Jodha Akbar 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Qadir is being treated, there is a team of doctors observing Qadir’s health, he is royal palace, Jodha comes there and ask about Qadir? one doctor says we have put medicine on his wound, Jodha ask can I tie sacred thread n his hand, doctor nod in yes, Jodha ties sacred thread to Qadir’s arm and prays that you become fine soon, Jodha ask till when he will be unconscious? doctor says that his health has become little fine, we are hoping that he will be fine soon, he need prayers too, Jodha says I pray for Qadir not because that Salim will return soon but I know his dadi must be waiting for him to return to her as I know how mother feels when her child is away from her, she leaves from there.
Maan and Todar tells jalal that some thugs have entered in Agra, they have

got to know that Salim is out of palace, so they are ready to attack him, Jalal is shocked, Jalal says to Maan that tell Rahim to be alert with Salim, tonight I will go to protect Salim, Salim is in some jungle, some thugs surround him., Jalal says today I will finish these thieves.
Jodha is going to her room and finds Murad fighting with SAlim, she is shocked, Murad and Salim are fighting over balls, they get into scuffle, Jodha comes there and scolds them both that you both always fight, she ask SAlim to say sorry to Murad, it turns out to be Jodha’s imagination and in actual Daniyal and Murad are fighting, Daniyal says to jodha that Salim is not here with us, Jodha says but you are with me, don’t fight, Murad says to jodha that what if Salim is not here, you scold me, you twist my ears, I will not say anything to you but please don’t cry, Daniyal says you can twist my ear too, Jodha hugs all children, Salim comes there and says Murad is right, these kids are yours too like Salim is my child, I understand your situation but you have to be strong, Salim will return soon, you don’t worry, Jodha nods and smiles.

Scene 2
Salim is making food in dadi’s hut, he is makig roties, Rashid alongwith zil bahar and Anarkali comes there to meet Dadi, Rashid greets Salim as prince, Salim says I am not prince here but common man. Anarkali ask dadi about Qadir, Dadi says his treatment is going on, hope he will return soon, Zil bahar says we are lucky to have got a king like Jalal who has sent his prince to serve you, Rashid ask do you need anything? Dadi says no, Salim does every work here, for namesake he is prince but he is very down to earth and sensible, he has taken responsibility of whole house, Anarkali comes to Salim in kitchen and finds him having tough time in kneading flour, she puts water in flour, Salim ask what you did? Anarkali says that it was dry so it was difficult for you in kneading it, Salim says I don’t need your help, I know, Anarkali says that why you are so egoistic, I always help you, Salim says I don’t need your help, Anrakali says I make roties in my house, Salim says I have learned it too, I make here daily, you have out excess amount of water in it, Anarkali puts more water in it and destroys flour, Salim says how dare you, he puts the watery flour on Anarkali’s mouth, Anarkali shouts for Zil bahar, all comes inside, Salim says its not my fault, I was doing my work and she had put water in flour to destroy it, zil bahar scolds Anarkali and says sorry to Salim, she says to Anarkali that lets go home then I will take your class. they leave.

Scene 3
Salim says to Dadi that Anarkali destroyed the flour, Dadi says we will use it too, don’t worry, Salim says don’t call her again to your house, she is bad, Dadi smiles.
Maan tells jalal that we have tightened the security of SAlim. Jalal says nothing should happen to Salim.
Salim is shown to be walking in jungle in night, he is crying and asking where are you maasa, some thugs come there and attacks… it turns about to be bad dream of Jodha, she wakes up with a start and says what a bad dream, why my heart is beating fast, why I am thinking Salim is in danger, I had same feeling at time of Hassan and Hussain dying, I cant lose Salim, I have to talk to Jalal.
Jodha is finding Jalal in palace. Hamida comes there and ask her, Jodha says I am worried, I don’t know why I am feeling Salim is in danger like I felt for Hassan and Hussain, I don’t know where is Jalal, Hamida ask her to go and meet Salim, Jodha says what about Jalal’s orders, Hamida says motherly love is greater than orders, if Jalal want then he can punish me, its my order that you go and meet Salim, till you don’t meet him,, you will not be in peace, so go and meet him, jodha nods and goes from there.
Jalal is with Rahim and all outside dadi’s hut, he ask all to take position and attackers should not find way to hut, Rahim says everything is fine, Jalal says till now but my experience say that it will not be fine for much time, Todar says if they attack today then they will not leave from here alive, Jalal listens some movement, he ask Todar to take his position while he will check, Jalal comes in jungle and grabs one person, he puts sword on her neck, it turns out to be Jodha, Jalal is shocked and ask what are you doing here? what if I have attacked you? don’t you have respect for my orders, Jodha says I have but my heart was beating fast fro Salim, I saw a bad dream and I have taken permission from Hamida too, Jalal says but you shouldn’t have come here at this time, Jodha says when a father can come to protect his son then why cant his mother come? I am feeling that salim will be in danger, Jalal says I am here with him, he ask Soldiers to take her back, Jodha says no first I will see Salim, Jalal says there is danger here now, you go from here, meanwhile thieves come near hut and attacks Jalal’s soldiers, Rahim comes to Jalal and says they have attacked, Jalal says you go and fight, Jalal takes jodha to one side and ask her to stay in corner, he ask soldiers to protect her, Jalal goes and fight starts between soldiers and thugs, Rahim is beaten but he fights them, Jalal bravely fights thugs, he grabs one thug and ask who have sent you, thug pushes Jalal and runs from there while others are killed, Jalal comes to jodha and says I didn’t let anything happen to my child, he didn’t even get a wound, Jodha is relieved.

PRECAP- Hamida says to Jalal that its not about heir Salim but we cant put child’s life in danger like that. Jodha says I am afraid for Salim but I trust Jalal’s thinking and his bravery so whatever decision he takes, I will accept that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  6. Yes i also saw that @arun ! N i m damn sure about 1 thing that the boy who is injured will be well now ….

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  8. Ruk should be out of Salim’s life..

  9. रूकैया सलीम की जिदगी से खेलना बंद करो

  10. Jodha is with every decision of shahanshah.. ruk is making advantage of that…some day jodha will have to pay for that.

  11. Huufffttt, i m getting bored to the storyline….

  12. Nok jhonk of salim Anarkali was good.

  13. Somehow the track always come to the same point…

  14. I think that jodha will hav to choose between jalal’s orders n salim which was t9ld bye shaguni bye when salim was a baby

  15. This show just went too far.. they should’ve ended Jodha Akbar story and just start a new salim-anarkali saga with different title..

  16. It has bcom boring now……

  17. At what time mahaepisode starts on Saturday?

  18. hey gyz z dere goin 2 b n e mahaepisodfe?

  19. rukaiya should be out of Salim’s life he is not her child

  20. I repeat jalal please take the old lady to stay with her grandson until he gets better so in that case salim will be back with his mother jodha in his own bed where he belongs and then all would not have to worry about any harm coming to him. and please let ruks plans for salim to turn against his mother jodha backfire on her and let her be exposed for what she is doing.

  21. People the mahaepisode will be shown on this saturday from 8pm to 9pm ….

  22. And welcome to this forum all the new comers ….

  23. jo has always yaken advntage of ja’s order bt really ruk shud b caught now bt only 4 her dis fault dat she is giving opium to a child not 4 any othr case cuz she has not done anythng……….she luvs ja a lot n wnt him bck so she is not bad bt jo she is wrst………..jst hate her…….!!!

  24. do any1 noe wats thr in new promo????

  25. i lyk ruk bcuz she is not bad, she only wnts ja……her luv bch frm dat hindu lady den wats wrn thr……..if jo cn get jealous whn ja spents nite with othr den why cnt ruk…….n up of dat ruk has more rite on ja den jo aur wese bhi jo ne agra nein kadam rakha aur ruk se uska bacha china gaya…….she is a bad luch 4 evry 1!!!!

  26. ugly jo n bye guyz!!

  27. knocking d door, is any1 here???

  28. louise i read yestday cmnt n also read dat wat u hv wri……….wat u thnk of ur self……..haan………hass n huss died bcuz of jo she was very much careless n ruk didnt wnted jo to b huss nany cuz she feard dat ja has been snatchd frm her so she didnt wntd to lose huss………got dat ………aur ja n zabardasti karke ruk se huss chin kar jo ko de diya n d result was death……… ji ishq farman rahin thi n uska bacha mar raha tha sur kehti hain ki o cn fell dat my child is in danger………..natak karti hai kyunki usko koi kaam dhanda to hai nahi islia ye sab dikhawa karti hai……….pagal aurat!!!!!

  29. wese vi she wud nt hav got hussain agar jo ne na di hoti toh.. jo ki sacrifice ke liye hin usse ruk mila.

  30. nd shreya canly go 2 ystrdayz page….

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