Jodha Akbar 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jodha says to maham that you are going to be grand mother as javeda is pregnant, maham extends her hand to javeda, jodha helps her in standing up, javeda comes to her, maham blesses javeda and is very happy, jodha says what have you thought maham now? if you don’t take meds, if you don’t eat then I will have to raise javeda’s child, maham says no I am alive, she ask dasi to bring food, dasi brings, maham eats the food, jodha, resham and javeda are happy.
jodha is with javeda, she says to javeda that I didn’t had any other option, I had to involve you in my plan to make maham eat, javeda says no, what maham did to you and now what you are doing for her, resham says you are really an angel jodha, javeda says life changes in seconds, what was I sometime back, I had everything and now I think that I will lose my mother(maham) too, jodha says don’t say like this, have faith, we will try to save her and maham will be fine, javeda says I pray the same, I wish the lie which we told to her would be true, lie is a lie and truth will come out someday, jodha says but because of this, maybe maham start living and doctor said that maham’s life is very less now.
sharif comes to bakshi and says I got to know from doctor about my child, he takes girl in his hand and says why are you punishing this small innocent girl, bakshi says doctor said that there is was out to bring hear sense back to girl, sharif hugs her and says my life got in body listening to this, now our child will be fine, bakshi says I am lucky to get a husband like you, you are changed a lot, sharif says no I am lucky to have you, he then gives evil smile.
maham is calling guard, guard doesn’t listen in one call, maham throws one thing then guard comes in. maham says are you both deaf, I called you why did you not come in one call, she ask soldiers to ask javeda to come here, I wanna meet her, eunuch soldier says that we are not allowed to call anyone here, maham says I just want to know if she is taking care of herself. soldiers leaves, maham is heart broken.
jodha is sleeping, ruks ask hoshiyar to take off curtains slightly otherwise jodha will wake up with a jerk which is not good for kids, hoshiyar takes off curtains, jodha wakes up and says I am sorry ruks, I didn’t know when sun came out, ruks says no, its not a problem infact you woke up early, jalal comes there and says ruks you wake up so early? I think you didn’t sleep as you don’t wake up so early, ruks says don’t joke, I wake up as I have to take care of jodha, jalal ask jodha is she fine, jodha says that when all good people are aounrd then morning is always beautiful, Jalal says to jodha that good days are coming when I will be waking up in morning with the voice of Radha and Razia, ruks is confused and ask who is radha and razia? jodha says jalal has thought the names for his daughters which is radha and razia. , ruks says but I am sure that jodha will give birth to baby boys, jalal and ruks biker about it, jodha says you both don’t fight, jalal says I didn’t think names for boys, ruks says I have alrady thought it, she tells atif and Shiraz, jalal says its good but I think one name should be rajvanshi so mine were better, jodha says no ruks thought good names. jodha says I have also thought the names for boys, that is Hasan and Hussain, ruks says wow beautiful names, these were names of grandsons of Prophet (P.B.U.H), jalal says they both gave away their life for Islam, names are very good.

Scene 2
sharif is getting ready, he is smiling, his father comes and says you are a stupid to be getting ready and happy by just wearing necklaces like girls, sharif says I am trying, father ask what? sharif says I am trying to use that cave which goes to jodha’s room, father says why didn’t you tell me about cave before, he ask have you stop working your brains, father says I have plan for jodha, shairf says no, don’t hurt jodha, father says you have feelings for jodha, I can see, I am not bakshi whom you can fool around, I know whats in your heart, if you want then I wont hurt jodha but we have to get rid of jalal soon.
maham is waiting for javeda, jodha comes there and says you will see javeda but 1st you have to take meds and have food, maham says I didn’t call you here, I want to meet javeda, why you daily come here, you must be wanting something, what is it, jodha says yes I came for some particular reason, maham says how selfish you are, tell me what you want from me, jodha says I don’t need anything but I just want that the curse you gave to jalal’s children, please take that back, maham says no, never, I will not take back my curse, you and jalal took away adham from me, you wont get happiness of children too, take your stale face from here, I will die but wont take back my curse, go from here, jodha says ok you don’t wanna see my face then I will try to not come infront of you, jodha is about to leave but maham says I want to meet javeda, I want to know if her baby and she fine? jodha says yes they both are fine and I will try to bring javeda to meet you, maham prays for adham’s child, jodha smiles seeing her praying, maham rudely ask her to get lost from here, jodha gets sad and leaves.

Scene 3
shari’s father(Khawaja buzrg) comes to jalal, todar greets him and leaves from there, jalal says I am sorry Khawaja, I don’t get time to sit with you and talk to you but I like to talk to you, I feel peace talking to you, Khawaja says I understand, kings have to look in every matter, Khawaja shows jalal stars, jalal I like to see this sky for a long time but as you said that work load is more and time is less, Khawaja says I am talking about astrology which I am interested in, you know these stars tell us about life to come, they move from their places each day to show future sings to us, jalal ask what they are showing today? Khawaja sayw they are showing that if some women is becoming mother and if her husband is with her today then child will get goodness of both the parents, jalal says I belive you, Khawaja says I pray that your child becomes more and more intelligent, he will become more good king then your ancestors, its a very good night and I suggest you to be with jodha this night, jalal says you are right and I was going there only, jalal leaves to jodha’s room.
sharif comes in jail, he opens cave gate and ask soldier to not inform anybody about this cave, sharif sits in cave alongwith soldier and ask him to close the gate of cave, sharif says to soldier that stay silent in cave that your breath noise should not go out of cave.

PRECAP- jalal comes to jail, its dark in jail, shairf comes from behind and strangles jalal by holding his neck.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    2 jo becoz she n hr son 2gether killed
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    Hate her …… Jst want 2 smack her
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