Jodha Akbar 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jalal is sitting He looks at his painting with ruks. Jodha comes in. she says shahenshah you haven’t eaten anything. He says I don’t want to eat. Jodha says its not good to reject food like this. She looks at him and says you are right in way. When you are upset food never slips down your throat. that’s why I haven’t eaten today. Jalal says what is this ? If you don’t take the food. then your health will be down. I am not eating because my dreams have been shattered. The dreams in which I was playing with my child. I haven’t lived my childhood ever. I wanted to be a kid with my child but I lost him to. I didn’t says ruk a word because of you. What about the bereavement I have got. What about the dream of becoming a dad. Jodha says I am upset of not becoming a younger mom. Everyone in this house in gloomy because of this. The rule of life is to move. You have to trust the God. He will give you happiness one day. This food is also a blessing of God and you are disappointing him by denying this. Jalal says but I can’t. She says I won’t eat if you don’t. Jalal says you are so stubborn. Jodha says and you know that I won’t agree until you don’t consent to what I said. Jalal says come on.Jodha comes near him. She and jalal start taking the food. Jodha gives him a bite and says first you. Jalal recalls when he was playing with the empty cot and jodha stopped him saying its not good. He says now I think I should have known to that quote of not playing with empty cot. Jodha says its not time to regret. Its time to pray. They both make each other eat.

Scene 2
Shehnaz in hidden. She says where am I and how long do I have to live like this. Hope I don’t get caught.
Maham says doctor do something and make her all right. He says I am trying. He says I have given her the medicine. hope God will be merciful. Shehnaz wonders whats going on.

Two people bring some drums and say what can be in these drums ? lets open in. The other one says no lets go and complete the work first. Shehnaz comes out of the drum as soon as they leave. she says I think I am at a wrong place. I should leave. She hears some noise. She follows it and sees its her mom with a doll. She is not in a good condition. she says ammi jaan I looked for you everywhere. Where were you ? This is where I found you. Everyone used to say that you are not alive. I never believe them and look I am here with you now. She is scared of her. She says are you my daughter ? Shehnaz says yes I am your daughter. She says no this is my daughter. I will not give my daughter to anyone. Shehnaz says jalal is responsible for this condition of yours. He has done this to you. I will place his head in your feet. I will take his rule. I will make you see me rule this nation. I promise you.

Scene 3
Ruk says I couldn’t get the behavior of jalal. Why wasn’t he mad at me. the servant comes and says jodha begum has come. Ruks says she must be coming to say stay string I am so sorry for you. Jodha comes in and says I am so sorry. Ruk says I don’t need all this sympathies of yours. I don’t wanna remember all that now/ The kid who was about to play in my lap would not even come in this world now. jalal comes in and says ruks is right. We better forget the painful past. You should take this cot from here. I don’t want to see ruks getting hurt by seeing this. he calls servants and says place this cot in jodha begum’s room. Jodha leaves.
ruks says jalal talk to me. I can’t bear that you didn’t say me a word and didn’t punish me for my sin. Please punish me jalal this is killing me. I can’t see myself in mirror. Jalal says who am I to punish you ? Allah has given you the punishment. I am sad because I could not become and dad and you will never be a mom. Ruks is in tears. he says I have to leave and leaves.

Scene 4
javeda comes to maham say are you asleep ammi jaan / She says no I am horse riding. She says I am going to tell you something that’s gonna take your sleep away. Where were you last night ? She says I was in hell. She says ruks has a miscarriage. Maham wakes up and says why didn’t someone tell me this news. Javeda says this mist have led you heartbroken. You can cry on my shoulder I am your daughter in law. Maahm says I don’t need it. Maham says resham leave as well. I want some rest. She says oh what a turn is that. The kids that was never there, how can he die ? What is the new trick ruks is playing.

Scene 5
Shehnaz sees jalal and says I won’t leave you jalal. your detention has caused he mental illness. You are responsible for this condition of me and my mom. He comes to her and says what are you roaming here and there jalal ? She says its all because of. I was a princess but has to live like a beggar. For people I maybe your sister but I never consider you a brother.My mom was a queen and she had to live like a mentally sick person because of you. you will pay for what you have done. only after your death I will be peaceful. I won’t leave you jalal you don’t deserve to live. She stabs him in the stomach.

Precap- Ruks says to jodha you knew about all my drama still; you came here for all those fake sympathies. Jodha looks quite dazed. Ruks says what hurts me is that jalal forgave me and you asked him to.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. shenaz dreams to kill shahan. but in reality she will throw knife on the pair, I think they will save and after interogation confusion will be cleared.

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