Jodha Akbar 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Zakira sys to Jodha that see Salim has comes out of his tent, Jodha sees him coming out and gets happy, Salima says see I told you that he will come out, soon everything will be fine, Jodha says I will tell Jalal.
Anarkali’s friend says that you said no to this proposal too, what kind of guy you want? Anarkali recalls SAlim and says the one who respect love, who can fight for love, who can die for love, friend says these kind of guys are in stories, Anarkali says no they are in real life too, Friend ask if you are talking about Qutub? Zil bahar listens all this, Anarkali says yes he is same, he went against whole Mughal family just for love of his friend, I want that kind of guy, Zil comes and smiles, she says so you want this type of guy, Anarkali says nothing like that, Zil says I pray that you get that type of husband only.
dasi brings food for Jalal, he says I don’t wanna eat, Jodha comes there and ask when you will eat? Jalal says when my son is hungry then how can father eat? Jodha sit beside him and says if son is getting fine then? SAlim is fine now, he went outside palace now you eat too, Jalla says thank God, I told he will be fine. Jodha asys but he still thinks you are reason behind all this, Jalal says I will clear it to but when will you stop taking tension for everything, Jodha says you also take tension for Salim, jalal says I will handle him and I know you didn’t eat too, lets have food together, Jalal makes Jodha eat food, they both feed each other food lovingly.

Scene 2
dasi comes to Jalal and says that your special ministers are waiting outside, Jalal calls them in, Haidar, Rahim and Maan comes there, Jodha leaves from there. Jalal says to them that did you find who killed Farhan? Maan says we found marks of wild animal’s name on his back, Rahim says seems like he was killed by animal, Haidar recalls how he killed him with weapon like animal nail, Haidar says maybe someone killed him with weapon like animal nails, I doubt tribal king, he said that if you don’t marry Bela then he will kill Farhan, Jalal asys it maybe possible but I wont punish him but he has got punishment by losing his daughter, we will leave for Agra tomorrow.
Salim comes to Anarkali’s house and finds her working and talking with her friend, he is mesmerized by her beauty and thinks that today I will tell her truth and whats in my heart about you, Zil comes there and says Nadira go to neighbors, Salim is shocked and recalls his fights with Nadira in childhood and how she gave statement against Salim and Salim had to work in common house because of her, he is shocked, he says this is nadira the same girl because of whom my childhood got destroyed, she hide her personality from me, she has betrayed me like others, God please give me strength to forget this trip, don’t let me see her face again, he leaves.

Scene 3
minister/his uncle comes to Haidar, he says you know that I am getting impressed by your mind, you can go very far with your mind, Haidar says I have fire of revenge in me, it burns me daily and make me learn things too, its on you if you get burned in fire or become strong by it, minister says seeing you, I remember your grandmother Maham anga, she was intelligent, Adham used to be impulsive but she was clever, if she was alive she would have been proad, I am impressed you you made Salim and Jalal go away from each other, you kileed Farhan and put blame on tribal king, you have mind of Maham and strength of Adham, you will go very far.
Salim is going back and recalls his every meeting with Anarkali.
Jodha says to Jalal that Salim still thinks that you killed Farhan, you have to make him believe that you wanted bela to marry Farhan. Jalal says but he is still in trauma, Jodha says because he doesn’t know truth, if we take time then our son can go far from us, I trust that if you talk to him then he will understand, I know he didn’t talk to you nicely b ut he is our son and seeing his situation, you should forgive him, jalal says where is he? Jodha says I want you to clear his doubts before going to Agra only, Jalal says okay I will do same.

Scene 4
Salim comes back to palace, he comes in his tent and is angry, he recalls how Zil called Anrkali Nadira, he shouts no and recalls how Anarkali helped him in injured state, he find peacock jewelry and angrily looks at it, he says go away from me, he throws jewelry away, he starts to get dizzy, he finds that his opium bottle is empty, he tries to find other bottle but doesn’t find anywhere, he fins one bottle and is about to lick it but Ruks comes and says what you are doing? you are eating opium, Salim asys please give it to me, Ruks says what has happened to you, this is very bad habit, that Resham made you addicted to it and I thought you will get over it but I am shocked that you are still addicted to it, I cant let you play with your life, I will end your addiction, you will have to live without it, Salim sits in her feet and begs to give him little dose, he cant live without it, Ruks says you cant leave it like this so I am giving you dose for last time but not after this time, she gives him dose and smirks that I wanted you to become my servant and you didn’t disappoint me, she makes Salim sit and says look I know you have rought relation with Jalal but why you are destroying you life, Jalal loves you, Salim says he doesn’t love me, everyone betrayed me, the one I loved gave me pain only, if Jalal had respect for love then he wouldn’t have killed lovers, his sins are great too, nobody can go against him, and Jodha she cant speak up to protect her position, I know they will come to me to pacify me that they are always right, Jalal can do anything, can kill anyone, can marry anyone, can do anything, ruks thinks that wow, the seed of hatred has become tree now.

PRECAP- Anarkali has tears in her eyes and says if praying for Qutub’s life is love then I love him. otherside Salim prays to not see that girl again, he is about to leave Agra. Anarkali is running to meet him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Who will act as noor jahan In the serial?

    1. Who? Please explain

  2. As he is trusting them more than his parents
    Specially ruks

  3. Salim is now surrounded with villains like Haider n Rukaiya and he is not aware.

  4. …what to say..always adore romantic scene between jodha & jalal, when they feed each others….like it….^.^

  5. Yes as there is no other opt left
    n jodha will think tht salim is repecting their descision…
    lets c wht happens…

  6. Now salim will agree to marry manai.

  7. Waiting for tms epi whn anarkali will meet salim
    Its grt tht anarkali realizes her feelings towrds salim

  8. Only akdha part is good…

  9. Epi was sad
    lets c wht salim will do…

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