Jodha Akbar 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Jodha Akbar 16th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Javeda is crying and says to maham that my husband has been sent to jail and you didnt inform me. Maham says i dont want you to get worried. Its better i also go to jail, why didnt stop jalal. Jalal should have allowed him to marry tasnim. Maham says you are ready to go in celebration and my son is suffering in jail. Javeda ask how is he there, maham says dont worry i will take him out soon. Javeda cheers up saying i knew it and now i will show you my colorful dresses.
Maham looks around for resham when she appears replying The singer ram dhanu had refused to meet Maham, Resham wants to know what was so important for Ram tanu for her, Maham replies that he would do that which no one else could in the lives of Jodha Jalal, maham then goes to meet Raam her self, He is

disturbed during his riyaaz and reprimands her .Maham ask raam to present something special tonight, raam says i dont sing on orders. Maham thinks it will not be better for your family then, raam says i know whats in your mind, you will hurt my family, go and tell jalal that i will not sing tonight. Maham changes her tone and says you are a great singer please present the song which touches the soul of people tonight, i want jalal to sink in river of love and emotions. Raam ask in whom’s love? Maham says his wife jodha, i want you to sing the song which brings them closer and we will get heir of mughal sultanat. Raam is thoughtful.

Scene 2
jalal comes in court, all greets him. He sees raam sitting with sitar and has his eyes closed lost his own world. Jodha thinks raam didnt greet jalal, maybe he will mind. Raam opens his eyes and says i didnt see actually i only concentrate on my music. Jalal says i like people who worth their work. Raam start singing badly and stops, jalal ask whether you think i dont worth your singing? Raam says maybe my singing think like that, jalal gets angry and grabs knife, raam says you will not get anything killing me, jalal throws knife at but dont hurt him. Raam start singing beautifully. Raam sings In ankhon main song. Jalal drinks wine and looks at jodha who smiles. Jalal gets lost in thoughts and imagines jodha lying near bath tub ( In ankhon main female version plays), he comes bare chested and plays with her witi peacock feather, he pulls jodha towards him and her wet hairs falls on him, they hold hands and jodha lies again. Thought over. Jalal agains sees jodha enjoying song and imagine her giving him drink and sits behind him. Then he imagines jodha sitting in her room, he comes and jodha gets up, jalal looks romantically at her and they make their hands meet. Thought over. Jalal is totally drunk and keep looking at jodha.

Scene 3
jalal is litting candles in her room when jalal comes from behind and hugs her from back, he puts hand on her belly, and ask her to tell she doesnt love me, jodha moves from his clutches and says i love you not, jalal touches her shoulder and moves his hand from her shoulder and reaches at her palm, he clasps her fingers in his.Jalal whispers that he knew only to acquire not win hearts .. If she did not love him why did she feel for him .. She could leave him right then but jodha says she could not leave him n go, Jalal says i told you that i will not touch without your permission but i have become your need. Jodha replies that she has not given him that permission yet, Jalal says then he should tel him to go .. He would leave .. Jodha smiles and hugs him from behind . It is also jalal’s imagination, he sees jodha in court, smiles and gets up to go, maham says singing is not over but jalal walks away.

Scene 4
maham comes outside and ask jalal you seems so happy? Jalal smiles. Maham ask where are you going? Jalal says to his room. Maham says jodha has called you in her room, you must go, she is the first wife whom you have given so much time but now she herself is calling and one important thing, she may get shy at sometime or will try to stop you but she will not mean it and you should ahead, jalal is drunk and nods.

Precap- jodha is in night dress with her hairs open, jalal has his back towards her and jodha hold his hand, he is surprised and turns back to see her, jodha smiles looking at him and caresses his hand, he says i cant tell how much happy i am after reading your letter, once tell me it was true what you wrote, jodha smilingly says it was all true. Jalal is beyond happy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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