.parikshit..
    @anael…ofcourse I. will got dozens of pic… bro.I also appreciate on u….butjust as u say there are lot’s of controversies on it!!!!!!! so just forget..n Chill

  3. @ Parikshit you see this is such a topic that you can’t claim to be right or wrong. But you have to analyse them from your side. I don’t know if you know this or not, but Daniyal, one of Akbar’s son was sent to Aamer to be brought up by them. Can you believe that? I still find it difficult to believe!

  4. Anael it should so other wise i will be hurt i want whole story as serial

      1. Hai janvi

  5. Yes shraddha i read in wikipedia

  6. Thanks

  7. Hi! Jhanvi, pyal. Pyal seen u in the forum of beintehaa

    1. Ha aradhya

  8. Ektas shows hav always been produce fr lng periods evn if they were borin n had no sense..but JA is far the best show ive watched..though it may be borin sometimes…n as a foreigner i too want to no the whole story of JA…though certain things were changed..

  9. @Pyal in wikipedia, information gets edited frequently. Many celebs have been complaining about the same regarding their personal info and as far as history is concerned, I would say, it doesn’t provide completely accurate information!

  10. @shraddha.akba. did all the things on rajput…these are political alliance.did u know he use maan Singh against maharana pratap…I never told u r wrong…so forget [email protected]’s didi.

  11. Shraddha can u mention author names

  12. @shraddha didi thank u for d information.

  13. Hai pariskhit

  14. Wa wa wa…wat a debate…akdha here ….akdha here…u both r really gettin those who r readin too cnfused….cngratulations fr being historians..but plz..dnt get us cnfuse…

  15. did u guys know that jalal and jodha are going to have a lip-lock after jalal realizes his mistake!!!!!

    1. trusted source i found out at

  16. @ Parikshit I’m not Raj’s didi first of all! Only political alliance?????? Limits!! Even I didn’t say you are wrong. Better we stop arguing on this! Otherwise I’ll start debating and this will get serious. Leave it!

  17. Well seems like the war is over…

  18. @shraddha didi please be cool. U tell others to be cool. But u r not cool dis time. Be cool.

  19. episode is just going like other serial,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,boring !!!!!

    1. not after monday when jalal and jodha have a lip-lock

  20. @yadhu wat do u study??

  21. @ Anael……..Thats it! You got it! Its confusing! Very confusing. So believe what you want to believe only after you have enough of information with you so that to you can be confident enough to answer anyone. But I don’t want this forum to turn into a battlefield. So, no discussions henceforth. Just enjoy the serial. Thats it!

  22. I am just thinking 2 go!!!! but till waited…the situation is really going to an unexpected way!!!!! fight and flight.

    1. yeah im out bye

  23. @ Yadhu I’m fine! I have already said, no more discussions on this. And Parikshit I admire you for your knowledge as well. Good job!

  24. hey shraddha how r u??????????

  25. @ Raj and everyone sorry guys! The atmosphere got ruined! Sorry!

  26. @ Raj….I’m fine!

  27. @shradda calm dwn yaar…evrything is cool..n as i always said…U R AKDHAS EXPERT…n i maintain matter wat others say..ill only listen to u…so calm dwn dear..ur always cool..why tht today…plz cheer up my friend…

  28. Sorry 2 everyone!!!!

  29. Gd nite guys . Today its boring

  30. @Anael I don’t understand why is everyone thinking that I’m not fine. I’m all cool guys! That was just a disagreement over certain points and it happens. The question is not about being an expert dear. I won’t mind even if you don’t call me an expert because I was never anything like that. It was just a discussion which got over. And henceforth, I’ll try avoiding history topics, otherwise we’ll again have a bad atmosphere which many may not prefer. So, a big sorry from my side to everyone!

  31. Gd nite guys . Today its boring.

  32. @Parikshit……..a sorry to you as well!!!!!

  33. Hey shradda i always liked ur character…u may nt cnsider urself an expert…but u r our expert..n if ever u stop comin frm this forum…i wuld hv no interest in comin here…no sry btwn friends dear..evry human being mskes mistakes..

  34. @pari…don’t want 2 but give u a advice…never go to an argument with girls….remember!!!If u won…it will be ur worst.
    @akbarpedia….relax yaar!!!!!
    anyways good night…say 2 ur sister 2.everyone good night…..
    and aisha If u there…then gd night 2 u!!!!!

  35. Sorry 2 u shraddha…I don’t want 2 go in debate..but unfortunately it happen…so.sorry….and yah I always remember ur advice…It is a cool [email protected]
    Good night.

  36. @Raj gud night! Oh God! I’m fine!

  37. @ Parikshit……..A sorry from my side as well! It happens, especially when we are debating over something which is really controversial. We just need to keep it in mind that there should be no discussions henceforth because people are not liking it over here.

  38. Can anyone has seen…last 3 comments on 27th.March….It’s really horrible!

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