Jodha Akbar 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rahim reads the letter that Salim is being kidnapped, you have to free Khawaja Moin otherwise this celebration will change to mourning, all are stunned and angry, Jalal ask to find Salim soon.
Jalal angrily comes to Khawaja in jail, he ask who are these people that are trying to free you, Khawaja ask what are you saying, Jalal says I know you have kidnapped my son, but let me remind you that I wont leave you like this, Khawaja says I don’t know anything, even my breaths are on your orders, I hope that your son is safe, find him, don’t know what those people will do with him, I don’t even know that whether your son can be king or not now, Jalal pushes him in anger and says my son will become king for sure, I will find him, Jalal orders Maan that nobody should meet this man, he leaves, Moin smiles and says very good Shairf, you have started to think from mind, you have targeted Jalal’s weakness, Salim
Jodha ask Hamida that will sAlim return fine? Hamida says yes, Jodha says its all my fault, I shouldn’t have left Salim alone, Hamida says its not your fault, Ruks is sad too, Salima ask Jodha to be strong, Moti comes there, Jodha ask what news do you have, Moti says Jalal is thinking now, he is making plan to attack enemies, Jodha says how can Jalal sit liek this, he has to bring SAlim back, Ruks says that Jalal is trying, Salim is his son too, Jodha says Jalal is not doing anything, he doesn’t even know in which situation Salim is in, all he cares about is justice, I have to talk to Jalal, she leaves.

Scene 2
Salim is being tied up, he thinks where are you maasa, I am missing you a lot, please save me, goons says that we didn’t get reply of our letter.
Jalal says to his ministers that I wont bow down to any warning but my son is at stake too, Maan says we have to attack on them but what if they hurt Salim in anger, Rahim ask then what to do? Todar says we should free Moin Khan, Salim’s life is more important, we can catch Moin again, another letter is being received, Rahim reads the letter that Jalal you didn’t take our warning seriously but we are serious, Free Moin as soon as possible, if he is freed then we will leaves Salim in river bank otherwise.. Jalal says how dare they warn king of india, we have to find them, my son is more important to me but I have to set example that king wont bow to anyone, I wont agree to their conditions, he ask Rahim to go river bank.
Jodha comes to Jalal and says that you cant free one criminal for Salim, is this your love, Jalal says I love my son and I don’t have to prove this, Jodha says you cant free Moin for Salim, Jalal says a king cant bow down like this, I promise I will bring Salim back, jodha say when, Jalal says be calm, you are marium Zamani, Jodha says no I am just a mother, she sits in Jalal’s feet and plead him to bring Salim back, Jalal makes her get up and says I am his father and I promise I will bring SAlim back but a king cant fulfill these desires of enemies.
goons says to Salim that you cant become king now, your father doesn’t care for you, we will kill you, Salim says no my father loves me a lot, he will take me back, goon says that he is waiting for his father to come but father doesn’t even care about him, he cant free one criminal for him, they leave, Salim think that if Jalal loves me then why he didn’t come to save me, will he let me die here.
Jalal comes in jungle and ask to him go in every corner to find Salim.

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Scene 3
Jodha is crying, Moti says its not your fault you went for his well being, don’t worry.
Todar comes in jungle and start interrogating people there.
Man ask Salim what will you have in food, they make fun of Salim, Salim is crying and says where are you parents, why you didn’t come to save me, don’t you love me, you would have come by now, Jalal is in jungle searching for Salim, Soldiers says we did find any link to Salim, Jalal says keep searching.
Jodha is praying to Kahna ji, she ask Kahna to protect her child, please send SAlim back, don’t take my exam so much, Zakira says don’t cry, Salim will comeback soon, Jodha says when, I day have passed, she says don’t know Salim is in which condition, Why Jalal is not freeing Moin, atleast Salim will return, we don’t have other way out but to free Moin, its enough, Jalal cant take decision because of his ego but I am mother, I cant leave my son like this, I have to take decision.

PRECAP- Jalal says that I will to kidnappeers in disguise of Moin/

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  8. feling sorry for salim. but in thise case i think jodha wil release moin and in the process of giving him to the kindapers sharif will kindnap her to becouse he loves her so much.

  9. feling sorry for salim. but in thise case i think jodha wil release moin and in the process of giving him to the kindapers sharif will kindnap her too becouse he loves her so much.

  10. I am fed up of all this kidnapping thing going on how many times will they kidnap jodha or salim and for a father who loves his son I find he is delaying tooooooooo much from the time he heard salim was kidnapped he should of jumped on his horse with his soldiers and rush to salims aid something is definitely wrong with the way jalal an emperor handles situation he is not astute when coming to these things. if it was jodha was kidnapped let me see what he would have done and I hope that ruks is not behind this otherwise I would be sorry to see the outcome when jalal and jodha finds out

  11. Poor salim I wish that jodha will save him so that salim doesn’t start hating her again

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  13. f**k pagal people go to hell

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  18. gud mrning guyz

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  20. Story writer plays with the audience emotions….GOOD….I am not boring yet…Just waiting for the next romance scene ^.^ which I really do love it.

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